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Just a silly list of cars and a few stories around them, the pictures aren't actually the perfect matches, but close. I'll have to scan in some old pictures of the special ones. I've left out a few, is it strange that I've owned so many cars? My brother's list is probably 4 times this long. Anyway....

  • 1963 Plymouth Valiant My first car, baby blue 2door. Started out with a slant-6 3-speed stick, but after I burned up the clutch and put the transmission back in without the bushing on the transmission, my brother put in a built 273 V-8 with a racing cam, Edlebrock Highrise manifold, 4barrel 850 Holley, headers and an automatic B&M Racing Transmission. A real sleeper, beat quite a few Mustangs with this car, and burned up alot of $$$ on it too. Got probably 9 tickets in that car, mostly Exibition of speed (leaving rubber on the roadway). Was forced by my parents to get rid of it.

  • 1963 Dodge Dart Ugly car, another slant6, very reliable.

  • 1964 Plymouth Barracuda Cool looking car, sounded good too with it's stock dual exhaust. Another 273, but not near as fast as my old 63 Valiant. Had a posi-traction rearend, made clunking sounds when you weren't going straight. You could back in at the DriveIn and watch the Movies out the big back window, until the windows got all fogged up.

  • 1969 Dodge R/T A real good looking muscle car, 440 Magnum automatic. Dangerous on wet roads. Could smoke the tires from a dead stop by just stomping on the gas pedal. Fastest car I ever had. Over-reved the engine and snapped some piston rings, my brother took the broken 440 Magnum and gave me a 2barrel 383, the car was never the same. The 440 engine ended up in a 66 Dodge Pickup. Gave it to my girl friend in a fit of insanity, then she dumped me.

  • 1964 Plymouth Valiant Another old reliable 3-speed slant six. Used it to commute to Junior College. Rolled it on a rainy day. Had to roll up the window to crawl out. My brother cut the top off the car and made a big go-kart out of it, it went round and round in an empty field for a long time. One night my brother woke up and the car was slowly moving accross the field all by itself. Turned out the starter was shorted out and it was being moved by battery power through the starter, it became the haunted topless go-cart car that Kelly rolled.

  • 1969 Ford Cortina Wagon Little blue wagon, put curtains on the back windows and made it into a 30mpg mini-mini-van. English car with the worst electrical system on the planet. Spent a lot of time at wrecking yards looking for spare parts. The front struts were completely worn out and I could not get parts, so it was like driving a car without front shocks. With the 30mpg it was a good car to have during the 70's gas crisis.

  • 1971 Plymouth Duster My first car payments and my last set of speeding tickets. Too nice a car for me, got rid of it and the car payments.

  • 1966 Dodge Dart Had this ugly as sin car for a long long time, well long for me 7 or 8 years anyway. No car payments, had to replace the engine once, the transmission twice, the seats, and it just kept on working, even with the big dent in the right rear quarter panel. Sold it in 1980 with over 200K miles for $500, which is about what I paid for it.

  • 1969 VW Bug What a fun car, drove it to Jasper Canada and all over the place, until I got broadsided by a big old TBird. Almost died in that car. Mine looked much better than this picture, a nice tan color with Porsche wheels and a header.

  • 1972 Lincoln Continental Towncar Biggest car I ever owned. Mine was a big blue 4 door with a massive back seat. Big 460 V8, lucky if you got 10mpg, normally 8mpg. But the ride was so nice, and talk about protection. Remember several 90mph luxury cruises to Reno with 3 drunken gambling buddies. Tires cost a fortune, almost truck tires with big wide whitewalls.

  • 1968 Dodge Pickup Bought this at a county auction for $600, about what I sold it for 5 years later. It was CalTrans orange, ugly beast, but reliable. I got it to help landscape my first home in Oakley California.

  • 1975 VW Rabbit Mine was puke green, when sitting next to the orange Dodge pickup, my neighbors would complain that the color combination made them sick. Fast little car, but I felt like I was driving a VW Bug backward. It was a front wheel drive front engine car, the VW was a rear wheel drive rear engine car. Had a black hood because it was actually a restored salvage car my brother got running again, apparently it had an electrical fire under the hood and was going to be scrap iron. The brake master cylinder went out on me in downtown San Francisco, had to drive home using the hand brake.

  • 1982 Nissan Stanza My first car with car payments since the Duster, bought it after getting a real job at LLNL in Livermore. Had the strangest engine, dual spark plugs, one for low rpm, one for high rpm. Good car until the high rpm spark plugs stopped working after 60K miles, while in Los Alamos New Mexico. had to coast down to Santa Fe for repair. This was my honeymoon car. My brothers did some horrible things to this car after the wedding, the vaseline they put under the door handles slowly melted and dripped down the doors for many years afterward. At least the tuna smell from under the hood went away in a few months, and the chunks of watermelon and toilet paper inside the car cleaned up easily enough.

  • 1975 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Longest hood I ever had. Big 490 V8, 2 huge doors, white leather interior, what a pimp mobile. Most unreliable car I ever owned. Mine was a blue green model with the square headlights. Had some kind of experimental carb on it that I couldn't get parts for. Had a power trunk lid that seemed really dangerous to me.

  • 1985 Mitsubishi Gallant Paid 14k for it new, which was a lot of money for us at the time. Consumer Reports said better than a Camry in 1985, two years later it was on the list of cars to avoid. We put 120K miles on it, I liked the car but it was hard to sell after it got blackballed. Our first family car.

  • 1991 Ford Taurus Wagon Bought this turkey new, in 3 years it was acting like it was used up. Looked like an egg. Two years old and the transmission was acting up, $3500 to fix it. Traded it in quick.

  • 1982 Ford F250 Pickup Used this workhorse to pull my 5th Wheel Trailer. Mine was a supercab with a back seat for the kids and a big 400 engine. Got 6-8 mpg pulling my 24' trailer. The ride was horrible, hard on the kidneys.

  • 1994 Nissan Quest Minivan Good mini-van that we bought new, put 120K miles on it. Reliable and roomy. Kept it for 5 years.

  • 1999 Nissan Quest Minivan Bought new, had high hopes but it turned out to be a horrible Mini-van, traded it in quick, lots of minor problems. Went through front brakes and front tires in 17k miles. Had a TV in it at least.

  • 1987 Lincoln Towncar Great carpool commute car, rear legroom was great. Actually got 20mpg. Survived a rearend collison. Mine was a big white one.

  • 1998 Mercury Marquis Bought this new with profits from a stock sale, like in the Monopoly game. Good car, had a black one, stupid people would think I was a cop and slow down, annoying. Nice freeway car, could get 22mpg, had a cramped back seat for such a large car.

  • 2001 Chevy Tahoe LT Still have this, it's a good SUV, gas mileage isn't great, maybe 19mpg tops on the freeway, but that's after I put in a K&N cloth racing air filter and replaced the muffler with a flowmaster. The air filter change alone added 3-4mpg to the mileage. But it has a great turning radius and 4wheel drive. My first 4wheel drive, don't use it much, but it sure is nice to have when driving to Reno.

  • 2003 Acura CL What I drive to work, mines a silver one. Reliable, nice ride, expensive servicing. Got 35mpg driving to Arizona on the freeway, but usually it averages 22mpg, not great for a small car.

I want a reliable car that gets 40mpg, has lots of leg room in both the front and back, a trunk that can hold 4 suitcases, and an expresso/latte machine. I'll keep looking.


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