Monday Feb 09, 2009

Punx Phil and weather predication accuracy !

Now I know what you are thinking, why would I base any weather forecast based a furry creature that has been sleeping for months. Well I do not. But it is fun anyhow. I will never travel to Pa. and wait for Phil to wake up, be blinded by the sun and see his shadow.

But Phil has the perfect out. His predication was, we would see 6 more weeks of winter. He did not say whether is would be 6 more weeks of hell or fun in the sun.

In DC it is expected to be 60 plus degrees this week. In mid-February we should be freezing. I am definitely not complaining. There is plenty of time for the weather to go bad. Come to think of it maybe it all heat being generated inside the beltway debating the stimulus bill.

No what was I thinking :)

Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

Found time !!!

Well it is a snowy day here in Washington. The ice storm is on its way. The shelves no doubt will be empty by the time I go to the store. Well the TP and Milk will be gone. My meeting got cancelled today. Which means I now have 6 hours I did not have to work my todo list.

You got to love found time.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

Inauguration Bliss

Well, I spent Tuesday at my first inauguration. What a day. So many people. Sharing experiences. It was great seeing Barrack sworn in. Seeing Barrack, MIchelle and the girls in the "beast limo" was way cool. Kudos to the new first family.

My morning started early. It was a 5am morning. Got up. Checked the news. They were reporting the metro stations had lines back to exit with people trying to park their cars. So I got my butt in gear and got going. Got to the metro station at 6:30am. The lines were horrible because everyone was waiting for garage #1. Luckily I knew about garage #2 which had no wait.

My second kudos goes to Washington's Metro. They had their stuff together. Lots of employees at the Shady Grove station. They even relaxed the rules when there were long lines. Like letting people through the turnstiles with out needing a ticket to board a train. Kudos. They even upgraded the chime system when the doors close. It has been that long since riding metro. The system does not usually go where I am going. The bad, you still do not want to be caught in the doors. Although similar to elevator doors, these are merciless. Groups of teenagers forced to save one of their own that was straggling behind.

Got to the metro center station at 7:30 am. Not bad. Now I am worrying about having 7 hours to wait. Here is where it gets interesting. There were two security checkpoints. One with a line moving briskly and the other stalled. After waiting 45 minutes in the slow line I move to the brisk line. Here they are are processing tons of people and just performing pat downs. So I get through this line in 10 minutes. I think this is too good to be true. Yes it was. My seating area cannot be accessed from this entrance. So I need to exit and re-enter through the slow entrance. Back out I go.

Well long story short. I spent the next 4 hours of my life in the a line that was 2 blocks long. I was in the first 50 feet of the line. This line had metal detectors and people had to remove their electronics. It felt as though this line was being choked for security reasons. It gets interesting when you spend 4 hours back to chest to back with people you do not know. When the line moved, we moved as one. Literally. The whole crowd would move 6 inches whenever they let 5 people through the line. The crowd swayed as one when Aretha sang. Not out of choice because we had to. Someone started and we moved together. Kind of uniting in a way. In fact the last 45 minutes in line I do not think I stood on my own. I had a young lady behind me go to sleep on my shoulders.

Third kudos. TSA, I will never let anyone say bad things about you ever again. You are a model of uniformness and efficiency.

Fourth kudos. Plenty of restrooms on the parade route. Cannot speak about the mall but Penn avenue was great.

The parade was great though I snuck out after Barrack and Michelle went by. The aluminum seats had finally taken their toll. It was 5 pm. Time to go.

All in all a great day, even with security and the cold. Something everyone should do once in their lives.

Monday Dec 01, 2008

Winner: Sun Microsystems VirtualBox 2.0.4

Well this evening I sat down to read the January 09 issue of CPU magazine. Being a build it myself PC person I have always loved this magazine. I have never thought I would see Sun Microsystems win any category in a PC based magazine. But there it is on page 70. Sun Microsystems VirtualBox 2.0.4 has won the Miscellaneous Software category. Way to go Sun and the VirtualBox team.

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

Use the "T" button Luke....

This past week my trusting Macbook Pro would not come out of the sleep function when I opened the LCD. Well I maybe should have waited but it seemed like 30 seconds or more went past. So I decided to power the laptop down using the power switch. Well the power down did not do a proper shutdown. On the next boot the ole Macbook Pro could not get past the login screen. It kept looping. I could boot the machine in "single user mode". The check disk found nothing.

