Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

OHAC talk at GLOSS

After almost a month long vacation, when college reopened, we at GLOSS could not wait to do something exciting!! And what could be more exciting than Open High Availability Clusters (OHAC). I attended a talk on OHAC by Tirthankar during my recent visit of Sun India Engineering Center at Bangalore. I was completely taken by the technology and I knew I am going to do something with it, the moment I get a chance. Anyways... the day I landed in college, I sat down to set up a one node cluster on my laptop! Million thanks to Tirthankar again, who spend almost whole of his Sunday with me over the phone helping me out in setting it up. I would be blogging how set up a one node cluster on Solaris SXDE some time very very soon.

Now about the talk! There was a decent audience of more than 40 students who came to attend the talk. I started the talk with playing the Big Bucks Bunny movie, which set up the mood of the audience and also allowed me to introduce them to Network.Com and from there pick up the topic of difference between grids and clusters.

 Then I moved to the slides and I explained the architecture of OHAC and details of its functioning. It was an engrossing session, as explaining the functioning of a cluster and concepts like Disk Fencing can get tricky :) But it was nice to see every one interacting and asking questions to me!

Then was the turn of the Demo.. something which I was very eager to show. For this demo, I had prepared a single node cluster on my laptop. I had a zone running on which we had a cluster resource name movie-rg registered. The cluster agent was basically written to start RealPlayer on cluster and in case of a failure, it would make it failover to a functioning node of the cluster. The experience of setting up the cluster and getting the agent to work was truely amazing! As I said, I would be blogging about it soon, so check back soon. Here are two screenshots which shows how cluster took care of availability

Cluster resource right now online on the zone

 Now when I reboot the zone, the cluster resource becomes online on the physical node

I will soon be doing one more follow up talk on OHAC where I would discuss how to setup clusters and write agents for OHAC! Once again... thanks to Tirthankar and Swathi for helping me out with OHAC!

Thursday May 29, 2008

Now let me tell you what we did last summer :-)

I got a secret to share :-P When everyone around the globe was impatiently waiting for OpenSolaris 2008.05 to release, on April 13, 2008, we at GLOSS got lucky!! Thanks to Micheline and Charlie, I could obtain a copy of OpenSolaris Release Candidate 0!!! Yes! we were one of the first one's to see OpenSolaris 2008.05 (exactly the way you see a baby through the ultrasound :-D) and we got our hands on RC0 before any other group outside Sun :-) And then how could we wait to find out how the new desto has come out!! We did and we did it with lots of passion and zeal. 200 students tried their hands on OpenSolaris RC0, and even though RC0 only had the skeleton, (like there were no images during installation, but only the ImagePlaceHolder label was there!) everyone was deeply impressed with the ease with which they could install the distro. We collected the feedbacks towards the end of the test drive and by running through the feedback forms I we knew what the everyday user of OpenSolaris 2008.05 would like and what more they would expect! Angad did a similar thing at his campus in a very innovative way! His blog about this virtual install fest of RC0 is a must-see.

As I told you, it was a matter of pride for us to see and test OpenSolaris RC0 and everyone was overjoyed after we were done. Here is one clip which one of us shot..

I guess it will give you an idea of how passionate we, at GLOSS, feel about OpenSolaris! :-)

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Monday May 26, 2008

The GLOSS Newsletter

GLOSS has its newsletter out!!!!

The past academic year was very eventful at GLOSS and we decided to put the major events in form of a newsletter. So here we are, with the first issue of OpenView ! Get your copy here!

I deeply apperciate the efforts put in by  Harish,who was instrumental in designing the Newsletter. Efforts put in by Sanjeev, Abhilash and Vikas has also been very significant. Good work guys!

Do let us know how you found OpenView and things happening at SASTRA! Cheers!

Tuesday May 13, 2008

And that's how GLOSS celebrates technology!

Everyone was celebrating the release of OpenSolaris on May 5th, and at GLOSS, we have been busy planning the same for quite some time.. It was no doubt one of the most awaited event since Project Indiana was declared. So.. as I told everyone before.. we celebrated May 5th as Opensolaris Birthday... :-) There was cake.. there was decorations.. there were people with celebration mood and there was the latest Technology!!!


Thanks to my folks at GLOSS who made this celebration possible, even though from next day on we were having our final exams! (Now I think you know why this post came so late :-P ) Watch the video and enjoy the power of communities!

Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

Much is happening on May 5th!!

May 5th is going to be such a happening date that you might get dazzled! First and foremost, of course, its because May 5th is Birthday of OpenSolaris!! But then OpenSolaris is coming out on the occasion of the CommunityOne which itself is one of the most important events in the OpenSource Calender! 

