Wednesday May 09, 2007

JavaOne Day Two thoughts...

Wow this is a huge event. I thought the folks at Disney/Universal did a great job managing lines. But the folks here at JavaOne are doing a pretty good job. The only problem I have is I am proctoring several lab sessions. As such I got a JavaOne pass. Cool. But it does not afford me to schedule any events. So I find myself getting in the huge lines. Think 2-3 747's at customs. Or 1.5 A380's :)
Now the fun part, once you get to the front of the line you queue to the standby line. Yes, I am flying standby at the JavaOne conference. There is no sweet talking the gate agent. Forget those frequent flyer miles to upgrade. Luckily I gave been able to get into the sessions.
Now for those sessions. SOA has been hugely popular in many forms. JBI was a killer session and finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. No, that was the JavaOne standby session sign :)
Now I am in the Protoype AJAX session. Yes this room is packed. Scripting has its place at this years JavaOne. Way cool. When the was question how many people are using Protoype I would say that at least 65-75 percent raised there hands. Check out for more information. Got to get back they are talking now. Check out RICO as well.

Proctoring @ JavaOne

I earned my way to JavaOne this year by proctoring several sessions. I started last night by proctoring Glassfish. This afternoon I proctored WSIT and tonight will be DarkStar. I wrap up proctor world tomorrow with Scripting. It has been a cool time. Takes me back to those days in college when I was a lab instructor. Rewarding. It was very cool to see how many folks showed up to do a lab at 8pm. It was also cool to see how many were still pluging at it 2 hours later after spending the prior 12 hours in JavaOne. Cool.

Tuesday May 08, 2007


Jonathan Schwartz does the wrap at JavaOne opening session. Jonathans guest is Dr. Djibril Diallo from the United Nations. Their goals are trying to make the world a better place to live in. Want to make opportunities for young people. The world needs to deal with gender. No country treats it women the same as men. Crowd roars. Dr. Diallo's challenge to the engineers. How to connect people from 192 countries. Creating Engineers with out borders. How can we change the world. The most important content we can deliver to the world is educational content. Cue Scott McNealy. as in Curricular Wiki. It is a website that contians 1000's of assets for education purposes. It is a joint tool supported by Sun and the United Nations.

JavaFX/Script and JavaFX/Mobile

Announcement JavaFX Consumer focused family of Java technologies that will impact consumer markets. The first component is JavaFX/Script which will allow the development of rich applications. Dr. James Gosling comes on stage now. Chris Oliver the inventor of JavaFX/Script joins the duel. First demo is a mock up of a Motorola website. Took only 3 days to replicate. Second is a recreation of the Tesla Motors website. Third is code example. It took six lines of code to implement live buttons on Moto Demo. Tool is coming soon. A new breed of content creation tools. Everything needed to support JavaFX/Script is already on peoples devices and desktops. During todays opening session JavaFX was annouced. Some of my notes follow... -- Announcement JavaFX/Mobile This is a complete and fully integrated Java software system for mobile devices. Open standards based Java technologies Supports JavaFX content authoring tools Shows a phone that reminds you of iPhone. No buttons. Phone by Fic. But it is about the software not hardware. Nandini Ramani comes one stage. She is a member of the JavaFX Core team. Shows Nokia N800 that is running JavaFX/Mobile. Stylus based interaction. This platform also supports apps written using JavaFX/Script. -- Announcement from Marco Boerries SVP of Yahoo ! Yahoo Go is attempt to connect more than 500 million mobile users. They are using Java to accomplish this. Demo is Moto based Yahoo interface that is design for a phone footprint. Not trying to fit desktop web pages to a phone. It is a complete phone experience. Second demo is JavaFX/Mobile running Yahoo Go !

Open Source Java is complete.

Open Sourcing of Java is now complete. Today. Crowd roars. Interim Governing Board members have been chosen to define constitution and holding elections. TCK will ensure compatibility across the OSS community. The license used is GPLv2.

Java and consumer devices

VP Productions operations/Digital Authoring Center Tom Hallman of Sony addressed the crowd at JavaOne today. Java is utilized in digital entertainment today. You can find Java in Playstation 3, Blu-ray disc and set top boxes. Did you know that 73% of HD discs are Blu-ray. Showed DVD opening scenes where butterfly on menu is programatically generated. All the scrolling of the menus is Java. BD-J. BluRay Java. Thursday is TV1 day at JavaOne. Good day to learn about this topic.

Real Time Java

Real Time Java is here ! Anna EWing from Nasdaq talked to the audience at JavaOne. Nasdaq is using Java today. Some notes from Anna's talk... Nasdaq pioneered electronic trading 36 years ago. They need to processed 150,378 transactions per second. Over 400 million transactions per day. Prototyping next generation platform to run on Real Time Java.

Sun Java System Communications Server

Rich Green and Erickson(as in Sony/Erickson) announc the Sun Java System Communications Application Server which seems to be a combination of technology from Erickson using Glassfish. Stay tuned for this one...

Monday May 07, 2007

Glassfish v3

Glassfish V3 session was led by Jerome Dochez. Glassfish has a groundbreaking architecture based on IoC, modules and maven 2. Goal of v3 is to break v2 apart into modules. Jerome gave us a demo of v3 which, WOW, starts in less then 700 ms. v3 uses modules and you load what you need. In this demo on html pages can be served(web-apps). So how do we do this ??? Module Subsystem : HK2 It fits in 50Kb : Hundred Kilobytes Kernel 4 containers today (web-app, php, phobos, ruby) It is embeddable. It is so small that it could run in a cell phone. Available today in preview.

AJAX performance on IE vs Firefox

Presenter was Dave Johnson from Nitobi He brought up some interesting performance notes for AJAX. Note for IE (Better to worse performance) HTML SOAP XML JSON FIrefox (Better to worse performance/Interesting its reverse of IE) JSON XML SOAP HTML Firefox tends to outperform IE from Dave's presentation.

Linux vs Solaris

Ian Murdock was the presenter for the Linux vs. Solaris session. Great insigh. He has been brought on board by Sun to make Solaris more compatible with Linux end user. Some of Ian' points... Installation Solaris must support the devices developers use. That would be laptops. Laptops can be the most difficult due to the extreme differences in hardware. User environment The Linux user cannot find their favorite tools like GNU. The start bar is the wrong place. The user environments needs to be more familiar for the Linix user. Compatibility Universes let you select the tools you want to use(ie. GNU tools). Solaris could accomplish this easily with zones. Packaging How to get more stuff. Downloading new applications via apt-get is easy with Linux. Sun needs to bring the same ease to Solaris. One of Linux's biggest minus is backwards compatibility accordling to Ian. Solaris guarantees backwards compatibility.

Community One Opening Session

Tim O'reilly hosted the opening session today at CommunityOne. CommunityOne is about expanding the open source community. Tim's presentation hit on topics such as it is no longer about "Intel inside". It is more like "data inside". With the emergence of web 2.0 technologies, todays web is all about bringing communities together. But it is about harnessing the power of the data that these users bring together. Tim brought a panel together that included Rich Green, Ian Murdock and Tim Bray. They discussed various topics including compensation for participants in projects in the open source community. CommunityOne hosts a variety of sessions topics that includes Ajax, Netbeans, JRuby, Glassfish and OpenSolaris/Ubuntu/Nexenta.

Wow this place has become dusty...

Look for some updates this week from JavaOne and CommunityOne. I am dusting off this place for hopefully some cool news from the west coast.



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