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Using the full tty real estate with sqlplus

I believe 'rlwrap' is widely used for adding 'sqlplus' the history function and command line editing.
'rlwrap' has other functions and here's my kludgy alias to force sqlplus to use the full real estate of your
tty. Be it PuTTy session from Windows or Linux gnome terminal.

$ declare -f sqlplus
sqlplus ()
PRE_TEXT=$(resize |sed -n "1s/COLUMNS=/set linesize /p;2s/LINES=/set pagesize /p"|while read line; do printf "%s \ " "$line";done);
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
rlwrap -m -P "$PRE_TEXT" sqlplus /nolog;
if ! echo $1 | grep '^-' > /dev/null; then
rlwrap -m -P "$PRE_TEXT connect $*" sqlplus /nolog;
command sqlplus $*;

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