Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

History of Information at Sun

I mentioned a few months ago that the current Information Services team at Sun was working on a History of Information timeline as part of the overall Tribute to Sun website being created by Sun Marketing. Images we created of various information projects can be found on our previous blog entry.

The History of Information is now part of the offcial thenetworkisthecomputer.com website under the Inspiration tab. Check it out! It's so great to see all that good information and information professionals have contributed to the amazing history of Sun Microsystems!


Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

Connecting with Information Services - Anywhere!

We recently created a quick wikis.sun.com site for Sun employees who are not on the Sun network (SWAN) but need to connect with the information experts at Sun and/or need to know what information services are available to them. Check it out - most of the services are available off the network after you register - just ask us!

Information Services - Digital Libraries & Research (Sun Learning Services)
You can connect with us via our Twitter (/libraryresearch), this blog as well as view some of our digital content and presentations via the Social Learning Exchange - Digital Libraries Information channel (employees can view it all off the network, non-employees can view all content tagged for the public).

There are many ways to connect, stay connected and learn through these key informal learning information and knowledge services!


Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Connecting people across the world: Facebook game called "myPicks Beijing 2008"

A team at Sun has been working on the creation of a game that will connect people from all over the world - a fabulous example of social networking, participation and connecting people to people!

The game is a Facebook game called myPicks Beijing 2008 and allows people to predict winners at the Olympics.

This game was created on Zembly - the world's first and easiest Facebook development environment. Zembly is built from the ground up on Sun's industry-leading stack of enterprise hardware and software, including Solaris, Java, Glassfish, and MySQL, and running on Network.com's next-generation cloud-computing platform.

Sun also created an interactive widget that gives you some quick stats on the number of people playing for a particular country.

Check it out and participate today in the 2008 Olympic games!


Friday May 09, 2008

What did you do in Second Life?

Over a week ago, on April 29, 2008, Sun employees were invited to the first-ever Sun Open House in Second Life called "Sun Employees Connect in Second Life".

This event was Sun's largest foray yet into Second Life. Our Digital Libraries & Research (DL&R) training sessions prior to the Open House attracted the most registrants we’ve ever had – well over 200 employees registering for the webinar, and untold others accessing the online information on getting set up in Second Life. We also had an in-world tour prior to the April 29 Open House, to get people into Second Life for the first time.

In addition, the DL&R team were amongst the Sun in SL mentors providing 101 workshops to employees to get up to speed while in Second Life - these sessions were very well attended and hopefully made their experience at the event a better one.

The Open House was an amazing experience in many ways!

Employees from Sun’s recent acquisitions, MySQL, Vaau and innotek were invited to be a part of the Open House.

Main theater at Open House

Sun Second Life mentors helped create avatars for nearly all of Sun’s chief executives, including Jonathan Schwartz, Rich Green, Bill MacGowan, Karie Willyerd, and many others. All of the executives gathered in a room in Menlo Park, California to give the keynote speeches in Second Life. Audio of the executives was streamed into the room; employees could ask questions via text, and a moderator sitting with the executives was able to repeat the questions to the executives. This gave the keynotes a truly physical and interactive feeling.

Scott McNealy's avatar in Second Life

Several groups within Sun, including DL&R, had 'booths' near the keynote spaces, which were staffed by avatars. In addition to being able to interact with a 'live' person, attendees could also get a notecard from the booths with a brief description of the services available from that group.

DL&R booth at Open House

For fun, there was Alpine skiing, skating and snowboarding; car racing; games like Phrase Invaders; and of course, after hours, lots of groovy dancing and great tunes at Club Java.

Club Java

It was a very good learning experience for DL&R to be part of the planning team and to experience such an event - lots of learning, information and knowledge sharing which we LOVE to see :)

Scott Brown

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007

Where have all the phone booths gone?

All over the United States local phone companies have been removing public phone booths. Why? Because there is much less use of them now that so many people have mobile phones. No longer do we need to hunt for a phone booth, find the right amount of change (is it 25c, 35c, 50c?), and hope that the phone is working. Now we can call anytime, anywhere, without hassle or inconvenience. Of course, there are some sentimental losses, such as Superman no longer having a place to change into his super-uniform, but I'm sure even he has adjusted.

What do phone booths have to do with libraries?

Just like the phone booth, libraries have also been going digital. Now you can read a book, newspaper, or magazine online. Now you can complete in-depth research through thousands of sources online that were once only available in print. Now you can collaborate with team members, sharing your documents online. And you can learn through online resources and training opportunities. None of this is particularly new since this change has been occurring for the last 50 years. It's just that the shift from our dependence on physical to digital has accelerated in the last 5 years.

What does that mean for SunLibrary? We've also been undergoing a transformation. Since 1995 our strategic plan has been to create an information environment that supports Sun employees to be info-self-sufficient. And we've been accomplishing this goal by going digital as fast as we can. Last year we estimated that our services and resources were already 90-95% digital. This year we're pleased to announce that we're 100% digital and we have a new name, Digital Libraries & Research, to reflect this change.

As part of Sun Learning Services (SLS), we are now integrated into SLS's Learning Technology team. We are working on making external and internal content even more immediately available to Sun employees – always at their fingertips, whenever they need answers to their questions. With the power of SLS's newly launched MyLearning portal, they can learn just-in-time and just in the way they want. And whenever Sun employees want more information or would like to investigate a topic more deeply, they can work with our librarians and information specialists to get just what they need.

Where are all the phone booths? Where is the library? Just check the web – we've gone digital!

Sun employees - you can find us from the SunWeb Key Links drop down box: Digital Libraries & Research and MyLearning.


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