Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

Netbeans 6.1, Java 6 and Mac OS

One of my customer was having an issue running Netbeans 6.1 beta on Mac OS with Java 6. Here is his response on how he resolved the SDK error issue. Thanks Rica.

Just wanted to let you know that I have finally found a way to run NB 6.1 Beta with Apple's Java 6SE DP9. The reported error on gui wizards was due to some Java 6 classes that were loaded into Java 5.

The trick is simple: go to the install directory of NB6.1 and point the netbeans_jdkhome variable to Java 6. In my case the configuration file is:
/Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans 6.1

The line that needs to be modified is this:
# Default location of JDK, can be overridden by using --jdkhome


Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

The importance of downtime...

Ahhh. I am finding myself sitting in the oasis of Portfino. Well the Portofino in Orlando. As a self admitted coaster fanatic I find myself sitting next door to a couple of year round adrenalin filled machines. Yet I am content to sit here and just relax.

Well let me paint the picture. The room I am in has a balcony that is overlooking a lake, abeit man made I think, with trees surrounding my room. The French doors are open, the curtains waving in the breeze with the sun peeking in the room.

This past two weeks has been tough with two people I have worked with over the years passing on. I am very much appreciating life at this moment. It goes by so quickly and we sometime do not stop to smell the flowers.

I wish I could stay here forever. But the money will run out eventually and I will have to resort to a life of crime to pay off the credit cards. I would not do well in jail so I best get my butt out of here on time.

So back to the relaxing vista of Portofino Orlando. Time to recharge and appreciate life. Tomorrow I will slay the dragons. Fire and Ice.

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Thursday Oct 25, 2007

Courtesy: Parking Lots

Remember when people used to have the common courtesy to yield in the parking lot when you are leaving a spot. Today it just seems that people are such a rush or are not paying attention when in close spaces. Now I get why people park at the ends of the lot.

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Friday Oct 19, 2007

Drive thru design

Ok, I admit that I frequent drive thru which explains my need to do cardio till I drop. But this weekend I did I quick run through a California fast food chain. I encountered something that made me say "what were they thinking".

So I have seen single lines, multiple lines up to 4, folks working a single line outdoors to speed up the process. But I have never seen a single line split in two so multiple people can order at the same time and then collapse back into a single line after the dual boxes and menu boards.

Now it seem like it should speed things up a bit. But the same person was taking orders for both boxes and thus the dual line was single threaded anyway. Once the people gave their order they randomly rejoined the line. As I watched people cut each other off in the rejoin process it seemed like there was just way too much stress created to order some nuggets.

Then the employees must figure out which order the cars are in because you do not rejoin the combined line in the same order you placed you requests.

Only have seen one this style. So maybe this was a beta. Lets hope so.

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Thursday Oct 18, 2007

Netbeans Magazine

Hey did you know that there is a Netbeans magazine that is published in PDF format. You can download from and read at your leisure.

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iPhone and in car audio

Well I am on a week of travel and am using the iPhone as my music player while in the car. Bought one of those 1/8 to 1/8 jacks to rock to my tunes. I was totally surprised when the music stopped and the car began to ring. Answered the iPhone and had the incoming audio on the car speakers and the mic on the iPhone. Worked like a charm. Hung up the phone and the music continued playing.

I know that some car company's like BMW and others have offered blue tooth integration with phones for a few years but it was kind of nice to be able to have in car phone in my pedestrian rental.

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Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Java .next - some notes

One issue with Java SE 6 is its size. It can be as large as 10-11 mb to download. Once downloaded it expands to 40+ mb. Which takes time to unpack. Another issue is the startup times for applets. The Java team are working to remove these issues in the next Java release. The Consumer JRE will address these items among other things. -- Startup. Coldstart is the real culprit. First launch after reboot must load a lot of classes. The solutions is QuickStarter. The idea is to pre warm the disk cache by loading minimum component at OS startup. -- Install/Download time. 10+ mb download. Unpack to 40+ mb for just rt.jar. Solution is to download Java Kernal only. Stream down the rest of the platform in the background as needed. Preliminary results show that Helloworld just requires 2mb to execute. LimeWire needs < 4 mb. Should be available 1st half of 2008. Early access now

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Did you know - Open MQ

Did you know that Glassfish has an message queue component that is open sourced ? Yes, go to to learn more. I was surprised to learn about this today.

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Thursday Sep 13, 2007

Windows on Solaris

Who would have thunk yesterdays announcement regarding expanded support for Windows would have ever been issued at Sun. Things are changing. If you missed it here is a snipet...

Windows Server OEM Agreement - Sun will offer Windows Server on its x64 hardware and will provide additional utilities and value-added software offerings to server systems carrying Windows Server. Windows Server 2003 will be available on Sun x64 systems within 90 days.

Sun x64 Systems and Storage - Microsoft recognizes Sun's compelling x64 server and storage products in the market today. Microsoft and Sun will continue to work together to test and validate the Windows platform on these systems for scale-up enterprise computing.

Solaris and Windows Virtualization - Sun and Microsoft will work together to ensure that Solaris runs well as a guest on Microsoft virtualization technologies and that Windows Server runs well as a guest on Sun's virtualization technologies. Sun and Microsoft will work together on a support process for customers who are using the virtualization solutions. This joint commitment to customers ensures that Windows and Solaris will provide a solid virtualization experience.

For more information goto

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Wednesday Aug 29, 2007

Extreme Tech PC Wind errr Solaris review

Wow I cannot believe I came across this article about creating a $300.00 Solaris workstation on Extremetech. Wow.,1697,2176218,00.asp. PC Magazine next :)

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Thursday Aug 23, 2007

Web Server 7.0, Did you know...

Web server get so little press but did you know the Sun Web Server outperforms Apache + Tomcat by 2x. With SSL on Web Server kicks butt at 8x.

Another interesting tidbit, has over 1.6 million hits a day and runs on just 2 T2000 servers.

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Monday Aug 13, 2007

Secure Global Desktop

Shamless promotion follows but if you all have the need to acccess Windows and/or Solaris desktop applications remotely you should try out the Secure Global Desktop. You can deploy on Solaris for instance and use your browser to access various services. The end user is the presented a desktop with launch points to, for example, Windows desktop or Star Office on Solaris. The user clicks on the destination and a window opens with the application or desktop running.

Now the cool part is it integrates with LDAP or AD. So you can provision your user to one of those sources and the users of SGD can logon. It even has portlets that will allow your users to logon to a portal server and get access to their desktop applications.

Installation could not get any simpler. I printed the instructions (rare) but really did not need them.

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Saturday Aug 11, 2007

JavaCAPS and web services...

So I have another tidbit that may be helpful when your are working with JavaCAPS and web services. Lets set the scene. You have created your web service and now have the need to expand your wsdl either for a new operation or data element. You have successfully deployed the app but the wsdl has not been updated in the UDDI server. Just go back into your connectivity map and remove the web services object. Then re-add the web services object to pick up your changes. The build and deploy your app. The wsdl will now be correct when it is deployed to the UDDI server.

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No data mapping found in Business Process

When using JavaCaps if you encounter "No data mapping found in Business Process" during your build, check for a Business Rule that you dragged from the toolbar that does not have a mapping defined.

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Monday Aug 06, 2007

Fatwire keys

I just realized that my Fatwire key expired. Well it was quite easy as no content was coming through. When you get the key note the number of days it is good for and plan ahead.

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