Insurance? Is this a scam?

Insurance? Is this a scam?

Insurance is supposed to provide some kind of 'ease of mind' right? By paying for insurance you are supposed to feel 'covered' and 'safe', but lately it just seems to be a swamp full of traps and hungry gators.

So I pay for life insurance, but I don't get to see any of it unless I die. At some point, it's not worth having unless the people you leave behind will be broke when you go. Better pay that one.

I pay for car insurance but can't make any claims or they might cancel me, so I've made the deductable so high that it's turned into 'major accident' protection, minus $1,000. It doesn't seem to matter much that we don't have any accidents or tickets, we still pay too much. But what choice do I have, better pay that one.

House insurance is just like car insurance, you push the deductible up to $5,000 and treat it like 'major disaster' insurance. Well, except it doesn't cover earthquakes or most acts of nature, just fire, and as I understand it, not all fires either, only some accidental fires. And only certain types of water damage, floods will cost you extra. Do I pay less because I take care of my house, fixing things before they break and cause major damage? No. Better pay that one too.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance? Well I guess my laptop battery could explode and burn my hands off... Better pay for that one too.

Vision insurance? Just seems like a discount system if you ask me, it's not like I get a reward if my eyeballs roll off a cliff or anything. Oh well, pay that one too.

Dental insurance? Now this one seems like it makes sense to me, the basic preventative services are covered 100% most of the time, and it cuts back the cost of any major work quite a bit. So I'll happily pay that one. As to why my eyes and teeth coverage isn't part of the health plan I don't know. Will we have separate insurance for our feet someday?

Disability Insurance? Ah geez, I could be in a lab during an earthquake and end up smashed by hundreds of unsecured lab machines. Better pay.

Health Insurance? Huge complicated piles of dog poo, just my opinion. I don't mind paying some part of my health care, but it really makes me mad when the formulas are so complicated that you can't figure it out. Ever try and find out what a surgery or procedure will actually cost you? The provider doesn't want to promise what the insurance will cover, and the insurance people want to see the bill first. The provider always reminds you that "YOU" are responsible for your bill, the health insurance people drag their feet before they pay and finally tell you what the "out of pocket" expense is, and when they disagree, guess what, YOU get to pay!
If you look up a doctor, they say that it's no guarantee that it's correct, how can they tell you who the in-network doctors are then say 'maybe'? When you schedule a surgery, they won't promise to pay before hand, only after the surgery. "Trust us"? Yeah right.
The insurance company benefits whenever YOU finally give in and pay the bill yourself, and only the insurance company gets to decide what coverage really means. It's the old 'the confused will just pay' plan.
"Lifetime maximum out of pocket expenses"? What a joke! Have you seen all the special rules on when this doesn't apply?
And the RX coverage is getting pretty crazy too. I have a hard time finding medications that don't create major side effects, and when I do they end up being 'not the preferred' one, and I have to pay $60. So my choice is take the $10 one and feel like crap, or pay $60, what kind of choice is that? The Fed's RX plan is an example of an insane system, so complicated that they probably paid more for all the people to help explain it than what it saved. Nobody over 60 can understand this plan, the companies behind it are betting that 'the confused will just pay'.
Oh well, what choice do I have, better pay for the Health Insurance, but it sure doesn't make me feel 'safe' when I can't trust the insurance company.

Have you noticed that when things get complicated, somebody makes money on it, and YOU end up footing the bill?



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