Adding fields to Quick Search in UCM

In UCM, when you do a search using the Quick Search box it is performing a search against the Title, Content ID, and full text (if enabled) of the content.

But sometimes it's handy to be able to quickly search against other fields. One option is to set up targeted quick searches and have a key for the different fields. So a search on 'w Data File' could trigger a targeted quick search that would search the Website Object Type field.

But often a field is so integral to the system that most (or all) of the content items may have a value in that field. One field that I find myself often using for quick search is the file extension. I know the file type of what I'm looking for so I use that first. Then I use the Search Within to further drill down into my results.

To add additional fields such as file extension and other custom metadata fields is just a couple of configuration entries. You can either add them through Admin Server - General Configuration or modify the [ucm dir]/config/config.cfg file directly.

The two config entries you want to add are:


The configuration QuickSearchFields is the pipe delimited list of the fields to search against such as the file extension (dExtension). The QuickSearchOperators is a comma delimited list that defines the search operator to use for each of the fields. The order that they are in should correspond to the order of the fields in the other configuration entry.

Comments: A small, shameless plug for my post on the topic as well. Mine has less overall information but does include a list of the potential operators. -- I do like the idea of adding the file extension though. That would be handy indeed.

Posted by Jason Stortz on November 17, 2009 at 02:41 AM CST #

Oops, looks like I missed that one. I guess it just shows it's a handy config to know. :-)

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on November 17, 2009 at 03:32 AM CST #

Really useful stuff! I wonder whether there exists another config entry to set the default sort criterion for quick search. I would love to use Score instead of Release Date. Regards, Manuel Delgado

Posted by Manuel Delgado on November 28, 2009 at 03:13 AM CST #

Hey Manuel, in looking at the code there doesn't seem to be a way. It's designed to use the user's own preferences as the default. If you go to My Profile, you'll see where you can set your default sort field. But if it's not set, it's hard-coded to Release Date. Looks like you would need a component to force Score as a system-wide default.

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on November 30, 2009 at 12:19 AM CST #

Thanks for your answer, Kyle. I had that impression, and now you have reinforced it. What we plan to do is write a temporary component that will switch all users to "Score", and then use "Score" as the default value in our user-provisioning component (yes, we have such a component, as we do not have Active Directory in place and creating them manually was a nightmare). Regards, Manuel Delgado

Posted by Manuel Delgado on November 30, 2009 at 06:33 PM CST #

Kyle, we are wanting to make all of our normal fields search operator default to Substring. we just changed over from verity to oracle database.fulltext and the users are freaking because contains left the building. Is the command to have all fields default to substring something like the above DefaultSearchOperator=hasAsSubstring

Posted by Jason on February 16, 2010 at 07:35 AM CST #

Hey Jason, Yes, that's exactly what this configuration value does. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I'd also like to point out that Substring and Contains are two very different operators. With Substring, you can search on partial words and find them. It's basically like putting a wildcard before and after the term you entered. With Contains, you are searching for a particular word within that field. So if you search for 'app', it will find entries such as 'fusion app' or 'app install'. But it will not return an entry with the word 'apple'. A Substring search would. To provide Contains as an operator, there is a separate component called 'DBSearchContainsOpSupport' that ships with the 'CS10gR35UpdateBundle' patch. In addition to adding the component, you must identify the fields to support the Contains operator. View the component's readme for more information.

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on February 16, 2010 at 07:50 AM CST #

Hey Jason, Sorry, thought you were commenting on my latest post. This is the posting I was referring to:

Posted by kyle.hatlestad on February 16, 2010 at 07:53 AM CST #

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