Send In the Builds

Send in the builds
There ought to be builds
Why aren't they here?[1]

It's been a hectic couple months since the OpenSolaris launch. Some folks have been asking why isn't Sun producing the regular biweekly builds like we said we would, and I'd like to let everyone know what's happening. First, some background:

The Solaris group puts out a numbered build every two weeks. The ON gatekeepers take a snapshot of the ON gate every other Monday evening. This gives them a week to deal with any problems found in Pre-Integration Testing (PIT). They then deliver packages built from the snapshot into the WOS. The Release Engineering staff produces ISO images from the WOS packages. These images then show up in places like Solaris Express.

What I did for the OpenSolaris Pilot, and what I planned to do after the launch (until we get a source code management system installed), was to merge the biweekly ON snapshot into the workspace that I use to generate the OpenSolaris deliveries. During the Pilot this typically took a couple days per delivery, and most of that was waiting for builds to complete. So I figured I could get a bunch of other work done after the launch while still producing the OpenSolaris deliveries at regular intervals.

Silly me.

The short explanation is that I've been extremely busy, and producing the deliveries hasn't been at the very top of my priority list. Instead, I've been working with some of the other core OpenSolaris team to improve the automation of the delivery process and to make it so that others will be able to produce the deliveries. To make things worse, I just moved and bought a house, so I'm having to take vacation time a fair amount right now.

Since it's been a couple weeks since the last delivery, I'm going to back-burner that other work and start integrating the crypto code that Darren Moffat and Dan McDonald have worked to make available. In parallel, Steve Lau is going to start on the build 20 delivery.

So my best guess is that the next delivery will be somewhere around 17-20 August. I'm not sure how much of the crypto code the next delivery will contain. I plan to work that out with Steve next week.

Steve has also been working on automation for the delivery process. So I'm hoping that soon after the next delivery we'll be able to get on a more regular schedule.

During the Pilot I tried to send out regular status announcements (weekly, if I remember correctly). This kept everyone informed as to when the next delivery was likely to happen. And for the folks external to Sun, it provided a useful heartbeat, showing that the Sun folks were still there and still working on things. Cyril Plisko has suggested that I resume regular status updates. Given the erratic delivery schedule since the launch, I think he has a point. But I want to also consider venue and frequency. I'd like for opensolaris-code to stay as technical as possible. opensolaris-discuss is an alternative, but it has a lot of traffic, and I don't want to add to that unless the postings are really useful. So right now I'm thinking of setting up a biweekly schedule and then only sending out mail if it looks like we'll miss the advertised delivery date.

[1] With apologies to Stephen Sondheim.

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[Trackback] there has been some people asking in the OpenSolaris community about when the next builds will be available. cyril made a good point asking for some more status updates for build availability. previously, mike kupfer has been doing all the builds. o...

Posted by that's whacked on August 11, 2005 at 09:07 AM PDT #


Oh that's just awesome! When the post-EF/IPsec build becomes available, we'll be able to give a better tour of the IPsec source!

Posted by Dan McDonald on August 16, 2005 at 04:13 AM PDT #

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