Friday Dec 15, 2006

I worked HARD for that F

[Scene opens with LKR shuffling thru Grace's Sophomore English term paper, looking for marks, comparing to the rubric...pacing]

LKR: "Is that grade a 45?" 

Grace: "yes"


Grace: "Yes."

LKR: "out of how many..."

Grace: "100 Mom. 100. "

LKR: "oh"

[Grace, with head in her hands, shocked, confused]

LKR: "The paper is exactly the required length (8 pages, double spaced, no more no less...) with works cited page, and citations. The thesis has the word "Great!" next to it in the teacher's writing...Great thesis...gets a (gulp) 45?"

Grace: "Content grade was 89. Final grade was 45...because of that MLA thing."

LKR: "Oh. That seems a little harsh...I mean, you got a grade that you would have gotten if you'd only turned in the first page."

Grace: "Yeah, I worked hard for that F."

That was in October. Yesterday Grace brought home another paper from the teacher. It was on the evil nature of Medea. MLA format was followed precisely. And we celebrated a 92.


Wednesday Nov 29, 2006

Poor Lei-lani, Pretty HULA Dancer

When Patrick forwarded the news that the Hula Project is in jeopardy, I felt sad, and alittle outraged. It only took a couple of weeks since the now famous Auction for Novell's soul for them to halt development on what could have been a competitive alternative to M$ exchange. There are shoes falling all over the place.

And Hey, I'm entitled to a little outrage here. As a former Novell employee, I still have the vivid memories of the packed Javits center for NetWorld (before the disasterous merger with Interop...) and the fond memories of Ray Noorda's "Really Red" Rallies that he would hold once a month. This was in the (er...) mid '80s (I was a child marketing prodigy) long before webcasts, or global telecons with hundreds of lines...

Ray would start in Provo--he'd hold a rally at 8:30 AM there, jump on the company jet (not his personal jet, but a shuttle he bought to run between sites in Provo, Austin and San Jose daily) and do one in Austin at 12:00, and then end in San Jose at 4:00.  It must have been a long day, but he did it all the time.

And at nearly every rally, he'd remind the employees that Microsoft was \*The Competition\*. That we cooperated with other industry leaders (like 3com and Banyan and IBM) but he did not take calls from Microsoft. 

Things change. (I'm still a child marketing prodigy...) But if your company has solid leadership and integrity, your company's founding principles should not change.  Like take this one...near and dear to our hearts: 

The Network is the Computer

It's a tagline. But really, it's a founding principle.  And even under the greatest pressure of focus groups, brand recognition studies, hip consultants and the technology Fad of the year (read: The dot in dot com) Sun's leadership has stuck. We're on terra firma. Done. It ain't changing. Move on. The Network is the Computer.

So, where is Novell's founding principle? Where's their rudder?
Or better yet...a paddle? 


Tuesday Nov 21, 2006


I'm not the only person slowing down to check out the wreck by the side of the road...the Microsoft / Novell announcement ...and what we're seeing now is Novell back pedaling, clarifying, posting open letters, blogging, restating, and doing alot of "What I meant to say was..."

That is really too bad. Because it's bad communication (say it right the first time) and it's bad community juju (say it to your friends first).

It is, however, a really cool URL if you're a guerilla marketeer looking for a shocking mashup URL:

So, call it rubber necking, but I can't help but wonder...didn't they use their turning signal?  (tell your friends what you're doing BEFORE you do it...) Clearly not, based on "Steve the B's" opening remarks on the press conference webcast, indicating that they were sorry they were starting late, there were very complex issues that really had to be worked out and frankly they just finished a few minutes ago.


Sounds like they were more invested in having the dramatic effect of a surprise press conference with Microsoft/Novell logos on the sign than they were in getting on the phone with folks who could help with this so-called "customer dilemma" they think they have solved...

What customer? The Windows customer? The .Net customer? What dilemma? Lock in? Proprietary OSs being replaced by GNU/Linux solutions?  What patents? Microsoft's GNU/Linux? Who's Dilemma? Microsoft's? Novell's?

And did Microsoft approach the right "partner" for the deal? If the problem they think they have (which they DO have by the way) is that they cannot compete, integrate, interoperate or basically, PLAY in the Free and Open Source software arena, why not call the FSF?  Shouldn't that have been their move? 

The problem is with Windows.  It's not Free and Open Source. It's Microsoft's problem.

And after reading Novell's CMO's blog ...I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND...Why is he making this HIS company's problem? Now Microsoft and Novell will collaborate on interoperability between their offerings --and I still can't find details of whether we're talking Windows to SuSE Linux, or what license these technologies will be released under.  Or how they will be created.

When I first heard about this announcement I immediately thought:  HolyHackers! Microsoft and Novell are launching an open source community and there will be projects to create technology interoperability between SuSE and Windows, and all the mono community and gnome community will come together and...Yikes! This is amazing! Miguel and Nat are in there! Woo!  (er...wrong.)