There is one place where you can catch up with everything which is going to happen on May 5th. Thanks to Terri Wischmann, who is soon going to write all about what is happening on May 5th and beyond... giving us the plug-point to all the buzz of May 5th. Visit her blog 'The Open Waters' where she will be updating (rather unleashing) everything about May 5th. So don't miss out on all the excitement and make sure you keep yourself updated on the most happening day of this year which would be... no points for guessing.. MAY 5th!

Its gonna be a festive day on May 5th!

May 5th is the most sought after day in this calender year! And do I need to tell you why is that?? Its Birthday of Opensolaris!! On May 5th, the much awaited Project Indiana will mature and would come out in open as the brand new OPEN SOLARIS!!

Me along with my folks at GLOSS are going to celebrate this in a big way!! We have long plans for this day... Even though we will be having exams going on (needless to say, \*exams\* are the most dreaded \*things\* in a student's life :-P) we have planned to celebrate the Opensolaris B'day in style! The agenda for the day is:

  • Put up 5 Laptops with placards which would read "Convert your CD
    into Souvenir"
  • Cut a Birthday Cake in name of Opensolaris 
  • Do a small presentation on new features of Opensolaris
  • Have Lunch together
  • Do a installation demo
  • At the end, invite students to come up and give a talk on what they
    feel about future of Opensolaris
  • Promise "Opensolaris" that we will work towards "Rearing it To
    become the Best Desktop OS"!
Everyone at GLOSS is excited about this! After all.. OpenSolaris is "OUR OWN" Operating System and we want to be nice "Uncle GLOSS" and we want to take good care of the new kid!!! :) Its all in the family you see :)

Monday Feb 18, 2008

GLOSS LAB SESSIONS - Getting the feel!

Feb is a hectic month with so many works to do!! But then, GLOSS is always good at finding quality time with latest technologies! :) So on Saturday 16th of FEB, I organized a Lab Session for GLOSS where the agenda was really tight! OpenSolaris-Netbeans-Web technologies with PHP and MySQL!! We had more 5 hours at hand so I thought we can complete everything but then.. People loved Solaris so much that I had to show it to all for more than 2 hours!! Then we came to using netbeans!! Almost everyone here at SASTRA, who had attended my demo on Netbeans last month was asking for a Lab session on netbeans to get an hands on experience! So when netbeans arrived,everyone was very happy!!

With 50 odd students, that too, curious students, conducting a lab session is never easy! But then we all enjoyed the session. Starting from 9:00 AM (On a Saturday its really early!) we all continued to fiddle with the Sun technologies till almost 2:30 PM!! At the end of all, came the time for the GLOSS monthly awards. This time we had two winners. Harish of first year ICT for making the GLOSS logo and Kishore Krishnan for his participating on the GLOSS discussion forum. Kishore was not there to receive his t-shirt, but Harish got his OpenSolaris Coffee mug!


But in these five hours, we could do only OpenSolaris and netbeans, that too, partly. Web-technologies, which I had to include on public demand, I had to push to next day! And Yes.. folks were all ready to come on a Sunday!! :)

So next day, on Sunday 17 Feb, we all assembled in Chit Vihar classroom 302, for a session to discuss further on Open Solaris and Web-technologies . From 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, I spoke about how Internet works and the underlying technologies. Then we discussed how OpenSolaris came into being and how and where it is used. Everyone seemed to be impressed with OpenSolaris!! :) At the end of it, I counducted a small quiz. And we had three winners winning the exclusive Sun Pens!




Though it was just a pen which they won (Of course it has a Sun logo on it, and everyone wanted a picture with Sun logo seen clearly in the picture :) ), but the winners were happy! The reason is simple. They were happy because they won! Winners are always happy and Winning is always a pleasure!

 I wish that members of GLOSS continue to win and keep getting themselves deep into the habit of WINNING! :)

Wednesday Jan 09, 2008


At GLOSS, we spent most of our time in Jan, in getting acquainted with netbeans! And now in just 8 days it looks to be that already most of us GLOSSers are having an affair with netbeans! :)

Anyways as university will be closed for most of the time for the pongal holidays next week and then will come the most dreaded mid-sem examinations, so I though it was high time thinking what to do in FEB... well in FEB GLOSS with try to have a good stab at Open Solaris!

What do we need to call a open source technology stack complete? we need a OS,  programming and scripting languages, a DBMS, a Webserver, and to make life simple and keep our sanity intact an IDE.. Now when already Netbeans (IDE) and JAVA (the programing language) has mesmerized us, I think its good time to let the OS do its magic.. So, Feb will be dedicated for Open Solaris!!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Pongal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pongal) and all the best for the midsem exams! :)


I am Abhishek and I work for Sun/Oracle! In this blog, I share my interest in systems, solaris, linux and other technologies :-)


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