Grenoble/Prague Trip Report

A Trip to Grenoble/Prague

(in 148 hours)

I was given the opportunity to travel to Grenoble France and Prague Czech Republic and visit with my European Sun co-workers. This is my extremely detailed trip report, told from my point of view, in my bizarre way, with my strange humor. It was a fun and eventful trip, and this is my way of remembering it.

First a pre-trip report. Tuesday Oct 17 I managed to conclude I had an ear infection. Yeah I know, little kids only get ear infections, and me a 53 year old adult, but what can I say, it's hell to get old :\^(. So the Tuesday before the trip I started on an 10day antibiotic dose, unfortunately I'm allergic to penicillin, which rules out many antibiotics, so I was put on one that gave me the minor side effects of nausea, lethargy, and mild depression, rather than the severe rash all over my body that I get from penicillin. I was told the benefits were more important, but sometimes I think the cure is worse than the disease. :\^( So for the early part of the trip, I was usually slightly nauseated, but never actually sick, made for a lovely plane trip. ;\^)

Time Accumulated Time Details
Sun 12:15pm PST (Livermore) 0h0m Left for SFO airport from Livermore, CA. The wife was gracious enough to drive me to and from the airport, and also keep me up-beat on the trip, even though she'd rather I didn't go, but knowing it was a great opportunity. Before the antibiotic I was really looking forward to the trip, and I suppose some of my feelings might have just been a bit of nerves about flying, but I also think I was unusually depressed or paranoid at the time. It's hard to explain. I'm more sympathetic to people experiencing serious side effects from meds now.
Sun 1:15pm PST (San Francisco) 1h0m Arrived at SFO airport.
Sun 2:15pm PST (San Francisco) 2h0m Juggled shoes, belt, laptop in a separate bin, 2 carry on bags, and my plastic baggy with my allowed tiny toothpaste and meds through security. If they ever ask me to bend over I'm so not flying anymore.
Sun 3:25pm PST (San Francisco) 3h10m Boarding flight, a packed 747, a plane so big you have to seriously wonder how it can fly. Heck it has an upstairs lounge, not that I'd ever be allowed up there, I'm in the steerage section.
Sun 4:15pm PST (San Francisco) 4h0m Takeoff! I managed to get a kind of bulkhead/emergency exit seat, which gives me a little more leg room. I think the ticket agent felt sorry for me. The normal economy seats seem to be made for midgets. I assume there is a scientist somewhere that has determined just how cramped a human can be before he goes insane, then submitted those numbers to the Airline industry, plus 1/10 of an inch.
Sun 8:15pm PST (over Greenland) 8h0m Plane was roughly over Greenland. The young man next to me (call him YMN2M) has had 2 glasses of apple juice and has yet to go to the toilet, amazing. The Steward came by and tossed up small packages of some kind of nut/pretzel mix, reminded me of feeding time at Sea World.
Sun 10:15pm PST (over the Atlantic/) 10h0m My butt is sore from sitting and YMN2M has had more apple juice and still no toilet, I'm impressed. The food is horrible, but they did provide lots of mini loaves of bread. I remember an old movie about the French Revolution, didn't it have something to do with not having enough bread? Well, they obviously don't plan on making that mistake again, they had enough bread on this flight for sure. Managed to get a few naps in, didn't have any nightmares, my mind probably figured I was in one already..
Sun 12:15am PST (Not sure where I am) 12h0m It's 8 hours into the 10 1/2 hour flight and YMN2M has had more fluids and no toilet, I'm now looking for the plastic bag that might be attached to him, nothing there. The seat seems dry, and there is no puddle on the floor. Humm.
Sun 2:15am PST (Over Europe somewhere) 14h0m Just an hour to go. My butt is really sore. Looking for the STOP cable so I can get off the plane, feeling like I'm in a big petre dish. I had to get up and stand around with the drunks in the back of the plane just to get the blood moving again. YMN2M is drinking more apple juice and he still hasn't moved from his seat! Either he is in pain and can't pee on a plane, or he is superhuman, or maybe I'm just getting old.
