Doing check-ins without files in UCM

One question I often hear is if you can perform a check-in into UCM without having a file. Sometimes you just need a metadata records, a placeholder for a future file, or perhaps you want a 'URL' item that points to somewhere else.

There is a configuration flag you can enter which will allow users to check in without requiring a file. Either go to Administration -> Admin Server -> [instance] -> General Configuration and enter the configuration variable there or you can go directly to [ucm dir]/config/config.cfg and add it there.


This will allow for metadata only on the Primary File.


This will allow for metadata only on the Alternate file. Just as a side note, you can also disable the Alternate File field altogether.


Now you can just check the box and the Primary File field can be left blank. When the item is submitted, an HTML file is created for the item which contains an output of the metadata.

Since a common use case for this is to submit URL items, there is a couple ways of handling those. First, you want to create a metadata field for those URLs such as 'ExternalURL' as a Memo type field. Then to display the links on search results, you can modify the Classic results to display it for everyone. Go to Administration -> Admin Applets -> Web Layout Editor and in the menu, select Options -> Query Result Pages. For 'StandardResults' you can edit the 'Text2' field and add the code:

<$if #active.xExternalURL$>
  <span class=xsmall><span class=infoLabel>External URL</span>
  <a href="<$xExternalURL$>"><$dDocTitle$></a>

Users can add this same code for their own custom search results by using the Advanced Description Form.


In the case of Site Studio, you might want to display a Dynamic List of these external links as well as regular content results. This is an example of what that Dynamic List code might look like:

<!--$loop SearchResults-->
  <!--$if SearchResults.xExternalURL-->
   <li><a href="<!--$SearchResults.xExternalURL-->"><!--$SearchResults.dDocTitle--></a></li>
   <li><a href="<!--$SearchResults.ssUrl-->"><!--$SearchResults.dDocTitle--></a></li>


Hi Kyle,

I am new to UCM. My requirement is to batch upload the metadata only info in UCM (No Primary File upload). Your blog rightly points to eliminate check in of primary file. But, this does not help in batch upload functionality. Can you please guide how to batch upload metadatas (without primary file)?

Posted by guest on October 31, 2011 at 08:15 PM CDT #

Yes, you can use the Batch Loader to do this. Here are the instructions on creating a batch load file and running the Batch Loader. . In your case, you won't have a primaryFile value. Instead, you'll have this set:


that will allow you to batch the content record in without a file.


Posted by guest on November 01, 2011 at 06:18 AM CDT #


rather than NOT having a physical data file I actually need to assign an empty datafile rather than nothing.
When creating a new SiteStudio page and not using the dynamic list create item dialogue, just the plain checkin_new service, the primary field always expects a file to be uploaded. For pages initially empty, this is nothing we like the usier to worry about at this stage.
It would be nice to just say a primaryFile "default.xml" (as in the assign data file to region dialogue), but my attempty currently all fail:

Here my check-in rule that modifies a few vars
This Line i will activate later

I see the form shoning default.xml, but the checkin fails as internally it tries to validate the to-be uploaded file. In the include (std_doc) the addFieldToExternal var being 1 (internally set) inserts the command performCheckin() that causes the trouble.
There must eb a straight forward way......

many thanks for any hint

Posted by guest on January 02, 2012 at 01:48 AM CST #

Hi Kyle,

Concerning disabling the primary/alt file check there a way to only have this for certain check in screens. For example, we have 9 different programs, each with customized checkin screens but the we don't want them all to have the ability to check in without a file. Hope that makes sense...thank you.

Posted by SD on July 10, 2012 at 11:53 AM CDT #

Hello SD,

Yes, you can set these variables in the 'rule activation condition' section on the Side Effects tab for your Rule. It will then take effect on just the Profiles that use that Rule.


Posted by Kyle Hatlestad on July 10, 2012 at 12:52 PM CDT #

hi Kyle,

Good day!

I am trying to upload PDF files using UCM out of box WSDL's. When I tried to call CheckIn Universal operation using SoapUI tool from my local machine, I am getting status message that, 'Successfully checked in content item "100000122334".'. But when I logged into UCM, and downloaded native file, the file size is showing as '0' bytes and I am not able to open it. Could you please assist me in handling this issue?

Posted by guest on August 10, 2012 at 11:09 AM CDT #

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