Anonymous FTP in a Solaris 8 Branded Zone

The Problem

Recently one of my customers migrated a legacy SPARC system to a Solaris 8 branded zone on a new T5220 platform. This system provided an anonymous FTP service which no longer worked correctly within the branded Zone. More specifically, files could be uploaded & downloaded but directory listings always returned empty. Non-anonymous users reported no problems with any of the functionality

The Investigation

Initial investigation began by trussing in.ftpd within the Solaris 8 zone to see what was happening. Very quickly it was possible to see that in.ftpd forks and execs /bin/ls to generate the directory listing and this was failing. It's worth pointing out that on Solaris 8 anonymous FTP requires a chroot() environment (as per in.ftpd(1M)) and this was configured correctly

19710/1: execve("/bin/ls", 0x000353F0, 0xFFBFFE0C) Err#2 ENOENT

Very odd as ENOENT indicates 'no such file or directory' and /bin/ls definitely exists. Next step was to look more closely at the execve() syscall... I knocked up a very quick fbt DTrace script that would do this for me before realising that this was Solaris 8! Fortunately we can DTrace from the global zone, so after a few changes I can up with the following to trace the Solaris 8 exec calls:

#pragma D option flowindent

/ execname == "in.ftpd" /
{ printf("s8_exec: execname: %s", execname); self->follow = 1; tracing = 1; }

/ self->follow /

/ self->follow /
{ trace(arg1); }

/ self->follow /
{ trace(arg1); self->follow = 0; exit(0); }

Running this from the global zone at the same time as issuing an LS in the anonymous FTP client and I could see that ENOENT was being returned from a call to lookupnameat(). The DTrace was updated with the following to print out the full filename of the file that was being looked up:

/ self->follow /
{ printf("%s", stringof(args[0])); }

Another LS from the client and the problem becomes clear -- we are trying to load /.SUNWnative/usr/lib/ Until now I was not familiar with the /.SUNWnative directory but this exists on all Solaris 8 & 9 zones. Within this directory are three lofs mounts that present /lib, /usr and /platform to the local zone from the global:

/zones/s8_lt203398/root/.SUNWnative/lib on /lib read only/setuid/nodevices/dev=4010002 on Tue Apr 14 16:59:39 2009
/zones/s8_lt203398/root/.SUNWnative/platform on /platform read only/setuid/nodevices/dev=4010002 on Tue Apr 14 16:59:39 2009
/zones/s8_lt203398/root/.SUNWnative/usr on /usr read only/setuid/nodevices/dev=4010002 on Tue Apr 14 16:59:39 2009

Those that have kept up will now know why things are failing -- everything here hinges around anonymous FTP using a chroot() environment and those Solaris 8 zone-specific mounts not existing (why would they? in.ftpd(1M) was written years before Zones were around)

The Fix

Despite all of this investigation the real fix is far more obvious: don't use the legacy Solaris 8 FTP daemon when your system is running Solaris 10 (or OpenSolaris)!

The same functionality can be achieved by creating a minimal Solaris 10 local zone & setting up anonymous FTP there. The newer Solaris 10 ftpd provides additional functionality over Solaris 8. The last step in this method is to set up a loopback mount in the global zone to present the relevant directory into the Solaris 8 zone

The Workaround

Not everybody will have the option of adding an additional Solaris 10 zone to deliver "The Fix" so here is a workaround to get Solaris 8 anonymous FTP working. The good news is that it isn't at all hacky, it's just a few extra steps that are missing from in.ftpd(1M)

Armed with the knowledge that we are missing the /.SUNWnative mounts within the chroot() environment we simply add these in and things will begin to work. The updated mount output will now include:

/export/home/ftp/.SUNWnative on /.SUNWnative read/write/setuid/zone=s8_lt203398/dev=4010009 on Wed Apr 15 02:20:15 2009

Here my chroot environment exists under /export/home/ftp. And a more permanent way to achieve this is by updating your zone's vfstab with:

/.SUNWnative    -    /export/home/ftp/.SUNWnative    lofs    -    yes    ro

As a final note, in.ftpd(1M) didn't seem to mention that /lib/ should also be included in the chroot() environment. It should, and things won't work unless it is there. Don't forget to ensure the permissions are all set correctly


It looks as though you are giving read-write access to files in the global zone (/.SUNWnative, which probably doesn't exist) via the non-global zone's ~ftp/.SUNWnative directory.

It seems as though what you really want is a /etc/vfstab entry in the non-global zone that looks like:

/.SUNWnative - /users/ftp/.SUNWnative lofs - yes ro

If you really have a populated /.SUNWnative in the global zone, surely you want the zone configuration to use a mount option of "ro".

Unfortunately I don't have an S8 branded zone to try this out with to confirm, so please correct me if I am wrong.

Posted by Mike Gerdts on April 22, 2009 at 07:37 AM BST #

Hi Mike

Yes, you are absolutely correct! I've tidied the article up now, thanks for the heads up

Posted by Lewis on April 23, 2009 at 02:24 AM BST #

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