How to set up a Public Document Library in WebCenter Spaces

WebCenter Spaces 11g (as part of WebCenter Suite )recently launched and one of the great features is that it uses Content Server as the underlying document repository (same as UCM). It has all of the integration built-in so that it exposes documents right from within the WebCenter Spaces interface.

A "Space" is basically a workspace that multiple users can use to collaborate together on something. It offers a dashboard, calendar, wiki, blog, announcements, and other useful features. One of the default features you get with a Space is a Document Library. It's basically a folder structure for storing documents and other content items for your space. Under-the-hood, it's actually a set of Contribution Folders in an instance of Content Server.

As for security, what happens is when you create a Space and add members, a unique Account in Content Server is created for that Space. Then each member in the Space gets that Account assigned to them. I haven't looked in-depth as to how that's done, but that appears to be what's happening. So from a visibility and sharing perspective, the documents you add to your Space are available to just the members of the space (both inside of WebCenter Spaces and Content Server).

But one of the cool things you can do is set up a 'Public Document List' that is a more global/public area for documents. It can work just like a space document list, but not impose specific Accounts for security. Then once you have that, you can take it one step further and have users "promote" their content from their Space to the global/public folders simply by dragging the content and folders from one list to the other. So think of a Space as your private working area for content that your small team collaborates on. When it's ready for the masses, you simply drag it to another list on the page and it's now immediately available for everyone to find & see.

So on to the instructions...

1. First you want to create/edit the page you want to put the document library on:


2. Then you want to Add Content and go under the 'Documents' folder in Composer. From there, you want to select the 'Documents - Manage all documents' choice.


3. Next you want to click on the Edit icon for the Documents portlet.


4. For the Start Folder Path, enter "/Contribution Folders/". This is the root level of the folder structure for general content in UCM. These folders and this content is not associated with any particular group Space, so the security is not tied to them. But you can interact with these folders and document in Spaces just like the workspace ones.


If you want to start a folder deeper within /Contribution Folders/, you can simply add that extra path for the Start Folder Path.

5. Click OK and then close out of edit mode and save the page.


6. Finished.


You now have a Document Library for documents you want to make available to all users.

If you have the Document Library for the particular Space on the same page, you can then drag content from that list to the Public list to "promote" it for more global access. In order for that to work, you must have the Folder configuration variable of CollectionForceFolderSecurityEnabled set to true and have the folders that are being copied to have the metadata field xForceFolderSecurity set to True. That way, content being moved in will inherit the security of that folder and will lose the specific Account of the WebCenter Space.

Due to a minor bug in the current version of Folders, if your folder has a blank/empty value for Account, it will not inherit and remove the existing Account. So what you want to do is have an Account that all users have access to (or the ones specific you want) and have that applied to the folder. The issue has been fixed by development and should be available in future releases of the Folders_g component.


Kyle, doesn't the last steps you described assume that you have access to the UCM interface. This can't be done from the Spaces GUI - right? -Jens

Posted by Jens Lusebrink on September 09, 2009 at 11:08 PM CDT #

Jens, are you referring to the setting of the metadata on the folder to inherit the security settings? Yes, you would do that in the UCM interface. But once you have it set, any new folders created under it, even in WebCenter Spaces, should inherit that setting.

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on September 14, 2009 at 07:05 AM CDT #

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