Sunday Apr 12, 2009

VDI 3 - Bad as in 70's badddd !

Well after two weeks of travel and layoffs I thought I would spend the weekend relaxing. Which for me this seems to be a little time with the Shuttle team and VDI. VDI is a way cool and under promoted virtualization technology that can run Windows, Linux and Solaris guests. Clients can access via Sun Ray thin client, SGD and RDP clients.

VDI 3 is part Sun Ray, MySQL (profile management), Solaris, VirtualBox and Open Storage (think OpenSolaris). By the way it is totally badd. These distinct components are integrated so well beyond anything Sun has done in a long time. All components are installed by one command. The open storage server is a separate install of OpenSolaris by the way. It works flawlessly. Administration is via browser and so easy to use. No instructions needed.

I had not figured out how VirtualBox could be used other than the developer module so tossed around these days. But Virtual Box fits so well in this solution. One might question xVMServer's existence but it fits well running headless servers vs. desktop virtualization.

VDI 3 integrates with your existing enterprise LDAP or Active Directory solution for authentication. No coding needed. Just configure and go.

Best yet, each user can be provisioned multiple desktops for use. Once the user authenticates they can choose which desktop to access. VDI gives you the ability to toss other virtualization technologies to the curb for no doubt a better cost model. VDI 3 will let you use VMWare's VDI solution too. Flexible...

Thursday Apr 02, 2009

Update on Atom Powered Sun Ray Server

I have been asked why not OpenSolaris for my Atom powered Sun Ray. Well the customer requirements a few weeks back were different. Now I have wiped the drive and deployed OpenSolaris + Sun Ray server together. Works well. I recommend following the instructions on the Sun Ray wiki. They work perfectly.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

Sun Ray, Green Screen and VNC

I have a client that is exploring thin client technologies. They want to update their desktop technology. But they do not have the resources to rewrite their existing client. An existing Green Screen client that runs perfectly in a terminal window. Except the terminal clients on RHEL block certain function keys. Certain keys are intercepted by the terminal application for menu operations and are not passed to the green screen client.

I had an light bulb idea. Why not use VNC to connect to the client to see how well that would work. It works like a charm. All the function keys get sent through. One exception was the F8 key. Luckily VNC will let you remap that key to some other combination.

So now we have a solution that protects the customers investment while letting them move to current display technology.

Wednesday Mar 04, 2009

Atom powered Sun Ray Server

Some times you do crazy things in life. I had the opportunity to purchase a Intel Atom 330 powered nettop computer for $140.00. Since I already had a spare sata drive and dvd drive the cost was attractive. The box has 2 cores with hyper-threading enabled. It speeds along at 1.6 ghz. Yep it is a barn burner with all fours threads showing up as 4 "cpus".

So now the question was what can this baby do. I have a customer Sun Ray gig next week. So I decided to replicate the install process. Surely not the hardware. So the little atom is running RHEL 5.3, Sun Ray Server 4.1 and the Sun Ray Windows Connector. It is like the Prius of the Sun Ray servers out there. It is handling a couple of desktops. Only using 828 mb of the 2GB of maximum ram the box will take. Yet it is only using 65 watts of power.

To be sure, I will not be transcoding video with this baby. But for a lightweight environment with a handful of users the Atom is doing quite well. Granted the Atom is not going to handle a 700 user call center alone but it makes you think.

Monday Dec 01, 2008

Winner: Sun Microsystems VirtualBox 2.0.4

Well this evening I sat down to read the January 09 issue of CPU magazine. Being a build it myself PC person I have always loved this magazine. I have never thought I would see Sun Microsystems win any category in a PC based magazine. But there it is on page 70. Sun Microsystems VirtualBox 2.0.4 has won the Miscellaneous Software category. Way to go Sun and the VirtualBox team.

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

OpenStorage, User Interface, I want this...

I am totally blown away. Sun has always made great hardware but the CLI has ruled for years. It is so refreshing. No refreshing is wrong. I am totally blown away by the user interface that Sun engineers have put together for the new Amber Road/OpenStorage servers. I am so excited to see this software. So excited, I would do anything to download it and run it on my home server in the house. The user interface is great and very easy to use. Lots of features. More than I would ever need but for an enterprise, it is spot on.

Hint. Hint. CEO boss man. How about finding a way for us enthusiasts to get a taste of this.

Monday Oct 20, 2008

Sun Ray @ Westin

Well I am now begining vacation. I decided to bring the Gobi 8 thin client Sun Ray my boss so graciously got me along. While this is vacation there are a few things that did not get wrapped up before I left. In all fairness they did not start until I left for the airport. Hmmmm.

