Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

My new start at Sun/Oracle

It was little more than 3 years ago that I joined Sun as a campus ambassador. Lot has changed since then, but one thing that still continues to be as it was is the fact that Sun is the best place to work for! Sun has the best "minded" and best "spirited" bunch of people and every day that I go to work, I come back with some new learning. 

Anyhow, now I am going to start a new innings at Sun/Oracle! I will be working as a Systems Engineer and will be based out of Mumbai! What does this mean? Well lots of things, but the most important one is, that I will get to work with Servers and Storage systems! And of course, I continue to get to work on Solaris!! What more could I ask for!! ;)

I am super excited about this new role and I am looking forward to go out in the field and do the thing that I like the most - advocating Sun (and now Oracle) technologies!!! :-)

Keep tuned to this blog as through this blog, I would now be sharing what I learn about systems!


Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

What Sun means to me...

This might very well be my last personal blog entry in this blogroll... But I got some stuff to share which I would love to talk about... I saw many people in last few days who spoke about how much they love Sun as a company... How much the respect the people who worked with them here and how they lived there whole adult life working for Sun and still love every day of it.. It did not take me long to fall in love with Sun as well.. When I joined Sun in 2007 as the Campus Ambassador for my university, I was still a student... and very fresh to almost everything which was even remotely corporate... But then not even on the first day of my work anyone made me feel that I am novice.. In past three years, I have worked on many assignments, most of them were in areas like Marketing, and Administration, in which I have no formal training.. But not even once I felt I cannot do it... People with whom I worked, they had some magical power in them which could infuse confidence... There is so much to say about everyone that I worked with that I wouldn't know where to stop. So I put together some of the pictures I took over during these years.. and I have put them in a video with my favorite song (My Brilliant Feat by Colin Hay) in the background... Those who shared these moments with me, will know the context and the beauty and passion that is attached with it...

I may not have worked for Sun for decades, but I still love this company. And I will love it forever. I am glad that it is the first company I ever worked for and that wherever Sun guys would go, they will bring positive energy, passion and daredevil-like attitude in abundance.! There is no stopping them! Ever!

Sunday Dec 06, 2009

Shining new Sun Cluster 3.2 11/09 is now available

Sun Cluster is one of the best things Solaris has! Cluster engineering group just came out with the new version of Sun Cluster 3.2 11/09 which is now available! Some of the exciting new development Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09 has is tons of improvements in infrastructure features, some new features in Scalable services and of course better support for MySQL replication in Geographic edition. New deployment options for Oracle DB and RAC is also a feature to look out for in this release.

 Read more about it on Sun Cluster Oasis - http://blogs.sun.com/SC/entry/solaris_cluster_3_2_11

Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

And We are back again! With Education, Open Source, Tech Days and Joe!

Hello!! Its been more than 6 months since I made my last blog entry... Sorry for that as I was busy working with loads of stuff in Sun Clusters, OpenSolaris Marketing and in Campus Ambassador Program.. But now I am back with some interesting stuff...

Sun Tech Days happened at Hyderabad from 18th Feb to 20th Feb which was attended by many many people! Many legends including James Gosling were there for the show! Joe Hartley was there for the event on 20th Feb and I took this opportunity to catch up with him about developments on education, open source and technologies to look for! Joe gave us some insights on what the future of education might be in light of growing adoption of social networking services like OSUM and penetration of the network. With help from Vasudha who is our campus ambassador at Manipal University, we recorded this pool side talk :-) Here is the video:

It was very interesting to talk to Joe after an year of WWERC 2008 held at San Francisco where I got a chance to interview him on similar lines. Watch that video here!

Sunday Feb 24, 2008

Worldwide Education And Research Conference 2008 Teaser :)

With just 1 day 12 hours and 13 minutes left to the grand event I have been waiting for, I am rubbing my palms in excitement!!! Yes folks.. the wait would end soon and the Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC '08) is finally just a day away!! I'm very excited to be a part of a conference which has the potential to redefine the way we look at education and role of technology in education today! With personalities like Scott McNealy, the chairman of Sun Microsystems and Larry Penley who is the President of Colorado State University System coming and giving their insight and gyan on technology and education, education and technology, amazing new perspectives on the topics of discussion can be guaranteed!! If you want to know what all are on the discussion-cards... just visit the  WWERC agenda page.. There you can also get the the list of people who will be present. And trust me thats one of the most impressive list of the  intellectual minds of our times! :)

 Now after going through the agenda if you realized that logistics and any other engagement in making you miss out on such a great learning experience.. then don't worry.. like always let Internet save the day :-P Sun will be webcasting the proceedings of WWERC and you can hook to that by visiting http://www.ustream.tv/sun. If you can't catch up live, you still needn't worry because all the keynote and special sessions will be later vodcasted and podcasted!

 So, the stage is all set for the most happening gathering of education and technology, The WWERC 2008 and it is best matched with its happening host city..  San Francisco!! See you in San Francisco!!


Friday Feb 22, 2008

What it Feels Like Being a Sun Campus Ambassador!

Today I complete full FIVE MONTHS as a Campus Ambassador for Sun Microsystems! Ask me how it feels to be a CA??? I can say only one thing... "Man.. You got the be a CA to know how it feels to be one!". I always believe that examples are the best, in fact the only way, to get your point across in a conversation. But unfortunately nothing I have ever come across matches the excitement which have been experiencing while working as a CA at Sun. Thats why.. no examples or comparisons. I might say that being the President of United States of America could be as exciting as being a CA, but then I'm waiting till I become the President so that I can give a fair judgement... :-D

 Joke's apart, Campus Ambassador is a really unique internship program, where you get to place yourself on the bleeding edge of technology while you still take in the formal (read boring :-P) education in classrooms! And it doesn't end there... you enjoy the luxury of taking all your friends and classmates along with you! You act as the bridge between the formality of regular education and the world technology which is changing at supersonic speeds! If you are passionate about technology, and have such a strong conviction about open source and importance of participation that you can radiate it to your fellow students then you have it what it takes to be a Campus Ambassador.

There are thousand things I like about the Campus Ambassador program... but what makes to the top of the list is the  \*\*Truly INTERNATIONAL Exposure\*\* which you get while you work as a CA. Wondering why INTERNATIONAL is so emphasized?? Imagine yourself working hand in hand and seamlessly collaborating with more than 500 students just like you, but coming from 500 different colleges and culture, all around the World!! Isn't that INTERNATIONAL enough?? :) Trust me, when I realize that I have so many friends around the world.. I get on top of it.. ( read it On top of the World :) !!)

 My feelings about being a CA has suffered serious "Transmission Loss" by the time it came to this blog :-P. So just take the picture you would have formed in your mind about being a Campus Ambassador with Sun and scale it up by some 10,000 times.. then might be you will kinda come close to what it feels like being a  \*\*Proud\*\* "Sun Campus Ambassador" :)



I am Abhishek and I work for Sun/Oracle! In this blog, I share my interest in systems, solaris, linux and other technologies :-)


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