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Solaris 11 install Eco-friendlier way

This is a follow up to my last entry.

OEL/OracleVM from USB onto bare metal - Let the Sunshine In

Prepare FAT32 formatted USB stick.
# Download install CD \*.iso onto
USB stick's root directory.
FAT32's largest filesize is 4GB , while DVD \*.ISO file may be bigger than 4.6GB.

Those who create DVD Linux install, please make effort to make the size <4GB.

Apparently, Solaris 11 has 2 new funcionalities on this front. I believe #1 existed  in OpenSolaris 2008.

Oracle Solaris 11 Downloads
copy the bootable ISO image to a USB flash drive. This utility is available on Oracle Solaris 11 Express

What is the Distribution Constructor? (Oracle Solaris 11 Express Distribution Constructor Guide)
USB image can be created, based on a generated x86 ISO image. Depending on the image configuration, these ISO or USB images can be bootable. They can be installed on a system or run in a live media environment. An ISO image can be burned to a CD or DVD. A USB image can be copied to a flash drive.

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