Sun 3:15am PST (Paris Airport) 15h0m We've landed! YMN2M has disappeared, I'm pretty sure he hasn't melted, but I have no idea where he has gone. So we taxi forever, and then it's time to walk out onto the tarmac and crowd into a small bus and drive around the airport for 15 minutes, why? Because this is the Paris airport, and that's what they do here. What a huge mess of an airport.
Mon 12:15pm Paris Time (Paris Airport) 15h0m We've landed! Deja Vu (is that French?)! I've lost 9 hours somewhere!
Mon 12:45pm Paris Time (Paris Airport) 15h30m Managed to find the train station after wandering around a little. Asked for help on finding the right platform, and finally realized I was standing under a huge status display that listed all the trains. Stupid American. So I had some time, ah I see a bathroom, one that is a normal size too,... WHAT? 50cents? Amazing, pay toilets, I wonder if California could use this to boost state revenues?
Mon 14:05pm Paris Time (Paris Train Station) 16h50m Jumped onto the ATF/SCNF/HighSpeed train toward Lyon, first class, very nice, not a very full train at all. The ride was very quiet and smooth, and the window seat was great. But I think the glass might have been a reducing glass, all the cars looked really small. And I have never seen so much graffiti in all my life. They seem to graffiti everything, which is so sad, in multiple ways. Some of these graffiti artists look like they could really be gifted artists, yet they choose to deface such a beautiful countryside. What a shame.
Mon 16:15pm Paris Time (Lyon Train Station) 19h0m Arrived in Lyon, switched trains, although nothing on the train seemed to indicate it was going to Grenoble, but I asked a couple of people and they assured me it was the right train. Turned out that nobody ever asked for my ticket on this train, I could have saved $52, or was that 52 euros.
Mon 17:30 Paris Time (Grenoble Train Station) 20h15m Arrived in Grenoble, found a taxi, he didn't speak any english but I managed to get to my hotel fine. Grenoble seemed like a very nice town, and I was glad to finally be there.
Mon 18:15pm Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 21h0m I have arrived! Checked into the hotel, and stepped into my room, finally, after 21 hours of traveling, but I knew that if I got on that bed, I would be asleep in seconds. So I unpacked and called the desk to see if Janet or Mandy (my boss and co-worker who flew in the day before) were interested in dinner. I read somewhere that you should force yourself into the new timezone and not take naps when you arrive. Or so they say.
Mon 18:30pm Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 21h15m Had dinner with Janet and Mandy in the hotel. Very good ravioli, but so overloaded with cheese and butter I could barely eat half of it. At this point in the trip I was feeling much better. But maybe I was looking forward to getting some sleep.
Mon 20:30pm Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 22h15m Turning in. Called home and chatted with my wife for a bit. Then time for a little reading, and hopefully a little real sleep.
Tue 7:30am Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 33h15m Breakfast, excellent cereal, my favorite breakfast food. And what is this strange OJ machine they have? You stick in whole oranges, and it cuts them up and extracts the juice in from of your eyes! How very cool, I want one of these for home. It's like your own little Florida Orange Juice Factory!
Tue 8:30am Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 34h15m Met in the lobby so we could get taxis to the Sun building.
Tue 9:15am Paris Time (Grenoble Sun Office) 35h0m Arrived at the Sun Building and we got started with our solid day of meetings. Met a bunch of great people and got to see where the Grenoble team works. Apparently they spend a great deal of their time drinking coffee, from a pretty cool coffee machine that makes dozens of different kinds of coffee drinks, all for free, and quite tasty. No wonder they are awake so much around here. Had a nice lunch (some kind of dead chicken like bird), and afternoon, all in the one meeting room.
