What happened to Search Within?

Something that a few folks have noticed in 11g is that the Search Within is no longer available in the Query Actions in search results. In 10g and earlier, you could perform a search and from those results, go to a search form that would take the previous search criteria and append it to your new query. That way you can continue to refine and narrow your search results.

In 11g, the process for refining results has changed a bit. Instead of going to a new search page that would append the previous query parameters, there is a link that takes you back to the search form where your existing search parameters are filled in and you can add more to refine your search. So it gives you a little more flexibility in not just refining your search, but you can tweak your existing search parameters at the same time if needed.

In a previous blog entry, I talked about getting the Query Syntax back from a search result using the Search Within method. Unfortunately, because that's been removed in 11g, that shortcut no longer works. But one way to get that instead is to append '&IsJava=1' to the end of the URL and grabbing the value of 'QueryText'. This will have that same search syntax. NOTE: Appending to the URL works if you are using the 'Top Menus' layout. It won't necessarily work in the 'Trays' layout because that one uses Frames and your browser address may not necessarily be changing as you navigate. In that case, right click in that frame window and choose to get that frame window info. The choice for this varies between browsers, but you should get back the referring URL. You can copy that URL, paste it in a new tab/window and append the '&IsJava=1' that way.


I gotta say... removing "search within" is just about one of the dumbest ideas ever... Whoever made the decision to remove it should experience deep public shame.

Posted by bex on June 22, 2010 at 03:48 AM CDT #

Hi, Kyle: Our field names show up in their database name format which is not user friendly. Is there any way to relabel the fields that show up in the "Filter By Category" area.

Posted by Donna on August 24, 2010 at 07:00 AM CDT #

Hello Donna, So this is not related to the post on Search Within but rather the Filter By Category functionality you get with Oracle Text Search? Yes, it appears it wants to use the internal name instead of the caption for the display. I don't think it's possible to relabel those without a component. You would need to override the resource that's being used to display the caption instead. Thanks, Kyle

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on August 26, 2010 at 05:14 AM CDT #

Hey Kyle, I'm trying to replicate this feature in 10g. I can send the user back to the query form and repopulate their data but I don't know how to change the search operator for each field back to their originally chosen values. Any idea how? (Or does 11g have a new service to do it?) Also got to agree with bex, dropping the "search within" option is a step backwards.

Posted by mikey on February 01, 2011 at 03:07 PM CST #

Hello Mikey, In 11g, I see a new idoc function in the query head resource that checks if there is an existing QueryText value. It then calls '<$exec constructQueryFieldValues()$>' which I suspect does the processing necessary to set the initial values including the search operator. That appears to generate the value of QueryFieldValues which is then processed in 'setInitialValues()' javascript function which does the actual population of the search form with the values. That same javascript function appears in 10g, so maybe you could look to how that is defaulting the operators to do the same thing. Thanks, Kyle

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on February 07, 2011 at 08:19 AM CST #

Most of my customere wants to use "search within", so recent some of UCM 11g customer need to customize it.

Posted by Akira on March 07, 2011 at 07:06 PM CST #

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