Friday Jul 11, 2008

GLOSS gets the First Feel of Second Life!

On 9th of July, 450 members of GLOSS got to experience one (or I should say two) of the most amazing things of our ages! It was the OpenSolaris in Second Life!

Thanks to Terri, GLOSS got a chance to be a part of the OpenSolaris Chat in second life and we got a VIP pass! You can see the chat presentation here.. Now that we have many technical restrictions in Second Life and also that we have some network issues at SASTRA, I decided to pull all the crowd into TIFAC CORE auditorium and do a live screencast of the event, so that everyone would get to experience the chat as well as ask question. My initial expection was a crowd of just (now it sounds "just" :P) 200 students but thanks to Anand, who offered help to get it arrange for the girls in Nirman Vihar audi also. In a very short notice, we got everything arranged, and before I could realize, I was coordinating a crowd of 450 students spread across two different auditoriums (something I was doing for the first time!)

My team was present in both the auditoriums and I was coordinating everything via my cell phone! And soon the chat started! The moment everyone in the audience heard Heidi welcome, they just couldn't stop being amazed! But unfortunetly it did not last long as the experimental sound systems which was employed, crashed :-(  So the chat was moved to Text mode... And you know how we students are.. :) The moment something went wrong, no one could let the opportunity to exchange some fun go :P But once the chat caught up flow, everyone was completely into the chat! I was explaing the text line by line to all the students in the audi.. And then came the part of the question and answer. Now who could let the chance of asking question to people like Tim Cramer, Stephen Hahn, David Comay and Glynn Foster! 

All this while I was in the Nirman Vihar auditorium, and then towards the end I switched to TIFAC audi! The moment I walked in, I was welcomed with so many question!! :) It was from every area of virtual worlds and OpenSolaris. IPS was the hot topic again in the discussion! By the time, the last set of students bid me goodnight (who eventually walked with me till my room) the time was 11:30 PM! I distributed OpenSolaris wrist bands to all the participants who stayed after 10 (and unfortunely this number was also so large that I almost exausted almost all the wrist bands I had)

Because the chat was scheduled at 8:00 PM local time, most of the students who attended the chat missed out on their dinner. I must appreciate their curiosity and desire to learn new stuff! Also any thanks to Anand and team would be less for helping me out with so many stuff! We at GLOSS never miss out of taking picutres of the events, but unfortunately this time I could not manage :( 

Everyone in the Sun SL team did a great job... Check out Terri's blog for the complete transcript of the OpenSolaris chat and also Angad's blog for the pictures.

Monday Mar 10, 2008

Education 3.0 at SRM University, Channai

On 6th of March 2008, I addressed the largest crowd I had ever done before!! It was more than 2000 students who turned up for the Sun University Day at SRM University Chennai. K. Nageshwara Rao, who is Site Lead of India Engineering Center (IEC) Bangalore was the chief guest for the event. He was accompanied by Ganesh and senior professors from SRM. Those who don't know, Ganesh Hiregoudar manages the Sun CA program for the APAC region.

 A very informative keynote was given by KNR and I followed with my presentation on Education 3.0 and Immersive Education. Then Anil came up with his brilliant Robot, which he made on top of Sun SPOTs. "Babu Rao" as we call the robot is indeed an example of sheer power which Sun SPOTs can bring to the hands of developers! It was amazing!!

It was a lovely experience sharing my learnings at WWERC 08 with 2000 students! Knowledge has been growing exponentially and we are about to hit the threshold limit of learning posed due to physical restrictions... But then.. earlier in the history when we faced the limitation of "no printed books", Gutenburg did the trick.. in this age.. Immersive techniques like Project Wonderland is going to come for our rescue!!


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