Saturday Oct 28, 2006

Some People Like to Watch...

...and some people like to talk. (dirty)   Some people like to Do It (insert your favorite link here...) and some people like to laugh at it. Some people party. Some people create.

I Lurk.

I click thru your delicious tags. I check out what you are "Digging." I eavesdrop on your conversations--sifting thru blog comments and tittering. (Did she mean what I think she typed or...)

This is the world of social software, where myspace and second life give you the chance to be anything you want to be. But there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good old-fashioned Email Alias for a spontaneous online "cocktail party". Take last Friday night for instance. An email alias had scores of comments and non-sequitors flying-- Topic: "appropriate language". I giggled as one of my friends stirred the pot  posing as Rush Limbaugh representing the "forgiven Moral Majority." (c'mon! pull the pin and lob another one in there!) We had the left, the right, the kinky, the straight...and a quiz so you could find out if you didn't know for sure.  There was the quote from Ghandi, Mark Twain, and in the end, the hug when it was all over.


Thursday Mar 30, 2006

Finally, a FUN viral program...

So check out this IM I got from Simon this am:

"Uh oh"

So, I clicked of course...and found quite the list of search results...
Don't worry David and Dan--we'll always have Orlando!


Thursday Feb 09, 2006

Marketing Expiration Dates...

It had to happen eventually. When enough people get behind a good idea, something as simple as good orderly process becomes a "movement". A trend becomes a Tipping Point.  A gathering becomes a Mob. An email forum becomes "Cluetrain".  I fear that great idea is on the verge of crossing a chasm --not onto mainstreet, but into mediocrity. Where people will duck and bob to cover their agendas. To hide behind the once fresh and great idea of talking, listening, and joining together to do something cool. 

There's probably a marketing version of Moore's Law, but it's not so much about bandwidth doubling--it's about the integrity date on a marketing principle. Wonder what the lifecycle of a marketing idea/trend would be. That date before it expires, only to be exploited.


Friday Sep 16, 2005

Finally! Get your 1st 5,000 Tshirt!

Calling all OpenSolaris community! If you missed the first 5,000 t-shirt over to Mary-Mary! She's featuring one in her Friday Free Stuff Kit!

Tuesday Aug 30, 2005

More on that Later...Open $ource Calls...

OpenSolaris Logo

Open $ource Calls...
Well, here's some more peanuts to put in your Coke....

SugarCRM--Its the old--"open source part of the code base, pay for differentiation"--approach

Bait? Switch? Strategy? Oversight?  You Decide

And then, there's money to be made in the Open Source hills after all--
Debian and Mozilla (the community darlings that they are...) are role models,
and excellent examples...

It comes back to the cartoon. What are you doing open source FOR? 
To scratch your developer's itch? Or to develop some scratch?

And finally, there's folks out there, doing the right thing, just trying to keep the lights on...barely.
We love Blastwave

Thursday Aug 25, 2005

Open Source M-M-M-Marketing??

Open Source Marketing--NOT!!

OpenSolaris Logo

Open Source Marketing. Sure. We've seen the cartoon--

But it Marketing?  Kathy Sierra and I discussed this at length this weekend at FOO Camp--  Building communities and creating Passionate Users is not about marketing to them. After all, marketing takes certain steps to create a need, and solve it in a consumer's mind. That isn't what happens in Open Source. First of all, it's not a product, and more importantly, it's not for the con$umer.

Let's review: Traditional Marketing is about identifying segments, mapping benefits and features to a certain segment and pricing, promoting and packaging the item so as many segments as possible can purchase the product. Proctor and Gamble. Daimler Chrysler. Harley Davidson. Apple. DELL.  That's marketing.  Create a need. Imply the product is the answer, nudge the consumer, Make the $ale.

Open Source isn't a consumer product.  So building a community is absolutely not about marketing. And, as tired as it will sound to the 43 readers who notice this's not completely about "The Conversation"...although there is alot of talking going on...

Let's consider: Open Source community building is not based on promotion. Open Source community building is based on attraction.

So, it's not Traditional Marketing, it's Modern Attraction.

Did we see the soon-to-be-famous InfoWorld article? Did refugees from the prisons of "traditional marketing" cringe?  I do hope so. Because I am a complete cynic--I actually considered this might have been a play to radically increase the readership and click through on infoworld's site...we all know controversy, drama (and sex) sells! I envision hundreds of thousands of users staring blankly at the screen, head tilted 22.5 degrees left,  ...trying to grok...Open Source M-M-M-M Marketing??

Ben Rockwood, friend of and really cool guy said just this morning that "...It's clear they don't understand that its more than a development model, its a philosophy and it applies directly-- to even marketing.  Seeing so many companies now fire the engineers and hire marketing staff and then slapping "Open Source!" on their front door is disturbing."

You can say that again. We're into a modern era now...where  Marketing will be replaced by Attraction.

So--Where are all the open source marketers? 





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