Tue 4:45pm Paris Time (Grenoble Sun Office) 42h30m I did speak a little about Mercurial, which seemed to be of greatest interest on topics from me. Didn't talk about JPRT much. All day meeting came to a close, and dinner plans were made.
Just a short note on timezone differences. I've always been well aware of the timezone differences and have tried to schedule meetings in the early mornings in California, and have been sympathetic to slower afternoon email responses. But to experience this time warp is another story. When it is 9am here in Grenoble, it's Midnight in California, and as we closed our meeting at 5pm here in Grenoble, it's 8am in California. Effectively we have had a full day here in Grenoble, but the California offices are just getting started. So when you get anyone from Grenoble (or Prague) responding to your email or calling in on any of your daytime meetings in California, remember that they are probably staying up late, just for you, so don't forget to say 'thank you'.
Tue 8:15pm Paris Time (Grenoble Old Downtown) 46h0m The longest dinner of my life, over 3 hours, with the most bizarre dishes I have ever seen, with some of the most friendly co-workers on the planet. What an experience! The place was called "L'Epicurien" (1 place aux herbes, Grenoble) and the waiter spoke only French. He would come to our table and say something, and people would start raising their hands, I knew it wasn't a stick up, so each time I had to ask what the heck was going on. He was (of course) asking who wanted various choices on the menu, none of which I could pronounce, and some that even if I could pronounce it, there was no way I was eating that! Everything seemed to have some kind of meat in it (I'm not sure how a vegitarian would survive around here). Dead rabbit, dead deer, dead snails, dead pig, you name it, if it crawled the earth it appears to be a choice on the menu, along with cheese (they are big on cheese here). I think I ended up with rabbit, but who knows, I might have been eating racoon for all I knew, whatever it was, the meat was good. The bowl of cheese (literally a bowl of liquid cheese) that Janet had was pretty disgusting. But the desserts were very good, even the ones that came on fire, although I never quite understood why you would want to burn off perfectly good alcohol.
Tues 11:15pm Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 49h0m Back at the hotel, called the wife and then it was time for some sleep.
Wed 3:15am Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 53h0m Woke up, wide aware, read a book, tried to get back to sleep. My body is still a little confused at this point. Opened up a bottle of water that we got downstairs at the bar last night, YUCK! it's carbonated mineral water! Why do people like this stuff? Tastes like medicine. Next time I need to say "water with no fizz". :\^(
Wed 7:30am Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 58h15m Breakfast time again, and the amazing orange juice machine! Sure wish I could have a stack of good old American pancakes.
Wed 8:15am Paris Time (Grenoble Hotel) 59h0m All packed up and time to check out, just need to find a ride to the Sun building. Turns out one of the Ireland guys rented a car, well I guess you can call it a car, and he had to park inside the smallest hotel parking garage I have ever seen. Actually, I shouldn't make too much fun of the cars, they weren't that bad, just a little narrow, and short, and they had the cutest little tires. ;\^)
Wed 10:00am Paris Time (Grenoble Sun Office) 60h15m Caravan to Annecy, France, then to Geneva. I rode with Jessie and his English speaking TomTom.
Wed 11:30am Paris Time (Annecy) 61h45m Arrived in Annecy France, had lunch and wandered around this very beautiful and historic city. I took most of my pictures here, but the portable film camera I brought was pretty bad.
Wed 3:00pm Paris Time (Annecy) 65h45m Left Annecy for Geneva. Jessie explained why he could just drive right past the border guards, but it sure seemed strange to me that we could go from one country to another without even being stopped. He said had a special sticker on his car, something about a golden ticket and chocolate. ;\^)
I'd like to express my thanks to the Grenoble JMX team for all the time they took to make our short stay so pleasant and interesting. Everyone was so helpful and friendly, and it made the trip a great experience. THANK YOU!
