Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Like 2 dear in my headlights...

Well today I had to travel to the west coast. So my day started at 4:30 am. I left the house around 4:00 AM to get to BWI. On my way up through the country side I noticed this furry thing hop into my path. Half awake I start my extreme breaking. Deer #1 hops out of the way and I start to relax. Still not at a complete stop Deer #2 follows the in the footsteps of Deer #1. Ok now I have to bring the car to a complete stop. Anti-Lock brakes working. Tires slightly squealing. Deer #2 has that oh crap look. As do I. Deer typically leave a lasting effect on ones car. Both deer and Leroy avoid collision. Thank you Munchen engineers for not skipping Brakes 301.

So now on to the airport. Although I think Deer #2 and I may need clothing change. So I get to the airport. Things seem to be smooth. Ha. Should have known better. So my favorite bankrupt airline needs to fix plane # 1. Luckily it is only 15 minutes and my 2 hour delay in Denver is not in jeopardy.

Now it gets even better. When I check in I notice my seat assignment had changed. No problem still a leave me alone so I can sleep window position. When I get to Denver a whole bunch get called to the podium. Plane change. They now have a first class section. My seat is still good but the counter rep asks me if I want to get upgraded. Sweet. I got upgraded and board the plane. Even get me complimentary cran-apple juice.

Do not ask me but I love cran-apple on planes. Never but the stuff at home. But I like it when I fly. Weird.

Before we take off, we are asked to deplane because plane number 2 is broken. So they send us to the other side of the terminal to board the same type of plane we should have had 45 minutes ago. So now we have to get re-ticketed again since the seating has changed. My word. We finally push back and are on our way. Now 1 hour late.

I am thinking I can still make this 3pm meeting. Just barely. Now I have to wait for my luggage. Which is taking its time. When it arrives I start rolling it and notice that a wheel is missing. No it is not missing it was sheared off. So now I have to make a claim on my bag. But it is not covered since "breaking a wheel off ones bag" is considered normal wear ad tear. Bull S\*&(. The bag is less than 6 months old. They said they would send me a 50.00 voucher. That will fix a 300.00 bag.

So lets see, they have cost me money for "delaying a bag" early in the year. Forcing me to shop for new clothes to attend a meeting. Then they destroy my brand new bag. Do they really think I will give them any more money ? H&\^( no.

So I curiously call the bag company when I get to the hotel. For a nominal shipping charge they will fix the bag no problems. Wait customer service. It does still exist. Maybe the airline industry can figure this out before they go out of business.

Maybe on the trip home they can shear the other wheel off. At least the suite case will be balanced.

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Free your mind...

No, not a reference to the Democratic and Republican conferences these past few weeks. Although I think...

Wait, off topic. So I have found that people are reluctant to change. No news there. Not talking politics but it still applies. I have a customer whose wife was unknowingly using OpenOffice for a while. When reminded she grabbed for what she knew. I can only use MS Office. But do you really MS Office ? Maybe not. What follows is an excerpt from the email sent to me...

I came home last night and my wife was doing class work, and I asked her if she was having any problems and how the program was working for her. She said she wasn't having any problems. Then I let her know that when I rebuilt her PC I couldn't find her MS Office CDs, so I installed Open Office instead. With a little shocked and exhaspirated voice she said, "Whaaat? I have to have Microsoft Office...." I responded "Have you noticed that you weren't using it?"... she said "Oh, Shut up." and she went back to work.

Maybe not. Free your mind, try something new. You may like it.

Thursday Aug 21, 2008

Spring time in sales fades to ....

In sales I have found there are maybe two periods during the year where you have quality quiet time. Mainly in December at year end. And the first of the new fiscal year. For Sun that is July. It is a time to do those things on the list that are overdue. Like new technology immersion. It is a lot like Spring/Fall in Washington. The temperature is great for all of two weeks.

I can now say that spring time has ended. The reps have their goals and they are marching forward. Email will not stop. Heck I cannot even keep up. I have 8 million voice mail messages all marked urgent.

Well lets make some money and sell some gear this year. Oh the bliss. Summer has arrived. Let the sweating begin !

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

Exercise = Ctrl + Alt + Del

As I am struggling to recover from the most excellent sale kick off on the banks of the Potomac, I must say that my cardio session this evening effectively reset my mind. Thinks become so clear when you are sweating profusely. Like why did they serve beef, fish and mashed potatoes as a balanced meal. Hey, I loved it. But I am paying the price now. I have seen double cardio days every day this week.

You also see things very clearly. The fog that is clouding your mind suddenly parts and things make sense. Especially when you take off your glasses and look through some one else's eyewear. What's that saying "Wake up and smell the coffee". So thanks for the clarity and may the scale inch downward tomorrow morning.

Pet Peeves: Spin me and let me hang...

In honor of Scott McNealy and his Pet Peeves. Why do people spin you up for a emergency and let you hang ? Yesterday I get this last minute emergency call to drop everything and help a customer. No problem. Customers are important. One must remember that spinning down someone is just as important as spinning them up. Nuff said.

Saturday Aug 09, 2008

IMAX and motion sickness !

Off topic on this one but why, why oh why do I not love IMAX. I recently had the opportunity to see another IMAX presentation. While I will not comment on the movie content (dated), 15 minutes into the movie I thought I would well barf. This happens to me every time I see one of these movies. Strap my butt into a 80 mph coaster that loops, dives, pulls 5 G's and I am loving life. Put me in a motionless theatre and I am woozy in 15 minutes or less. I will never get this one !

