Sunday Sep 21, 2008

It fall and time to crank up the jogging...

Well it has been forever since I posted any fitness progress here. Well it has been a while since there has been. I have gotten back in the swing of things. I made my goal of losing weight before I turned the big 45. Did I meet my exact goals. Heck no. But I lost 55 pounds. So that is good. I still have another 80-90 to go. Back I can feel a change. I used to hate exercise. In the past year I actually enjoy it. It gives my that hour of the day that is mine.

Well I have graduated to the next step. I have found that I actually like getting outdoors for my cardio. I have seasonal allergies and kind of wrote off the outdoors. But I found that getting outside seems to help. Love the cool crisp mornings. I have even cranked my 2 mile brisk walk up to a nice jogging pace. Not jogging the complete time but do a interval type course. I have even cranked a 6-7 minutes off my times. Who would ever thought that I would try to improve my jogging times. Let along jog. Not I, that is for sure.

I also spent this weekend training as an election judge for the Maryland general election. It is amazing the amount of work that "community volunteers" put into making this happen. Lots of rule. Lots of security training. Yes, we need to learn how the devices are secured (physical) and what to look for. Just in case someone tries to enhance a candidates potential.

Well until my next blog.

Also register to vote. People died for that right.

Monday Jul 28, 2008

Phase II Update 4 (289)

I loving the scale this morning. It is my freind. Down to 289. Wow it feels so good to be able to say 289. It is less than the big 300. Heck even the big 350 I was once at. All smiles. Still have a long way to go. But I must keep my focus. This weekends efforts seemed to have paid off. When the weekend gets here I occasionally lose my way but focus was maintained.

Now I need to be stable this week. We have a sales kick off next week. These events are great. Get to see old friends and see the course we will be blazing next week. On the flip side they tend to be terrible events that are unintentionally designed to promote weight gain. So I am going to have to be extra careful. My goal is to maintain that week. If I lose weight it will be a miracle.

Lifetime (61), Prior (30), Phase 1 (23), Phase II (8)

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Phase II Update 2 (293)

Despite the drama this week in the work environment I have managed to stay focused to meet my goal. Well it may because of the drama I exceeded my goal. A little worrying to offset the cardio. Managed my food intake really well this week. I am now down to 293. Beat the week goal by 1 lb. Yeah ! So may next week be positive for all.

Lifetime (57), Phase 1 (23), Phase II (4)

Friday Jul 11, 2008

A good morning...

My father had this saying "Any day you wake and get out of bed is a good day". Not sure where he got that from but it seems appropriate this today. One other saying "The early bird catches the worm". Well I think both of those summarized this morning. You see I am a late riser. I am not talking 9, 10 or 11 am. But 7 am is the norm if I am working from the home office. I dread 6 am airplane rides since I am dysfunctional the remainder of the day. Might as well as say the same about 7:30 am meetings. If you want me to volunteer for anything you best call before 7am. Although I may not remember what I volunteered for.

I have realized that I have been missing the best part of the day. Since I have started my early morning exercise I have not really started before 7:30. This morning I hauled my butt out of bed, checked email (no one worked late last night) and decided to hit the neighborhood to exercise and wake up. It is so peaceful and quiet at that time of day. Not to mention cool as in temperature. Your mind is so clear that time of day. Great time to think. I think I must change this to become a best practice. Get up early and outdoors.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

Phase II Update 1 (295)

Well July seems to starting off slowly buy surely. My trainer had a surprise for me this morning. The dreaded pop quiz, which in my case means weigh in. So yes I know I have been losing weight but the scale scares the crap out of me each time I get on the thing. Add in, at least my experience has been, that no two scales are calibrated the same. In this case the gym scale has always been heavier. If I was into conspiracy theories I would think they adjust the scale to be heavier.

Well the scale came right on the 295 mark. Yes. Less then the big 300. A ways to go but working. Had a great cardio and trainer session today. Got outside yesterday for some walking. Actually cooking healthy and eating almost balanced meals.

Lifetime (55), Phase 1 (23), Phase II (2)

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Final update month 6 (297)

Well I am at the end of the six month weight loss plan. Getting ready to start the next 6 month plan. The first few months were rocky at best. But I got my stuff together in May. Down to 297. So I made my June goal by 3 pounds. Reflecting back to 2007 I was up near or better of 350. So I over the past year and a half I made some progress. More off than on. But have made some progress.

So I now embark on Phase 2 of an unlimited number of phases to progress even farther. So by July I would like to be at 290 or even 285. I have zero travel scheduled either for work or pleasure. So there are few hurdles in front of me.

Lifetime (53), Phase 1 (23)

Thursday Jun 19, 2008

Life is sooo short...

Well I was on my way to visit a customer and had to stop so a truck could back into a side ally. Well it turns out he was doing a U turn since the road was closed ahead. Well I am the first car in the line and there is no where to back up. He keeps coming forward and forward. Until the truck trailer is about 3 inches from the hood of my car he keeps moving forward. Meanwhile I am blowing the horn like crazy. Finally he stops. The folks behind me back up. Now I can back up and he can keep moving forward. My gosh. Talk about crazy scary.

On the way home people are passing other cars doing 80 miles an hour, not in the passing lane but the berm of the road. What the (#RU)( is wrong with these people today ?

Then I read the calories I potentially consumed in my Chicken Fajita. How the heck do you cram 1575 calories into a chicken fajita. And I thought the drivers where insane.

At 1575 calories I should be able to turn that crap into bio-diesel. At least I left some of the cheese on the plate :(

Now I am returning to my moment of Zen.

Monday Jun 16, 2008

6 month update 12 (299)

Well I made my goal of 300 for the month of June a few weeks early. Actually beat it by one pound(299). I will take it. Last week I had to buy new clothes on a business trip when the airline "delayed" my bags. I fit into a size smaller. Yeah. So the hard work is paying off. I have been doing extra cardio over the weekends or whenever I can fit it in. Watching what I eat very carefully. Small meals 4 times a day.

Lifetime:51 Restart:21

Friday Jun 13, 2008

6 month update 11 (301)

Well I am now at 301. One pound within striking distance of my goal of 300 for the month of June. No travel is scheduled. No office meetings where I feel compelled to participate in the food events. Here is to cardio weekend.

Sunday Jun 08, 2008

6 month update 10 (302)

Well this past week was pretty good. Down to 302. Working my butt off. Watching what I eat. Feel pretty good. Now I just need to survive this weeks travel. Luckily it is only a day trip. So I think I will be able to make some good food selections.

Monday Jun 02, 2008

6 month update 9 (306)

Well this is month six. Truth be told I fell off the plan. After JavaOne the scales tipped to 320. Not one of my prouder moments but now I am back down to 306. I worked my butt off the last part of May. Now June is here and I am on my way to the June goal of 300. So if I can keep my pace I will do well. So thanks to those who reminded me of my blog and goals. Here is to June !

Friday Feb 15, 2008

6 month update 5 (305)

Well I survived the cruise. Actually the cruise was a great holiday period. But the "freestyle" nature of the cruise let me choose what I wanted to eat and when. It was actually better than being at home. God my exercise in everyday. Found that I was even getting up early to do it so I could have the rest of the day with family and excursions.

So I am now half way to Februarys goal of 300. Just five more pounds over the next 2.5 weeks. I think it is doable. Just must keep an eye on the goal. Total 15 pounds lost since the new year. Yeah !




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