Wed 4:30pm Paris Time (Geneva Airport) 67h15m Geneva time is the same as Paris time, I guess they can't afford many timezones in Europe. ;\^) Sitting in the Geneva Airport waiting for our special Flybaboo plane to board for Prague. Yes, the name of the airline is Flybaboo, or Fly-ba-boo. The planes hold what looks like 40 people, and have no jet engines, just big huge props that I hope are bolted on real well.
Wed 5:10pm Paris Time (Geneva Airport) 67h55m Boarded the plane and said our prayers. Actually, this flight wasn't that bad, it was a bit slower than a jet plane, but the view was nice. And the stewardess (there was only one), served at least 4 different treats that looked like they were fresh baked and served from the baking tray. And at one point she walked up and down the aisle with a basket of apples.
Wed 7:10pm Prague Time (Prague Airport) 69h55m Landed safely in Prague, same timezone as Paris, humm, maybe we should make all of the U.S. one big timezone, we could all use Central Time, wouldn't that be easier? Landing was quiet and smooth. Couldn't beat the price, but we probably could have gotten to Prague quicker if we paid a bit more money. But I'd fly baboo again. Humm, are their planes supposed to look like elephants? Isn't Baboo an elephant? Someone suggested that we should use a Van to get to the Hotel (there were 5 of us), so we found a Van that said 900 CZK or so for the ride. (The money exchange rate is like 1 US dollar for 22 CZK). After an entertaining exchange with the driver, I'm not sure what we were supposed to pay, but I let someone else deal with it and just enjoyed the discussion. They put 3 more arbitrary people in the Van with us, and I have no idea how it all worked out. We should have called the Hotel and asked for a couple of the Hotel transport cars to come and get us. Oh well.
Wed 8:30pm Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 71h15m Got checked into the Crowne Plaza, a very nice hotel, and met my Sun travel group for dinner in the hotel. The room I had was very dark, and the TV seemed to come on when I came in the door (kind of creepy), but the TV was around the corner speaking a strange lauguage, so the entrance hallway was really dark. And I couldn't get the lights on, what a strange place, did I have to pay extra for lights? Finally I opened up the door so I could get some light from the hallway and I finally figured out that there was a place to put your room key card by the front door (that I couldn't see in the dark) that caused the lights to go on. Stupid American. Finally headed out to meet everyone for dinner, and they looked at me like I was an idiot when I told them the lights story. :\^( I guess I don't travel enough. Apparently there aren't many recommended restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. But the hotel food was good, just a limited menu.
Wed 10;30pm Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 73h15m Checked on how much a phone call to California would be and decided to use the free internet access to just send the wife an email. Then signed up for (recommendation from Alan) and set it up for the next few nights. Looks like 2 cents a minute for calls with skipe, versus, as best as I can tell, 10 or 20 US dollars to use the regular phone. But, bedtime in Prague... humm, where are the sheets? Humm, they seem to have comforter like things wrapped up in sheets, for people with short legs. Luckily there were two of them. I guess I should have brought my own sheets.
Thu 8:30am Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 83h15m Breakfast at the hotel was interesting. Not many english speaking waiters here, but they sure had lots of waiters. The coffee was really strong, almost had a Turkish flavor to it. After I got back to my room I think I had to brush my teeth three times before I stopped spitting out brown. It didn't taste that bad, just seemed to stick with you. Breakfast was actually pretty good. Strange thing was that I was the only one there that had a Aloha shirt on, and some of them were looking at me a little funny. I tried not to drool and slobber too much, I think they thought I was a bit mental. ;\^)
Thu 9:00am Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 83h45m Made it to the Prague Sun Building, drove by the Diplomat Hotel which is closer to the Sun Buildings and is the other hotel many Sun people stay at. Got setup in a conference room on the 3rd floor of the Sun Prague building and prepared to settle in for two days of meetings.