So I decided to recover on my own. Well my DVD finally died thus I could not boot off the installation dvd. So I bought an USB dvd drive. Turns out the laptop will not boot off an USB dvd. It needs a firewire drive. Which are impossible to find in a pinch.

So I decided it was time to exercise my "Apple Care" policy. More on this later.

The Apple folks gave me this valuable bit of info. The Macbook Pro will, if use the hold the "T" key down while booting will enable you to connect your laptop via Firewire to another Mac. This will let you copy files from one Mac to another Mac. Yes.

Apple Care just rocks. No fuss at all. I dropped the MBP off on Sunday once I got back from travel. It was repaired by Monday evening. Picked her up on Tuesday. The new drive works. New OS is good. One pleasant side note was the original files on my MBP where saved off in a "Previous" directory. Wow even better.

After using Apple Care I am thinking of finally getting rid of that last PC. I would love a Mac Pro. Oh baby. But my needs vs. desires are slightly misaligned. Those iMacs look nice. Same problem. The 20 inch iMac is nice. But that 24 inch iMac just screams you want me. Well we will see.

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

OpenStorage, User Interface, I want this...

I am totally blown away. Sun has always made great hardware but the CLI has ruled for years. It is so refreshing. No refreshing is wrong. I am totally blown away by the user interface that Sun engineers have put together for the new Amber Road/OpenStorage servers. I am so excited to see this software. So excited, I would do anything to download it and run it on my home server in the house. The user interface is great and very easy to use. Lots of features. More than I would ever need but for an enterprise, it is spot on.

Hint. Hint. CEO boss man. How about finding a way for us enthusiasts to get a taste of this.

Monday Nov 17, 2008

Cloud Computing = ASP = VAN

All the sudden I feel like I am back in the year 1985. It was before the Internet made it big. I was at GE Information Services. We hosted corporate applications. The corporations could dial up any where on the planet before the Internet and broadband made dial up obsolete. We hosted email, EDI and other large applications. VAN - Value added network.

Fast forward to the year 2003 the year of the ASP. And further fast forward to the year 2008. We got Cloud Computing. I cannot help but see the VAN model the GEIS and other providers invented has come full circle. We went form hosting to not hosting and back to hosting applications. No need to worry about providing dial up. Just need an Internet connection. Back to the future.

Maybe GEIS can be revived. Long live GEIS.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Oh Florida why can't I leave. Smoked plane...

Ok my travel adventures are just bad this year. Lost luggage. No "delayed luggage". Destroyed luggage. Oh make that normal wear and tear.
But this one is good. Not the airlines fault but just a sign of things that can happen in a mechanical world.

We board the plane. Push back 10 minutes early. Pilot says we will arrive early. How cool is this ? I can be home by midnight. Flight attendants do their thing. Check the overheads. Check the seat belts. Tell us the locations of the emergency exits. I note as usual. I am sitting 2 rows in front of the over wing exit.

Engines are now starting. Then a terrible grinding noise. Sulfur smell and smoke now are entering the cabin. Pilot now spins the plane around and our 500 ft taxi has now ended. We are now heading back to the terminal. Flight attendants are trying to ring pilot over intercom. They are a little busy. Park at jetbridge. Ordered to get off the plane and leave everything. Oh my this is now starting to feel a bit more serious. Everyone is still calm. Which is good with the young ones returning from the land of the mouse.

The crew did a great job of making a call to return to the terminal vs. have us use the emergency slides. Although part of me feels that would a have been an interesting experience. But the pilot tells us that a lot of leg injuries happen when they do that. No doubt I would have been the one going to the hospital.

So now we are waiting on our next plane for DC. Stay tuned....

Boss man, I will be late starting work tomorrow.

Move over New Jersey, Florida is now the king. Of tollbooths that is...

Ok, I have said it. When did Florida become the tollbooth state ? I mean I knew New Jersey was bad with a tollbooth every 5 miles but come on Florida. Today I traveled down to the wonderful state of Florida. It was a welcome relief to the cool weather back in Maryland. I have been here before and knew about the tolls on the "BeeLine". But I had to travel to a customer site today. Tolls on the BeeLine (528), 417 an 408. I got hit with 2 tollbooths on each road. Count em, 6 all together. On direction. Now if I had travel hundreds of miles I would not have been shocked. But I traveled 14 miles. One tollbooth every 2-3 miles. 6 each way or 12 tollbooths today period.