Thursday Nov 16, 2006

You Are \*Here\*

building 32
Building 32 on the MIT Campus is an intriguing building. It sits on the site of the famous old "building 20" and there's plywood from the old structure at the end of one of the long halls. It's a structure that seems to be a double-helix of curving hallways...Staircases that lead to isolated mezzanines. Elevators that take you to floors higher. Doors that open into expansive work areas that look like a nursery school for the most brilliant minds.

The camera crew dropped in on a Monday afternoon to interview Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, and the author of the GNU Public License.  Java, GPL, and Richard Stallman.

Now \*there\* are 4 words that in the past didn't go well together. Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation were always that voice on our shoulder, saying that Java should be Free.

Today it is. Free as in Freedom.

Free software developers can now look at Java.

Sun has open sourced their implementations of Java technology.   - Java  Standard Edition (traditionally run on desktops), Java Micro Edition  (traditionally run on phones and embedded devices) and Java  Enterprise Edition (traditionally run in business infrastructure) -  using the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License  (GPLv2), the license at the center of the GNU/Linux community - We have reached out to include a community of developers that historically could not participate in our innovation.

Which brings me to why we were lost in Building 32 last Monday. To record Richard Stallman's reaction and commentary on the plan. Would he support us? Would he applaud the effort?

We wandered the building and found his office-- a complex world, full of books, magazines, equipment, a fabulously diverse music collection that he runs on a system powered by a refurbished Onkyo receiver.  Richard sat for our interview and was enthusiastic. And talkative!

As part of the interview, we asked, What is Free Software?

"Free software means software that respects the user's freedom. There are four essential freedoms that a user of software should always have.
--Freedom 0 is the freedom to run the program as you wish
--Freedom 1 is the freedom to study the source code and change it so the program does what you wish when you run it.
--Freedom 2 is the freedom to distribute copies to other up to and including republication when you wish.
--Freedom 3 is the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions up to and including publication when you wish.

With these four freedoms, the users live in freedom and in particular they're free to cooperate with each other. Free to form communities in which people help each other. And free software develops democratically under the control of its users. So free software is the software that goes with freedom and democracy."

As the video team started to carry out the equipment, the building didn't seem quite as confusing.  I hope we visit there often.


Saturday Oct 28, 2006

Some People Like to Watch...

...and some people like to talk. (dirty)   Some people like to Do It (insert your favorite link here...) and some people like to laugh at it. Some people party. Some people create.

I Lurk.

I click thru your delicious tags. I check out what you are "Digging." I eavesdrop on your conversations--sifting thru blog comments and tittering. (Did she mean what I think she typed or...)

This is the world of social software, where myspace and second life give you the chance to be anything you want to be. But there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good old-fashioned Email Alias for a spontaneous online "cocktail party". Take last Friday night for instance. An email alias had scores of comments and non-sequitors flying-- Topic: "appropriate language". I giggled as one of my friends stirred the pot  posing as Rush Limbaugh representing the "forgiven Moral Majority." (c'mon! pull the pin and lob another one in there!) We had the left, the right, the kinky, the straight...and a quiz so you could find out if you didn't know for sure.  There was the quote from Ghandi, Mark Twain, and in the end, the hug when it was all over.


Thursday Sep 21, 2006


Now, This is cool! The Chumby.

The name is awesome...and it's a really cool nexus of people in the community--software engineers, hardware designers, online artists...and even crafters! . 
The community is very chatty, and it's great reading.
I heard these were given away to all the attendees at FOO camp this year... Hey Simon! Can I have yours for a few weeks to play with?


Google Checking out OpenSolaris??

This is great news. Google has many Sun "alumni" throughout it's ranks...why not have the best technology too?
And what an awesome quote!! "There's been a major upsurge in interest in Solaris. So many people are asking, 'Should I install it?'" Oh, yeah. It's Working. (smirk gloat and doing the happy dance) Technorati Tag:
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Thursday Sep 14, 2006

It's Nuke La-Loosh--On the mound...

Tom Yager is one of my favorite Tech reporters. He's been around since the days of floppy disks...and he is no pushover.

So when I see a headline like this:
    Sun is winning in the server market

followed with a lead that nails Sun's Unix Server market share at 56.7 percent...(Gartner) it makes me stop and say--

    That was GREAT...WHAD WE DO !!!#??#!

"It is a matter of patience, vision, and the nerve to stick with that vision even when nobody else seems to see it Sun’s way."

"Sun took the bold step of open sourcing its crown jewel, Solaris, to take the “proprietary” millstone from around its neck. Now Solaris is the only one of the Big Three Unixes that is open source."

"What really puts Intel in the doghouse is Sun’s decision to open the design of UltraSparc T1 for public use. It is the silicon equivalent of open source, and it’s no lip service. Inexpensive and readily available programmable logic puts anyone a few hundred dollars away from being able to mint their own 64-bit Sparc CPUs."