Thu 12:15pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 87h0m Went with a group of NetBeans people to the public cafeteria. Had something that looked like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and indeed I was told that it was basically meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Not bad, more like good old American food, meat and potatoes, no cheese, limited amounts of butter, just can't come close to pronouncing anything on the menu. (No I don't want to know what it really was, I'm happy thinking it was really meatloaf).
Thu 1:30pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 88h15m Talked with a few of the NetBeans engineers about Mercurial (hg). The Solaris and JDK open source efforts need to get off Teamware and have no real choice. It was later I found out that the Sun move to Mercurial was bigger than I was aware of, plus the need to quickly build in some Mercurial support into NetBeans, something I felt would be nice, but not critical. A Mercurial repository (or hg repository) has a completely read-write source tree available for NetBeans to edit without using any Mercurial commands at all. But when it comes time to commit changes, a shell window is needed to do the 'hg commit' and the final 'hg push' to send the changeset or changesets to the parent repository.
Thu 3:30pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 90h15m Couldn't find any of my team, so spent an hour in the conference room reading and responding to email.
Thu 5:15pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 92h0m Scripting meetings with the NetBeans people (with Sundar on the phone from India). Got a presentation of a nice NetBeans language configuration editor setup. Humm... maybe I have my days mixed up, maybe this was Friday?
Thu 6:15pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 93h0m We made the mistake of having the security guy at reception call for a taxi, this was a bad idea. We should have called the hotel and asked for the Hotel transport service to come and get us. After 30 minutes of waiting, we decided to flag down a taxi, and we got one just as the one we supposedly "reserved" showed up. I had managed to literally cram myself into the back seat when these two taxi drivers started talking and then we were told to get out and use the "reserved" taxi. The driver was not very polite and kept saying "reserved" and giving us a sour look. We kept apologizing saying we had waited 30 minutes, but obviously our communication skills were somewhat lacking. We got to the Hotel, and someone else paid, but the guy was downright rude. After that we stuck with the Hotel transport service for everything, or walked. I had read somewhere about taxi problems in Prague.
Thu 7:15pm Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 94h0m Dinner at the Hotel. We asked about other restaurants in walking distance, but they only mentioned one, and we decided to eat at the Hotel again. Turns out when you get a different chef, you get a different meal, so much for consistency, but my steak was great, I didn't care if it used to be Bambi, tasted great to me.
Thu 8:30pm Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 95h15m Fired up my laptop in the room and used the free internet connection. Got through a bunch of email and used skipe on my laptop to talk to my wife in Livermore for quite a long time. At 2 cents a minute, why not?
Fri 7:30am Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 106h15m Breakfast time, another aloha shirt day, fewer stares this time, now they avoid me, just think I'm crazy or something.
Fri 8:30am Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 107h15m Met in the Hotel lobby for the transport ride to the Sun office. More meetings.
Fri 9:15am Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 108h0m Back in the conference room for more meetings and misc. discussions on heap dumps, scripting, monitoring and management, etc, I have to confess to not taking better notes on this last day.
Fri 12:15pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 111h0m Had a standard ham & cheese sandwich for lunch, or so it seemed.
Fri 1:15pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 112h0m Back in the conference room for more meetings and some email reading/responding. The presentations from the NetBeans team were very interesting (both days), and we had some good brainstorming sessions with them. I enjoyed meeting them and enjoyed the sessions. I think I need one of those recorders I see Uday using so I could do better notes.
Fri 6:30pm Prague Time (Prague Sun Office) 117h15m This time we thought we would just flag down a taxi (we should have called the hotel) but we ended up walking back to the Hotel. We parted company with Alan at this time, as he was headed back to the airport and home (Ireland). It took us 30-45 minutes to walk to the hotel, I don't remember exactly, but it was a healthy walk. At least we got to see the city up close, well not the old part of the city, but it was interesting.
