Monday May 12, 2008

Finally a disc to honor Blu-Ray's format

At this years Java One, Neil Young presented the new Blu-Ray set that he is working on. It will represent his lifes work and be interactive. Words cannot express what the final result will look like. But it is impressive and integrates the disc and online experience. I have not listened to Neil Young. At least I think I have not. But hey this disc set is interesting enough for me to think about buying just to see what the format will do.

Wednesday May 16, 2007

Tech Days in DC

OK, for all you midatlantic folks that were not able to attend JavaOne. Sun is hosting an tech days event in DC that will replicate some of the content and very cools labs. The event is June 6-8 at the Ronald Regan Building in DC. Goto for more information. I think the content and labs were great at this years JavaOne.

Sunday May 13, 2007

What a week...

Well made it back home from JavaOne and the Java Ambassedors meeting. I have been on the road for two weeks. Nice to see the tumble weeds er dust bunnys did not get lonely. JavaOne was great as was the preceeding CommunityOne. Also got to add the I returned on my most favorite plane. The 767. I know, you are saying dates back to the 80's. Well there is something to say about a 2-3-2 configuration in coach. The odds of getting a prisoner seat are worse than winning the lottery. That alone makes it my favorite for comfort.

Friday May 11, 2007


Went to a presentation today at JavaOne that discussed Comet. Way back machine moment. It takes me back to a product in the 90's called Netcaster. It was software that "pulled" information from your favorite sources and presented it on your desktop. It failed. Required so much bandwidth the corporate networks were choked.

Zip to 2007 and we now have Comet. Albeit a totally different technology, it enables developers to write web applications that get data pushed from the server when there is an update. Glassfish can enable these type of applications now.

So Comet allows the creation of event driven, interactive and collaborative applications. A great complement to AJAX technology.

Day Four thoughts...

No one even mentioned this week is the hidden infrastructure at JavaOne. Powered by many of Sun's 4 S practices(Servers, Storage, Software and Services. JavaCard drove the event this year. When you arrive at Moscone this year, each attendee comes to a SunRay and enters their confirmation number. Optionally they may scan their bar code. Once the user identification has been entered. There JavaOne JavaCard badge is encoded and an badge is printed. There are wireless hotspots to connect. Or the attendee can walk up to a SunRay and enter the JavaCard to get access to the Internet. Each Sunray is connected to a group printer. To get your print out you stick your JavaCard into the Java power Ricoh printer. Wala. To get into a session, your JavaCard is read by a proximity reader and either allows you or denies you. Since my status was permanent standby. I was always flagged with No_Attendee. Access Denied. Goto to standby line. So it is cool to see that Sun has powered JavaOne in a way that is easy to use and really enabling. Call it the silient approach.

Toys - Vehicles swim and fly

Gas powered helicopter from Perrone Robotics that can map a 3D terrain. This one guys runs Solaris. Yes, it does. On x86. Using Java RTS. This combination costs 1/100 th the cost of other comparable systems.
The Sonia AUV is an autonomous submarine. As such it can be released in the sea and complete its tasks without the need of humans. It is NOT tethered to the ship. Built on Linux and runs JavaSE.

Toys - Robots large and small

The WowWee Java powered robots where on stage lipsycning to Gloria Gayner's "I will survive". Cool toys that run Java and have endless amounts of sensors to do anything. -- The folks from ABB Sweeden have produced an Java powered industrial robot that can do everything from reproducing Gosling image via pencil. To handling croissants in a factory. At speed up to 10G or 285 MPH. Without damaging the croissants or course.

Toys - Cineshot

Cineshot is a Java application that allows a video content developer to instantly analyze the lighting and audio properties of a shoot they are on. The tools allows disk capture of the video and has a project management tool that allows the videographer to categorize their captures for later use when composing the production. This was way coo Java applicationl. Text cannot describe.

Toys - BluRay

Guys and gals. This is the device we must buy after that Plasma/LCD purchase. Why well it runs BD-J. That is Java on BluRay Device. So this enables the content developer to use Java to enhance the disk experience. The first fundamental change is you can call up the main menu during playback. Yes not stopping the DVD anymore. The menu is superimposed over the live movie. The second reason, is BD-Live. With upcoming Live players (they will be networked) you will be able to Instant Message or play games with other people on the Internet. The demo'd they showed allow to players to answer questions in a game show format about the movie they were watching. All remote. Third, store bookmarks to specific locations in your favorite movies. Or how about seeing a map of where the ship currently is in the movie Master and Commander. Or information about the scene you are watching. Goto to enter the competition they are having for developing BluRay apps. And finally the picture was not bad :)

Toys - VDMS

VDMS is the Virtual Document Management System. It lets a cell phone or other JRS82 device connect to a the hosted VDMS. They can choose a document and a printer to use all from their cell phone. Great for printing at Starbucks.

Toys - Ricoh

So you think it is strange talking about Ricoh printers. Well they showed cool app that was built with ??? Can you guess ? Well yes, Netbeans. Man this tool can do anything. Forget the Swiss army knife. So the cool Ricoh application was built with Netbeans. Hosted on Glassfish. So what does it do ? It allows an phone to upload an image from the camera to the Glassfish hosted Netbeans developed application. The printer can then connect to the application on Glassfish and print out the photo locally. So there is your Java enabled printer.

Toys - Netbeans 6 Preview

And speaking of Netbeans. Tor Norbye showed us Netbeans 6 and how to build a Ruby on Rails application. Way cool. It was intersting to see him on stage with the Java Father - Gosling. Speaking of generations.

Toys - SunGrid

Rob Englander gave a talk about SunGrid. Guess what. There will be a Netbeans interface that will let you develop and deploy your grid applications to SunGrid from within Netbeans. But wait there is more. You can also link StarOffice Calc via webservices to SunGrid. This link allows you to monitor and gets statistics from all those grid applications you are going to build with Netbeans.

Toys - D-Light

Ok all you DTrace fans out there. You know who you are Jim and Marty. Well I got my wish today. DTrace Light or D-Light was annouced today. D-Light is a GUI that reports on DTrace data from within Netbeans. I believe that this will bring DTrace to a wider audience. Available soon.

Day Three thoughts...

This was a the day my body said, "Glad you put those sneakers on". So today er yesterday was mega lab day for me. The lab for Scripting was packed and we had to turn people away. It is still cool to see the turn out for the labs. Note for future attendees. Find the short cuts in Moscone. They exist.



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