But I am using the thin client laptop here to do email and browse the sun internal network. All over VPN from the Westin hotel room.

Very nice. Nothing to lose should the maid start Christmas shopping early since all the data is somewhere on the Sun network. I like this :)

Friday Sep 12, 2008

The Sun EBC !

Today was my first visit to the Executive Briefing Center at Sun headquarters. Wow what an experience. I have been at Sun for 5 years and it seems that many folk have made the trip before me. Waiting is not a bad thing. Especially when you get a chance to spend 2 hours of your day with Scott McNealy and Jonathan Schwartz. What an experience I must say.

Working for a company that truly gets beat up more than deserved it was great to sit in a small group and hear the Sun vision from them. Naysayers be prepared to eat your words. We are not done yet !

Sunday Jul 13, 2008

GOBI Plus the Sun network

Well I actually connected to the Sun internal network using my new Gobi Laptop. So this thin client has successfully navigated my home network, the vpn tunnel and landed on the Sun Ray network at Sun. Very cool. So now I can access my corporate desktop from an office, the Sun Ray @ home or the Gobi Laptop when on the road. Very nice.

Friday Jul 11, 2008

The Gobi 8

So I got a Gobi 8 Sun Ray laptop to enable me to demo Sun Ray technology to our clients. Sun Ray is one of the easiest products Sun has to setup. Of course this in single server mode. I am still a newbie. But I got a laptop Sun Ray this week. Connecting it was realatively straight forward. The Gobi connects flawlessly over the ethernet. It will support wireless networks(b/g, wep/wpa/wpa2). As well as 3G. That is the next trial.

The great thing is the Gobi has built in VPN technology. So now I can connect anywhere to the Sun Network. How cool is that ? I can get to my desktop anywhere anytime.

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

Sun Ray Technology rocks !

So yesterday was a very interesting day. I received my Sun Ray @ Home thin client. Now a little bit of history. Sun has deployed Sun Rays through out it offices. Very few employees use laptops. So for those of us who are mobile we termed fleixble. When we need to go to the office we hotel. We basically reserve an office much like a hotel room. Each office is equipped with a Sun Ray thin client.

Well I signed up for the Sun Ray @ Home program. I a box showed up with a thin client connection box, router, ethernet cable and power strip. I already had a screen in my KVM setup so all I needed was the Sun Ray connection box. I hooked up the screen, ethernet and power to the box and in less than 30 minutes I was connected to my office terminal session. How cool is that. I can now work @ home and get access to my office apps that I would normally need to boot the laptop, sign in to the VPN.

The Sun Ray is responsive over good ole Comcast. Just like I was in the office or better. Yet it drawls a fraction of the power. Here's to the Sun Ray.

Friday Jan 11, 2008

Sun @ CES

Well just got from CES. Way too much cool stuff to see at once. Or two days. Although Sun creates a lot of technology that goes into CE equipment we really do not sell the stuff. Although I think we could do a booth there with our partners. There were quite a few companies like Sun there. Anyway enough of my dreaming.

But it was cool to see the Blu-Ray booth which was right next to the HD-DVD booth :( But the big ole Blu-Ray banner contained all of the top tier supporters, Sun Microsystems was listed. So in a way we where there :) Go Blu-Ray.

Monday Dec 10, 2007

So I made the big HD step...

Thanks to the folks who responded to my survey. I finally made the choice to go High Def. You know there are a lot of parameters in chosing an HDTV. So went shopping and narrowed my choices to three. One Plasma, one LCD and one LED.

They were the Pioneer Kuro(Plasma), Sony XBR 5(LCD) and Samsung 81 series (LED). Luckily the Best Buy in my neighborhood set up one of their demo rooms with all three in them. Ohhh the bliss of that room. I want that room. But my budget so pick and get out soon.

So the ultimate winner was the Pioneer Kuro based on level of blackness but it was eliminated due the fact the is you want 1080P you must go for the 50 incher. My viewing space is not big enough to support something that large. Bye Bye Kuro. I really wanted to take you home.

Next up was the Samsung 81 series. Better black color reproduction by a hair. Not near the Kuro. But the price difference was astronomical.

The winner well the Sony XBR5. It was cheaper with a great picture but I was able to get one 400 bucks cheaper than Best Buy. Oh baby.

Next up the actual delivery and install experience.

Thursday May 17, 2007

Access Manager Policy Agent available for Sun Web Server 7.0

The WS7.0 agent is now available on Sun download site.

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