Ah, yeah, it's working.


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Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Now we're having FUN

Sun is growing again: According to IDC, in CYQ2, Sun server revenues increased 15% year over year while IBM, HP and Dell declined. So, innovation DOES pay off...

Hey--neat little offering announced today at Sun's NC event in NYC...Solaris Sun Fire UltraSPARC IIIi workstation - Ultra 25: Comes bundled with key software pre-installed (Solaris 10 OS, Sun Studio, Sun Java Studio Creator, and Sun Java Studio Enterprise), and at $2895, it's the lowest priced UltraSparc IIIi workstation ever -- an excellent  (Open)Solaris developer seat.

That's really cool!


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Monday Sep 11, 2006

Phil was a tall guy

That's what I remember about him. He was very VERY tall. Not lanky, or uncoordinated. But Tall.  He always had a look on his face like he was hatching another idea, and he was thoroughly entertained.  

I was talking with Beth, my 13-year-old, about today's anniversary. What has changed for her? Will 9/11 define her generation?  "I hope not, Momma. I want to be defined by something happier."  

Or maybe something better? Like walking on mars. Or inventing another kind of Candy. Or a new vehicle--maybe one like the Jetson's had?  Yes.

Phil--are you working on it?


Friday Sep 08, 2006

Your Turn

Frog Legs--That's what they are. Skinny, half eaten, bent in stranger ways than regular frog legs. (ugh, gawd, blech)
Rick and I are standing over them, in our entry way...The dogs are not interested anymore...I mean, if one spit them out, the other probably thinks it's not worth finishing them off. Dog's have standards after all.

Sorry, no pictures, because I'm too lazy to
[1]--toss Grace's room for the digital camera,
[2]--replace the batteries that are do doubt dull from being left turned on for 3 weeks and
[3]--take a picture, save it, upload it and link it.

User your imagination instead.


Tuesday Sep 05, 2006

This summer's Lesson? Don't Panic...

Push the red button? No, that's in elevators. Press \*6?  No, that's if something goes wrong on a conference call...Call Mom? Hmm. no cell phone here, as I swirl around in a "washer machine" current between 3 rocks on the upper Ocoee River... I'm about 15 seconds into my lung's air supply. And the lack of oxygen was starting to shall we say, FOCUS my mind...There was a safety "chat" they gave us before we got into the "funyaks". Let's see. What did they say again...

What EVER you do, don't let go of the oar. (Too late)
And keep your knees up to your chest.
(Figured that one out when I felt my ankle smack the rocks...)
Keep mouth closed. (Check..but hard to do when you're screaming "Holy-OhMyGod-Picnic-Basket-FrogMonger-Mother-Gyneth!")
The guide will throw you a rope. (And I'm supposed to notice that in all this commotion...a rope, sure...)

So, now I'm about 35 seconds into my air supply. And I can't help but start to laugh. Because what I was expecting was a relaxing float down the river...I was envisioning a nap, wearing a funny hat, and the smell of coppertone...

But no, Not when Rick says--Hey, let's go for a Float!  That's not what he has in mind. What he has in mind requires SAFETY GEAR.

I should have known. This river has names for the rocks and turns.  
I didn't find this map anywhere before our excursion by the way....

45 seconds in... feel something, like a tap by my's the rope. The river guide, who looks amazingly like Vin Diesel by the way, flung the rope and hit me right in the shoulder...and he pulled me out and up on the rock.  He looked a little worried. (Oh Man, the forty-something broad got we'll have to float her down like a princess the rest of the way...) ...Should have seen the look of relief on his face--Because I was Laughing.

And Yes, I did it on every Class 3 rapid I hit. Got to be kinda funny...because Rick, Grace and Beth would first see my oar, and then my Funyak floating down stream...and they'd know, "Mom's in the washer machine again!"

Yes, Don't Panic. Just keep your knees to your chest, keep your mouth shut, and feel for the rope.


Wednesday Jun 14, 2006

OpenSolaris--One Year Later...

Today is the first anniversary of OpenSolaris!

We're celebrating with old friends that have been here since we were just a pilot called "tonic", and new friends that are joining every day.

There are 14,000 of us celebrating the accomplishments, and the challenges.

Check out the blogs, the distros, the art, the metrics, and the code.
The community is Exchanging Gifts too! Have you seen the new distro of NexentaOS?
Get over to and check it out!


Tuesday Jun 13, 2006

For it's a jolly community....

The OpenSolaris 1st anniversary celebration is starting!!!

See the cool article on ZD Net about OpenSolaris--

and stay tuned for more fun on, and Blogs...
and Community Awards...


Friday Jun 09, 2006


Robert Scoble is in the Lobby of Building 10!!!

He just met with JIS and says "What an enjoyable guy!"

See the pictures--read the Scobleizer!





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