Fri 8:00pm Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 118h45m Janet had gotten a recommendation for a restaurant in the old part of town and we all (Janet, Mandy, Danny, and myself) headed off for an adventure in dining. The drive itself was interesting and we got to have our first view of the old part of Prague. What a beautiful city, and such history. The streets we were driving on were narrow cobblestone streets. The restaraunt was great. It's obvious I needed more time in Prague, and I hope that someday I can come back, with my wife and maybe my kids to enjoy this town more. But I leave in the morning.
Fri 11:00pm Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 121h45m Back in the hotel room, time to pack and prepare for my flight at 7:00am in the morning. I need to be at the airport by 6:00am, so I'm planning on getting up at 5:00am or so. Packed my backs, logged onto the internet and chatted with my wife over skipe, and tried to get some sleep.
Sat 5:30am Prague Time (Prague Hotel) 128h15m Picked up a hotel transport to the airport. Arrived in plenty of time.
Sat 7:15am Prague Time (Prague Airport) 130h0m They announce that my 7:15am flight to Paris has been delayed to 8:15am. With only an original hour layover in Paris before my flight to SFO, I'm assuming that I could be missing my flight in Paris. The airport isn't providing any additional information, just telling us to check in Paris when (if) we get there.
Sat 8:15am Prague Time (Prague Airport) 131h0m Now flight won't leave until 9:15am. Tried to call home to warn my wife, but the phones claim that my home phone number does not exist. Looked for an internet cafe to send an email, none to be found.
Sat 8:45am Prague Time (Prague Airport) 131h30m Flight is now boarding, earlier than 9:15am but still late enough that I'm not sure I'll make my connection in Paris.
Sat 10:45am Paris Time (Paris Airport) 133h30m Arrive in Paris, 30 minutes after my 10:15am flight to SFO was supposed to leave. Have to unboard onto the tarmac and crowd into a bus for the ride to terminal 2B. Unknown to me (because Air France provided NO help) I needed to be in terminal 2E. The SFO had not left and was indicating a red flashing "Boarding". The Air France airport people just pointed us toward terminal 2E and gave us no indication if the flight would wait for us. My ticket indicated it took 45min to get from gate to gate in Paris, they were right. Several of us on the Prague flight were headed for the same SFO flight, so off we ran through the airport to get to 2E. Passed through multiple lines and security checks til we got to another bus to take us to 2E, then when we got to 2E had to race through that terminal to end up in the real security check. Didn't have to take my shoes off but had to remove my belt, coins, watch, get the laptop out, and then wait watching my bags go back and forth on the conveyer belt as the security team kept rescanning something interesting in the bag of the person behind me. All this time, I'm thinking the SFO flight could leave at any time. Finally, I make it through security and am running to get to this flight. Well, actually, I'm running to get to another shuttle bus that will take me to the actual plane out on the tarmac. I make it to the last bus ride I need in Paris and finally get a slight indication that the plane has not left, and that being on this bus means I may actually have made my flight afterall. This information didn't come from the Air France people, but just from deduction on my part, and others waiting on the bus.
Sat 11:45am Paris Time (Paris Airport) 134h30m The bus is still waiting, getting fuller and fuller, but sitting here for 20 minutes now. Air France people have said nothing to us, and most of the people on the bus were mumbling about how they will never go through this arport again, and how much they hate Air France. One couple apparently lost all kinds of perfumes they had purchased due to security restrictions. Someone told them they could bring a certain amount of perfumes with them, but security tossed it all. The poor girl was in tears. Another lady coming back from Italy said the same thing, lost all kinds of perfume gifts because they were told one thing when they checked with the airport or the airline, and when they reached security they lost it all. Being the cheap person I am, I hadn't bought anything, except a book on Prague and some chewing gum.
Sat 12:15pm Paris Time (Paris Airport) 135h0m Finally boarded the plane, found out some people had been sitting on the plane for 2 hours waiting. My bulkhead seat was right in front of a wall, so even though my knees weren't cramped, I couldn't extend my legs at all due to the wall in front of us. Maybe I don't want bulkhead seating anymore. :\^( It's gonna be a long flight.
