Adding and removing WebCenter Content cluster nodes

If you follow the Enterprise Deployment Guide, Fusion Middleware High Availability guide, or the support technote on example steps for installing a multi node cluster of WebCenter Content 11g, they all cover establishing a multi node cluster using the WebLogic Server domain configuration wizard.  But if you find yourself needing to add or remove nodes after the cluster has been established, there isn't much documentation covering that.  So the following are some steps on how to do those tasks.

Adding additional nodes 

1.  Install WebLogic Server and the WebCenter Content binaries on the new nodes.

2.  Log into WebLogic Server Administration Console and stop all of the managed servers.

3.  In Domain Structure, go to <domain> -> Environment -> Servers.   Select one of the UCM_server nodes and click the Clone button.

4.  For the Server Name, enter UCM_server# with the next logical number in the node sequence.  Enter the Server Listen Address and a port of 16200.  Click OK.

5.  Now a new machine needs to be created for the new node.  Go go  <domain> -> Environment ->  Machines.  Click New.

6.  Enter the machine name and click Next.

7.  Enter the Listen Address of the new node and modify the Listen Port for Node Manager if needed.  Click Finish

8.  Go to the machine that was associated to the managed server that was used to clone from in step 3.  Because the new managed server was cloned from an existing one, it will initially be associated with that same machine.  Check the box for it and click Remove.

9.  Click on the Servers tab.  Check the box for the newly cloned managed server and  click Remove.  Click Yes to the confirmation.

10. Click on Machines in the Domain Structure again and click on the machine just create in step 7.

11.  Click on the Servers tab and click the Add button.  Select the newly cloned managed server and click Finished.

12. Repeat steps 3-11 for additional nodes.

13. Shut down the WLS Admin Server.

14. On the WLS Admin Server machine, change directory to one on the shared/remote file system's mount.  

15. Execute the pack command to bundle the domain configuration.  For example:

/u01/oracle /Middleware/Oracle_ECM1/common/bin/ -managed=true –domain= /u01/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/wcc_domain -template=ecm_template.jar -template_name="my ecm domain"

16. Go to the new node and execute the unpack command accessing the newly created template.  For example:

/u01/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_ECM1/common/bin/ -domain=/u01/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/wcc_domain -template=ecm_template.jar

17. Start your WLS Admin Server.

18. On the new node, and start the the managed server via command-line.  For example:

/u01/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/wcc_domain/bin/ UCM_server3 http://wcchost1:7001

19. You can now configure Node Manager on the new node to be able to start and stop it from the WLS Admin Server.

Removing Nodes

1.  Go to the WebLogic Server Administration Console.

2.  Stop the node(s) to remove. 

2.  In Domain Structure, go to <domain> -> Environment -> Servers.  Select the checkbox for the server node(s) to remove and click the Delete button.

3.  Go to <domain> -> Environment -> Machines.  Select the checkbox for the machine(s) to remove and click the Delete button.


Kyle, The first time you access WCC on the new node will you get the initial configuration page? I think so. Wouldn't this be just like accessing the second node in a cluster when you first set up the cluster.

Posted by Kevin Smith on August 15, 2012 at 09:12 AM CDT #

Hey Kevin,

The unpack of the domain for the additional nodes also includes the /ucm/cs/bin/intradoc.cfg file...which includes the directory configurations that were established on the original node's configuration page. So once you start up the additional node, because the mount points are the same as the other servers, there is no need for the server to go to that initial configuration page. So it gets skipped.

If you don't have the same mount points...then you'll get prompted because it can't find the shared files. But it's recommended that the mount points match for each server in the cluster.


Posted by guest on August 15, 2012 at 05:07 PM CDT #


Thank you for the excellent post. I was looking for information on how to add node to existing WCC cluster. One question, why is it necessary to stop all of the managed servers in the domain prior to adding the node? What issues would I encounter if this step is not performed?

Posted by guest on January 22, 2013 at 03:42 PM CST #

Yes, that I might be too conservative in suggesting you need to stop the managed servers to add additional nodes. I don't know of any specific requirement to do so. And in my testing, it seems that the process will work with the managed servers still running.


Posted by Kyle Hatlestad on January 22, 2013 at 04:14 PM CST #

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