Thursday Jul 19, 2007

More Xen

This week has been slow due to prep work for an offsite next week. So while there is not much from me go here solaris_xen_update for some interesting news about Xen.

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Friday Jul 13, 2007

10 Minutes to...

A good educational day. I build my first web services JMS enabled application today using JavaCAPS. I cannot not say that I could not be more excited since it only took me 10 minutes to build a JMS composite application that would read messages off the queue. Being that my Java is rusty, I could not fathom how long it would have taken using a normal IDE to build the app. But now I am off to other aspect of JavaCAPS. Do take take a look at JavaCAPS. I believe it can change the way you develop for the better. If you let it.

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Thursday Jul 12, 2007

SOA Enterprise Manager QuikStart

So this week I am prepping for a JavaCAPS web services demo. JavaCAPS has a cool component called Enterprise Manager. Enterprise Manager will let you view any business process in flight. So you can see what is in progress, completed, failed. You can pull up any information regarding that process. To make it work there are a couple things you may miss if you do not read the documentation. Guilty as charged here.


1. After you have unzipped and installed Enterprise Manager. You must install the EM specific plugins that you will need to display your business process. There are plugins that display web services, oracle connection, jms queues and more.

Do complete the install you can logon to Enterprise Manager console and have it connect to the repository to download needed components. Alternatively you can log on to the Repository directly and download them to your file system. Then from the EM console you can upload them.

To see what plugins are available, go to the repository console and select download. Look for any line that contains Enterprise Manager Plug-in. Failover to install the plug-ins will result in you not being able to see your business processes.

2. Do not forget to install the eInsight Tables. You will install a baseline set of tables. These can be found under the "SeeBeyond -> eInsight -> Database Scripts". You will need to check out the scripts. Alter the file paths as needed for the database. Also you will need to right click on "Database Scripts" and change the properties for the database.

Also once you build your project, the designer will create a database script under your business process. These tables are needed to support this specific business process. The process is similar to the previous step.


1. As you are defining your composite application. Make sure your integration server properties has persistence set AND reporting set to TRUE.

2. In your business process properties set reporting to TRUE as well. Click on save. Your database scripts will now be added to your business process in the left panel of the designer tool.

That is it and you can now monitor your business processes in production. These are the things that I missed because well I skipped the reading is fundamental step.

Also my thanks to Tom B. for getting me through this so effortlessly.

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Wednesday Jul 11, 2007

JavaCAPS and Oracle date formats

One note when using JavaCAPS the date format for Oracle is...


The date returned from currenttime is...


Thats it. I tend to forget the format in between uses.

Sunday Jul 08, 2007

The art of Xen

Well enough of the witty titles ! This weekend I decided to kick Xen's tires. I have used Solaris 10 zones and love that particular feature of Solaris. I have used Parallels on the Mac and love it too. Albeit two different takes on the same general theme. I have the need to demo software that is only available on Windows so it comes in handy. Otherwise I would never use Parallels. Just no need on the Mac.

I have used VMWare's workstation to host Windows or Solaris images for my demos as well. The networking in VMWare always baffles me when I want to setup a static ip address for Solaris. But in general it works well. So can this upstart Xen make a dent in the VMWare/Parallel perceived back yard.

Well in short yes. Xen offers some features only found in the upscale versions of the WMWare. I particularly like the console which I can run from my laptop. It was a cinch to install Windows, Suse and Red Hat from a remote terminal. I can see my resources utilized across all OS's.

What no Solaris. It is coming. I hear this summer. That will be nice so I can consolidate my demos to one box that rocks.

It is rare to find a piece of software that just works as advertised. It was nice to just use software and not be forced to read something. Xen for all its complexities was just easy to use.

The one thing I wish Xen had was better out of the box support for more hardware choices and OS's. A sparkling light that should get brighter.

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Tuesday Jun 26, 2007

Had to redeploy portal without psadmin...

Was working with Portal today and deployed a helper application to the web server. Somehow the portal application got removed but the portal console was still there. So we found the portal.war file in the SUNWportal/portals/portal1/war directory and recovered the portal without an reinstall. Note for those who need to deploy the portal again.

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Thursday Jun 21, 2007

SRA and AJAX portal

Have you tried the AJAX portal and found when you added SRA AJAX stopped working. Try this...

Yes. Changes are required to the ruleset to get Ajax to work with the gateway. The gateway has the following rule as part of default_ruleset.xml

<Function name="open" paramPatterns="y"/>

This rule causes XMLHttpRequest's open() to break thus preventing any Ajax operation. The fix for this is to add the following rules before the above rule in default_ruleset.xml

<Function name="\*req\*.open" paramPatterns=",y,"/>

This rule assumes that the XMLHttpRequest object will be match the \*req\* pattern. If the request object is named something else then the pattern should be modified accordingly.

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Monday Jun 18, 2007

Acela - The train

Well just got back from a incredible weekend in New York City. I did something different this time around. I toke the Acela (Amtrak service) from BWI airport to New York. Kind of strange taking the train from the airport but hey I will be doing this alot more in the future.

First, getting there could not have been easier. Parking was a snap. No shuttle needed to get from Daily lot 307 to the airport. A three minute walk if that. Check in was well fast and efficient. Not only did I check in under 5 minutes (Had one person in front of me) but the counter person let me know of an earlier train that was arriving in 8 minutes. What, wait a minute. I can take an earlier train and you are not going to make be pay 100.00 plus any difference in fare. Sign me up.