Sat 16:15pm Paris Time (Over Europe) 139h0m A bad smell went through the cabin, and low and behold, two of the toilets were permanently locked. It wasn't me! Someone must have seriously clogged up the plane. We had long lines to the toilet the rest of the flight. Oh boy, just what I needed. This plane was a 747-400 and had little individual video screens in the headrests in from of you, but being in a bulkhead seat, there is a video screen on a metal arm that pops up from under the seat. So I decided to watch a movie. Humm... the touch screen doesn't work on mine, so I figured out how to use the control in the seat that allows you to turn on your light etc. Started watching "The Sentinel" about the secret service. Got to around 25 minutes into it and I bumped the screen and it all went black and appeared to reboot itself or something. I tried to go back to the movie but it only lets you join a movie in the first 10mins or wait for a new movie to start. So I went back to the beginning of Sentinel and started over. This time I got 45 minutes into the movie and accidently bumped the screen. POOF. Start over. Damn! One more time I tried this, and lost it after 55 minutes. Someday I'll want to see the end of this movie, but seeing the first part 3 times may have ruined it for me. I ended up watching different movies I had seen before, like Nacho Libre that I watched on my flight to Paris. What a stupid movie, but when the screen went POOF, I didn't care so much.
Sat 18:15pm Paris Time (Over Greenland maybe?) 141h0m The food was horrible again. One of the meals had this cold barf looking stuff with a big white pile of something in the middle of it. I did not see anyone eating it. It looked really disturbing, something you might use at a Halloween party to scare your guests. Why would they serve something that people won't eat? They did have bread again, thank goodness for that. And this time I took as many free little bottles of red wine that I could get. Unfortunately, I then had to wait in the long lines at the toilet.
Sat 22:45pm Paris Time (Somewhere over Canada?) 145h30m Drink more red wine, use toilet, stand around in the back of plane with the drunks, maybe where I belonged. After the third time a steward yells something at me I finally realized I had those earplugs they provide in my ears, boy they work pretty good, I sure hope they washed the ones I got before I put them in my ears. What? Put my what up where? Hey, same to you buddy! Oh, my seat, sure, sorry. I thought you told me to put something up my... oh nevermind. Oh boy oh boy, we are landing.... and landing... and landing... Why does it take so long to land? Seems like the definition of landing should be that they put out the landing gear, and within 10 minutes we would be on the ground. Landing takes too long, someone needs to do some optimization on this.
You know I heard that the Airline industry had actually purchased the patents on all the Star Trek transporter technology and they are keeping it under wraps because if the technology got out, the Airlines would miss out on all the bucks they make on flights. Just like the Auto industry and all the patents on cars that run on water. It's all a big business conspiracy. Well, that's what somebody told me anyway.
Sat 23:15pm Paris Time (San Francisco) 146h0m Landed safely in San Francisco. As the plane touched down, the empty seat next to me makes a noise and the little video screen for that seat falls off onto the floor. The plane is falling apart! We're all gonna die! ... Oh, we already landed, never mind.
Sat 2:15pm Pacific Time (San Francisco) 146h0m Landed safely in San Francisco, Deja Vu! I gained 9 hours! I feel very tired, but happy to be back in California.
Sat 2:45pm Pacific Time (San Francisco) 146h30m Met my wife just outside of customs, watched some tourist guy walk into the women's room and I used the men's room. Heard lots of laughter echoing into the men's room, apparently he completed his business in the women's room without realizing it until he left. Ah, welcome to San Francisco, USA.
Sat 4:30pm Pacific Time (Livermore) 148h15m After some of the worst traffic I have seen on a weekend, through Oakland and San Leandro, we finally made it home. I plopped down in my chair and closed my eyes.

Hope you enjoyed the long winded trip report, sorry if you didn't.



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