Some day I could envision myself moving here. But I am going to have to keep Fastpass. At a minimum get my social security paid in quarters. So Florida you are now crowned the tollbooth state. Wear it well.

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

An election to remember...

So we all now know the results of the election for the big ticket items. I was an election judge again this year and was amazed by the turnout. When I arrived at 6 am, there was a line. It started at 4:45 am. Like sitting outside a Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving. But with a different importance. My precinct handled over 2400 people. Most before noon. We had an hour and a half wait. Lots of young and older folks. People that had not voted in years turned out for this one.

I was particular taken back by a lady wise in her years. When I was checking her in I noticed something out of the ordinary. Her birth year was 1909. She was just one year shy of her 100th birthday. She mustered everything she had to get out and vote. Just incredible. So I will remember this day for the remainder of my life. Today I am extra proud of America.

Monday Oct 20, 2008

Sun Ray @ Westin

Well I am now begining vacation. I decided to bring the Gobi 8 thin client Sun Ray my boss so graciously got me along. While this is vacation there are a few things that did not get wrapped up before I left. In all fairness they did not start until I left for the airport. Hmmmm.

But I am using the thin client laptop here to do email and browse the sun internal network. All over VPN from the Westin hotel room.

Very nice. Nothing to lose should the maid start Christmas shopping early since all the data is somewhere on the Sun network. I like this :)

Socks missing socks...

Well it has been a while since I posted. I have one of those questions. I now have 5 socks that are missing their respective partners. How does this happen ? I mean I take them off at the same time. The washer and dryer are not eating them. The only thing I can think of is that I am leaving them in hotel rooms every time I travel. Think of it as a calling card.

Maybe the hotel staff is stealing them ! Or TSA is filing them somewhere as evidence ! All I know is each week I am missing another sock. Maybe it is old age. First the eyes. Next my socks. Then my hearing. Oh no !

The one thing is certain, I cannot throw the singles out. You never know when their counterpart will return. It is probably safe to say they will not show up. But you never know....

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

What service, 5 stars to Tumi...

I week ago, I wrote about how my bankrupt airline of choice ruined my luggage. You know it was wear and tear. Well I stopped by the Tumi store since I paid quite a bit for this piece of luggage. They toke my bag, repaired and shipped it back to me in 7 days. All for 25.00 which covered shipping two directions. Now that is service. Fast, did what they promised. I would pay for another Tumi bag any day.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

It fall and time to crank up the jogging...

Well it has been forever since I posted any fitness progress here. Well it has been a while since there has been. I have gotten back in the swing of things. I made my goal of losing weight before I turned the big 45. Did I meet my exact goals. Heck no. But I lost 55 pounds. So that is good. I still have another 80-90 to go. Back I can feel a change. I used to hate exercise. In the past year I actually enjoy it. It gives my that hour of the day that is mine.

Well I have graduated to the next step. I have found that I actually like getting outdoors for my cardio. I have seasonal allergies and kind of wrote off the outdoors. But I found that getting outside seems to help. Love the cool crisp mornings. I have even cranked my 2 mile brisk walk up to a nice jogging pace. Not jogging the complete time but do a interval type course. I have even cranked a 6-7 minutes off my times. Who would ever thought that I would try to improve my jogging times. Let along jog. Not I, that is for sure.

I also spent this weekend training as an election judge for the Maryland general election. It is amazing the amount of work that "community volunteers" put into making this happen. Lots of rule. Lots of security training. Yes, we need to learn how the devices are secured (physical) and what to look for. Just in case someone tries to enhance a candidates potential.

Well until my next blog.

Also register to vote. People died for that right.

Friday Sep 12, 2008

The Sun EBC !

Today was my first visit to the Executive Briefing Center at Sun headquarters. Wow what an experience. I have been at Sun for 5 years and it seems that many folk have made the trip before me. Waiting is not a bad thing. Especially when you get a chance to spend 2 hours of your day with Scott McNealy and Jonathan Schwartz. What an experience I must say.

Working for a company that truly gets beat up more than deserved it was great to sit in a small group and hear the Sun vision from them. Naysayers be prepared to eat your words. We are not done yet !




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