Monday May 10, 2010

Sun UK Guillemont Park Shuttle Bus Timetable

So I've just had a couple of teeth extracted and I'm trying to work out when the next bus into work is, only to find that the old Sun UK web page with the Guillemont Park shuttle bus timetable is no longer accessible :-(

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, however, we can still see an old version of the timetable, which is still accurate for at least Route B, and (I think) possibly Route A too. Here's the link, for those of you wondering how to get to Guillemont Park these days:

Please note, this is a very old cache of the page, so don't rely on it if you have an important meeting or whatever. If you do, the best thing to do is phone ahead and check the times with the folks at GMP.

Just as an aside, if I remember right, the Wayback Machine is hosted these days in a Blackbox at Menlo Park - I knew there was a reason we were hosting it :-D

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Getting to Guillemont Park by train

I was asked today for some info on how to get to Sun's Guillemont Park location by train from Glasgow. This is a journey I've made many times, so I actually know pretty well off the top of my head how to negotiate the national rail network to the area around GMP. With that in mind, here's the info I put together - hopefully it'll be useful to other people at some point.

Here are the rail instructions. Obviously, if you're coming from somewhere other than Glasgow, you'll have a different starting station, but if it's anywhere north of Birmingham the below should still apply.

When you're wanting to check times or book tickets, go to somewhere like and search for "from: Glasgow (all stations)" to either "Farnborough (all stations)" or "Camberley". Between those end stations, you'll get all of the three train lines coming into the area around Guillemont Park.

Usually, it'll be a direct line from Glasgow to London Euston (if it's the West Coast main line, usually Virgin) or King's Cross / St. Pancras (if it's the East Coast main line, usually National Express). The east coast route takes longer as it goes via Edinburgh, but National Express have free wifi on their trains whereas Virgin don't.

From either London station, it'll then be a tube transfer to Waterloo. From Euston it's about half a dozen stations on the Northern line, no changes needed. I think you might need one change coming from King's cross, can't remember off the top of my head which lines.

From Waterloo, you'll get a South West Trains service to whichever end station you chose. If it's Farnborough Main, it'll most likely be a direct service. Camberley will most likely need a change at either Ascot or Ash Vale. Farnborough North will involve a change at Reading or Woking, I think - not sure, I've only been on this line once.

There are some other routes to these stations other than London - I've been through Reading and Birmingham before, rather than the big London terminals. I'd go via London for preference, but you might find the website gives you other options.

Once you get to your chosen end station, though, you need to get to Guillemont Park itself. Unfortunately, GMP is roughly equidistant from all the surrounding train stations, meaning you'll need to walk a few miles to get there on foot from the station.

Handily, however, Sun and Nokia run a shuttle bus service between their campuses and most of the surrounding rail stations (with Fleet the notable exception - take note if you're moving down there and don't have transport for getting to GMP!). Here's a Google Map I threw together which shows GMP's location relative to the shuttle bus routes:

The map above can be found here, while the shuttle bus timetables can be found here.

I hope this is of use to someone at some point. Feel free to leave a comment if you want any more info!


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