I was hesitant because I like knowing where I am going to sit. Well maybe because the environment conditions on airplanes just well suck. So I board the early train and find that I can basically choose any seat and be comfortable. Did I say comfortable. The seats are huge. Compared to airline seats. The leg room is like sitting in my living room. Heck the tray table can hold breakfast, lunch and dinner plus my laptop. Each seat has a power outlet to plug your gear into. No convertors. Hmmm.

The overhead literally held my medium sized (5-6 day) suitcase. I could never get it on a plane period. I bet I could have gotten the monster I am traveling for weeks and will be bringing back tons of crap suitcase that scares the crap out of bellhops. Oh, travel can be so fun.

Although there are no flight attendants, you can eat when you want to. The food choices are more diverse. Not sure about quality but there is something for most.

And finally, the restrooms, kudos to the engineer that designed them. The space is quite nice. No more open accordion door, enter, spin 180, close door, spin 180, complete task, spin 90, wash hands, spin 15, get towel, spin 360, where did they put the trash, spin 90 + to open door, spin 90 to slide through door. Forget RJ's since I am too tall and have to crouch and spin. Jeez.

Hello Acela, good bye airplane. Well for the NorthEast corridor.

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Thursday Jun 14, 2007

JavaCAPS: File vs. BatchLocal eWay

Spent some time with JavaCAPS this week creating what I hope to be a RSS feed. Still need data but I ran into an interesting choice. There are at least two ways to create a data file. In my case an RSS feed. I could choose between the File eWay and the BatchLocal eWay. With no history on which to use I chose the File eWay. Mainly since Batch seemed so 1980's and I been there done that. Well if you choose the file eWay you will be limited. I quickly ran into an issue that I could not overwrite my existing data. It just kept appending to the existing datafile. Bringing up the properties sheet illustrated my problem. I could choose the directory and the filename for output but had very little control over any thing. After consulting with the experts I was directed to the BatchLocal eWay. Well this is the way to go for any real application. Especially one you will put into production. It allows you to control how to append, name the file with a mask and much much more. So my wisdom of the day. Do not choose the File eWay go old school with the BatchLocal eWay. You will be happy.

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Monday Jun 11, 2007

Webserver 7.0 and PHP installation

When installing the php module the instructions will tell you to gzip the file and puts the directory contents in the plugin directory. The only plugin directory you will find is in /opt/SUNWwbsvr7. This is incorrect. You will need to create the plugin directory under /var/opt/SUNWwbsrv7/plugins/php. The configuration script sets the webs server config files to /var/opt/.... not where you actually ran the installer from.

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Thursday Jun 07, 2007

Mac and Parallels...

Parallels and the Mac are a great match. I use JavaCAPs and the eDesigner product will not run on the Mac. But with Parallels and Coherence I can now run eDesigner on my Mac in a window that looks any other window on my desktop. Just cool.

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Portal Server start script for Derby

Well if you install portal and bounce your server you may find that the communties no longer work. Communities use the Open Source Derby Database. Needless to say no database no communities. Below you will find I script I use on my demo system to start Derby. Modify as needed. Make sure the derby start/stop line is not broken into two lines. Should be one line.

-bash-3.00# more S74derby




# Derby start/stop script


case "$1" in


/usr/sfw/bin/ant -DPS_CONFIG=/etc/opt/SUNWportal/ -buildfile
/opt/SUNWportal/lib/derby.xml start-instance



/usr/sfw/bin/ant -DPS_CONFIG=/etc/opt/SUNWportal/ -buildfile
/opt/SUNWportal/lib/derby.xml stop-instance



echo "Usage: $0 { start | stop }"

exit 1



exit 0


Monday Jun 04, 2007

Demo2: Day 4 keep it stable

Well I am starting to become wiser. I have halted adding goodies to the demo system in favor of keeping it stable. At least until Tuesday afternoon when I will install JavaCaps, add 2GB more ram and tune the JVM a little better. It is amazing how quickly 4GB of ram can be eaten up.

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Sunday Jun 03, 2007

Demo2: Day 3 end

Whew what a day. The installation of Fatwire was not bad. Make sure you have your FWLicesnse.xml key before you start. Luckily that Fatwire guys were reading email on the weekend. What a group. Also make sure when you create your datasource in the app server you must prepend the name with "JDBC/" other wise Fatwire will not match the name.

My award goes to Elluminate to being the most brain dead install of my life. It is so easy to install such a feature rich product. Everyone out there should pay attention. Way to go Elluminate. There are even portlets available on the portal site that enable portlet integration.

Now some sleep since tomorrow is a customization day and I still need to get the community features in the enterprise sample.

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Demo2: Day 3 Fatwire Oracle configuration

Note when configuring the connection pool for Fatwire using Oracle. You will need to delete the following properties from the connection pool description. ConnectionCachingEnabled AND FastConnectionFailoverEnabled must be deleted. Change the resource type to javax.sql.DataSource. Failure to do so will result in the "Ping" not being to connect to Oracle. You will see an error like "Access denied to execute this method: setConnectionCachingEnabled".

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