Wednesday Jul 30, 2008

IDM 8.0 configuration for Comms Suite 6

Here are the required minimum object classes to provision comms suite 6 users from Identity Manager 8.0.











Monday Jul 28, 2008

Phase II Update 4 (289)

I loving the scale this morning. It is my freind. Down to 289. Wow it feels so good to be able to say 289. It is less than the big 300. Heck even the big 350 I was once at. All smiles. Still have a long way to go. But I must keep my focus. This weekends efforts seemed to have paid off. When the weekend gets here I occasionally lose my way but focus was maintained.

Now I need to be stable this week. We have a sales kick off next week. These events are great. Get to see old friends and see the course we will be blazing next week. On the flip side they tend to be terrible events that are unintentionally designed to promote weight gain. So I am going to have to be extra careful. My goal is to maintain that week. If I lose weight it will be a miracle.

Lifetime (61), Prior (30), Phase 1 (23), Phase II (8)

Tuesday Jul 22, 2008

SAMBA almost kicked my butt if not for...

I am now setting up a new demo server. I have always wanted to set up Samba on Solaris for absolutely no good reason. Well I guess since my home network the Mac and PC can share, why not my Solaris boxes. So I set out to prove I could do this. Well I gave up once about 6 months ago. It was not pretty. I was not going to go down easy this time. So I started out following the directions on the Samba site. Not realizing Samba is now included in the 0508 release of Solaris.

After beating my head against the wall for 6 hours I decided to rebuild my box. Actually the automated system update rendered my box in a unusable state and I was forced to rebuild. First time for everything. So now it is 18 hours from when I started. Sun Ray and Secure Global Desktop are installed and working. Have gotten the printer stood up. Now time for Samba once more.

Prior to the rebuild I had followed three sets of instructions, only to lead to failure each time. Now I found these instructions AND followed the three steps. After a quick reboot it worked. I noticed the the Samba server software need to be restarted to pick up changes in shares. You must also mark each share available before it will be seen. I wish I had stumbled upon these instructions about 6 months ago.

Well now everything in the network can share.

Phase II Update 3 (293)

Not much of an update but after one week of unpredictability I have managed to stay at the same level. I spent the entire week on the road without any real great food choices. Got most of my workouts in. So I am happy to stay at the same level. Here is to a great week.

Sunday Jul 13, 2008

GOBI Plus the Sun network

Well I actually connected to the Sun internal network using my new Gobi Laptop. So this thin client has successfully navigated my home network, the vpn tunnel and landed on the Sun Ray network at Sun. Very cool. So now I can access my corporate desktop from an office, the Sun Ray @ home or the Gobi Laptop when on the road. Very nice.

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Phase II Update 2 (293)

Despite the drama this week in the work environment I have managed to stay focused to meet my goal. Well it may because of the drama I exceeded my goal. A little worrying to offset the cardio. Managed my food intake really well this week. I am now down to 293. Beat the week goal by 1 lb. Yeah ! So may next week be positive for all.

Lifetime (57), Phase 1 (23), Phase II (4)

Friday Jul 11, 2008

The Gobi 8

So I got a Gobi 8 Sun Ray laptop to enable me to demo Sun Ray technology to our clients. Sun Ray is one of the easiest products Sun has to setup. Of course this in single server mode. I am still a newbie. But I got a laptop Sun Ray this week. Connecting it was realatively straight forward. The Gobi connects flawlessly over the ethernet. It will support wireless networks(b/g, wep/wpa/wpa2). As well as 3G. That is the next trial.

The great thing is the Gobi has built in VPN technology. So now I can connect anywhere to the Sun Network. How cool is that ? I can get to my desktop anywhere anytime.

A good morning...

My father had this saying "Any day you wake and get out of bed is a good day". Not sure where he got that from but it seems appropriate this today. One other saying "The early bird catches the worm". Well I think both of those summarized this morning. You see I am a late riser. I am not talking 9, 10 or 11 am. But 7 am is the norm if I am working from the home office. I dread 6 am airplane rides since I am dysfunctional the remainder of the day. Might as well as say the same about 7:30 am meetings. If you want me to volunteer for anything you best call before 7am. Although I may not remember what I volunteered for.

I have realized that I have been missing the best part of the day. Since I have started my early morning exercise I have not really started before 7:30. This morning I hauled my butt out of bed, checked email (no one worked late last night) and decided to hit the neighborhood to exercise and wake up. It is so peaceful and quiet at that time of day. Not to mention cool as in temperature. Your mind is so clear that time of day. Great time to think. I think I must change this to become a best practice. Get up early and outdoors.

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

Sun Ray Technology rocks !

So yesterday was a very interesting day. I received my Sun Ray @ Home thin client. Now a little bit of history. Sun has deployed Sun Rays through out it offices. Very few employees use laptops. So for those of us who are mobile we termed fleixble. When we need to go to the office we hotel. We basically reserve an office much like a hotel room. Each office is equipped with a Sun Ray thin client.

Well I signed up for the Sun Ray @ Home program. I a box showed up with a thin client connection box, router, ethernet cable and power strip. I already had a screen in my KVM setup so all I needed was the Sun Ray connection box. I hooked up the screen, ethernet and power to the box and in less than 30 minutes I was connected to my office terminal session. How cool is that. I can now work @ home and get access to my office apps that I would normally need to boot the laptop, sign in to the VPN.

The Sun Ray is responsive over good ole Comcast. Just like I was in the office or better. Yet it drawls a fraction of the power. Here's to the Sun Ray.




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