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Announcing Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment Release 1.2

Avi Miller
Senior Solutions Architect

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment Release 1.2. This release includes several enhancements focused on improving the security and compliance of customer environments. Release 1.2 also includes new versions of core components, including Kubernetes, CRI-O, Kata Containers, and Istio.

Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment is an integrated suite of software components for the development and management of cloud-native applications. Based on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Open Container Initiative standards, Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment delivers a simplified framework for installations, updates, upgrades, and configuration of key features for orchestrating microservices.

New features and enhancements

Highlights of this release include:

  • Setting FIPS mode when run on Oracle Linux 8, as the Kubernetes Module is now compiled with OpenSSL. FIPS mode must be enabled at the host OS level.
  • SELinux support for both permissive and enforcing modes on all Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment nodes.
  • Bare metal and virtual Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances that meet the minimum hardware requirements are now supported for all node types.
  • Oracle Linux 8 can be used as the base operating system for control plane, worker, and operator nodes.
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 6 is supported for control plane, worker, and operator nodes on both Oracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 8. In addition, UEK R6 support on Oracle Linux 7 has been backported to releases 1.1.7 and 1.0.9.

Additional enhancements to enable advanced cluster deployments include:

  • TLS customization to allow the selection of specific TLS cipher suites and both minimum and maximum supported TLS version for both the olcne-agent and Kubernetes.
  • NAT support to allow worker nodes only accessible behind a NAT gateway to be added to a new or existing cluster.
  • Install time configuration of the olcne-agent that runs on all nodes of an Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment cluster to use a specific username or UID instead of the default.

For a full list of individual software component versions included with this release, please review the Release Notes.

Installation and upgrade

Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment is installed using packages from the Unbreakable Linux Network or the Oracle Linux yum server as well as container images from the Oracle Container Registry. Existing deployments can be upgraded in place using the olcnectl module update command.

For more information on installing Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment, please see Getting Started. For information on updated or upgrading, please see Updates and Upgrades.

Support for Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment

Support for Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment is included with an Oracle Linux Premier Support subscription.

Oracle Linux Premier Support is included with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscriptions and Oracle Premier Support for Systems at no additional cost.

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