Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

It's a Small World, after all...

Anyone that has been to a Disney theme park has a Small World story. Whether it's about the boats getting stuck and having to listen to the 16 bars of the theme song, to the lights going out, or the costumes being in disarray on the dolls...

Here's Mine:

The Ramsey Clan made our pilgrimage to Disney World 11 Aprils ago when Grace was 6 and Beth was 4. We spent the day in the hot mid April sun...dashing to mainstreet for Mickey's parade, standing in line to meet Cinderella, watching the Lion King, going on Mr. Toad's wild Ride, the Dumbo Ride, Mad Hatter Tea Cups--you name it.

Mr. Hubby and I were purposely avoiding the Small World ride...hoping to avoid having THAT SONG stuck in our heads for 6 months to come...but it was hot, and there was no line, and the cool, slow ride beckoned us to wander in. So we got in the boat --that was only half full--and we went thru the ride. (with our fingers in our ears).

When we walked out, Beth (4 years old) said to Grace (6 years old) "it was okay, but I didn't see any American children."

I was amazed. I couldn't remember any American children either. So much to Mr. Hubby's objections, we got back in line and got into another half full boat. And we looked. Russian children...Chinese children...Peruvian children...Bolivian children...Canadian children...Japanese children...British children...French children...

As we exited the ride, Beth said, "I still didn't see any American Children."

And Grace replied,  "The American Children were in the boats."

We are all seeking community I guess. Sometimes it's under our nose.


Monday Mar 10, 2008

38 minutes

I have always wondered what I would do if I was stuck on an elevator. Would I be one of those cool types that gently reaches for the call button? Would I be the type to make small talk with the others on the car with me? And do people make eye contact when the elevator is stuck or do we stand politely, staring up at the illuminating numbers above the doors?  All these questions were just random acts of imagination for me...until 11:23 pm last night.

I'm staying at a hotel with an open foyer...with glass elevators. So when my car got stuck (between 4th and 5th floor) I was like a go-go dancer, suspended above a busy foyer of people having a reception for SXSW.

And ya know, I was wishing 2 things right then:  0--that the elevator's phone was working (it was not...) and 1--that I had dressed a little more stylishly...because I was stuck and this was really embarrassing.

So, no phone, and my cellphone doesn't have a signal in this elevator. The plot is thickening. And I'm not generally one for thick plots when I'm in the middle of them. Call me a coward.

Funny how the mind starts to work thru the options when you're stuck in an elevator. Hmm.  Look up. No trap door, and you have to be much taller (and crazier) than I am. Look over...yes, the 3 other cars in the bank of elevators are working. Okay.

So I did what I believe any thoughtful, right minded, cool person would do when stuck in a glass elevator...I started waving at people in the glass elevator next to me as it went by.  I wasn't jumping up and down. I wasn't panicing...I wasn't calling out or screaming.  Just waving at folks as the other car went by...

But alas, they were looking politely up at the numbers illuminating above the doors on their car...and didn't notice my friendly gesture...

Now what. So I looked down on the sea of heads in the reception below me. They were chatting animatedly...I began to hope for a boring that would cause someone to look away, and hopefully up at me. But alas, They were all incredibly interested in eachother.

I continued to scan the crowd. Everybody is chatting. Nobody is bored.

Someone finally noticed me...a group pointed up at me. I waved. They waved back. (folks are SO FRIENDLY in AUSTIN!!)

And I kept waving, and they kept waving ... But we didn't seem to be exchanging the true nature of the they are talking about here at SXSW. And so it was time for Charades.

I'm not great at charades. Once at a party I pulled out "Nostradamos" as my clue. I failed miserably. Mostly because the people on my team were blindly drunk. And so were the people below me, otherwise they would have figured out I was stuck 10 minutes ago.

3 words--I signaled.

They nodded and started laughing.
1st word...tugged on my ear (sounds like) and hit my fist into my hand...(Hit...GET!)

GET!  Yes!  touch of the nose.

2nd word...Pointed at myself...and I'm not sure if they got that as Me, but I took it on faith because they nodded and were becoming really animated.


3rd word...and I gave an emphatic signal that an MLB umpire would give when the game winning run is tagged out at Home in the bottom of the 9th...  The Big THUMB over the Shoulder Move with a mean look on my face.

and they yelled!  OUT!

and I clapped! and they clapped and thankfully, they didn't return to their conversation...they got the maintenance guys.

So now I know what I would do when I'm stuck in a glass elevator.

What would you do?





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