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When Site Studio got the feature of friendly URLs for websites, a nice "side-effect" component that came out of it was the WebUrlMapPlugin component. Since UCM 10gR3, it's been included as one of the standard components that gets installed when you install UCM, so I'm not sure if many folks are even aware it's there and what it does.

It's purpose is to map the long and complex looking URLs down to nice friendly short ones. By default, two mappings are already set up for you. One for Dynamic Conversion and one for the Content Information page. So for instance, instead of using the URL of:


it would look like:


In order to use it, a few changes may need to be made to the web server configuration. For IIS, no changes are needed. But for Apache or iPlanet, you'll need to register the prefixes to use the IdcSecurity. For instance on Apache, you configuration to get the example above to work would look something like:

<Location /dc>
IdcSecurity idc

(The 'idc' is whatever value you've defined for IdcUserDB)

This is very similar to the setup you do for Site Studio sites. And if you have this server dedicated to UCM, you can take the shortcut and have IdcSecurity watch everything. Then there is no need to update the web server with each new shortcut.

<Location />
IdcSecurity idc

Once you have that configured, you can begin adding your mappings. As an administrator, go to Administration -> Filter Administration. At the bottom of the page, click the 'Edit the WebUrlMap' link.

The text box had directions on how to set up the mappings, so I won't go into detail here. But basically, you have a couple of variables to work with. <!--$cgipath--> and <!--suffix-->. The cgipath is your instance's particular path and whatever gets added after the shortcut value becomes the suffix.

Here are some additional example mappings I've found handy.

Prefix Map Purpose
n/ <!--$cgipath-->?IdcService=GET_FILE&dDocName=<!--$suffix-->&allowInterrupt=1&RevisionSelectionMethod=Latest Native File
w/ <!--$cgipath-->?IdcService=GET_FILE&dDocName=<!--$suffix-->&allowInterrupt=1&RevisionSelectionMethod=Latest&Rendition=web&noSaveAs=1 Web Viewable File
qs/ <!--$cgipath-->?IdcService=GET_SEARCH_RESULTS&SortField=dInDate&SortOrder=Desc&ResultCount=20&QueryText=%3Cqsch%3E<!--$suffix-->%3C%2Fqsch%3E&listTemplateId=&ftx=1&TargetedQuickSearchSelection=&SearchQueryFormat=Universal&MiniSearchText=test&go=Quick+Search Quick Search
wcm/ <!--$cgipath-->-->?IdcService=WCM_PLACEHOLDER&dataFileDocName=<!--$suffix-->&placeholderDefinitionDocName=PD_MAIN Display web content. In this case, a Placeholder Definition is defined (PD_MAIN) which can display any Region Definition
h/ ?IdcService=GET_DYNAMIC_PAGE&PageName=dochistory&docid=<!--$suffix--> Goes to a Document History Report page I have set up in the Library


Hi Kyle, any idea if the web url mapping feature should work fine with site studio web site addresses feature ? Our dev site url mapping (to create a simple url that takes you directly to a site studio page with a case number parameter filled in ) was fine until we added a site studio managed domain (i.e. added a generic name for the site in "manage web site addresses" , add host to dns). The site works as expected, but the URL mapping doesn't. The URL map uses the getpage / nodeid service as it does not seem possible to just rewrite the mapped url directly to site studio url ... I seemed to have to call a content server service

Posted by malcolm on July 21, 2010 at 09:48 PM CDT #

Hey Malcolm, Yes, the friendly URL feature of Site Studio makes use of the same mechanism as these URL mappings. But I'm not sure why the managed domain name would change the behavior to using the service based URLs. I've used the managed domain mapping configuration before without affecting the friendly URLs. You may want to contact technical support to have them look at your configuration to see what may be causing it. Thanks, Kyle

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on July 22, 2010 at 11:19 PM CDT #

Hi Kyle,

whenever i am check-in the image as a content in the content server ,i get the rendition information tab for the same,which is ok.But at the same time within rendition informations i get the native link along with the other links like(preview,thumbnail etc). I want to hide that how can i do that,or else is there any way to hide the "Rendition Information " tab itself. Need your help on this asap.

Posted by guest on August 28, 2012 at 04:50 AM CDT #

If you don't need renditions, you can simply disable the 'DigitalAssetManager' component. That will stop the conversion of images to additional formats and remove the Renditions tab. If you still want the extra renditions but not have a link/tab for them, then you will need to create a custom component to modify the UI. Documentation on creating components can be found here:


Posted by Kyle Hatlestad on August 28, 2012 at 09:17 AM CDT #

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