Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

What Sun means to me...

This might very well be my last personal blog entry in this blogroll... But I got some stuff to share which I would love to talk about... I saw many people in last few days who spoke about how much they love Sun as a company... How much the respect the people who worked with them here and how they lived there whole adult life working for Sun and still love every day of it.. It did not take me long to fall in love with Sun as well.. When I joined Sun in 2007 as the Campus Ambassador for my university, I was still a student... and very fresh to almost everything which was even remotely corporate... But then not even on the first day of my work anyone made me feel that I am novice.. In past three years, I have worked on many assignments, most of them were in areas like Marketing, and Administration, in which I have no formal training.. But not even once I felt I cannot do it... People with whom I worked, they had some magical power in them which could infuse confidence... There is so much to say about everyone that I worked with that I wouldn't know where to stop. So I put together some of the pictures I took over during these years.. and I have put them in a video with my favorite song (My Brilliant Feat by Colin Hay) in the background... Those who shared these moments with me, will know the context and the beauty and passion that is attached with it...

I may not have worked for Sun for decades, but I still love this company. And I will love it forever. I am glad that it is the first company I ever worked for and that wherever Sun guys would go, they will bring positive energy, passion and daredevil-like attitude in abundance.! There is no stopping them! Ever!

Wednesday Feb 10, 2010

Fast Track to OpenSolaris minibook - Now available for download

EDIT: If you are having troubles downloading the PDF of the book from Scribd, you can download it from my personal server (follow this link).

Last month was pretty happening. I, in capacity of being leader for Mumbai OpenSolaris User Group (http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/User+Group+mmosug/), spent last month working with the editorial team of Digit Magazine (http://www.thinkdigit.com) to come up with a minibook on OpenSolaris. Even though we got a very little time to finish a massive project like this, but with help of everyone, finally we could finish it in time and on the first day of this month (1/FEB/2010) 100,000 copies of the book- "Fast Track to OpenSolaris", along with a OpenSolaris CD with each copy, hit the newsstands all across the country! It took me 10 days to finish the book and it was the first time that I found myself writing a book of any sort.

Now Fast Track to OpenSolaris is available for download: http://www.scribd.com/doc/26659478/Fast-Track-to-OpenSolaris

Fast Track to OpenSolaris

Digit and Mumbai OSUG are jointly running a online Quiz competition (OpenSolaris Geek Hunt) at http://www.thinkdigit.com/opensolaris  Participate in this quiz to test your OpenSolaris skills and even win a Acer Aspire One Netbook, 1 TB or 500 GB external hard disk and many more OpenSolaris goodies!

OpenSolaris Geek Hunt

I hope you all like the quiz and enjoy the book. Please feel free to drop me a line if you find any errors in the book. Also, please note that I wrote this book as a OpenSolaris community member and not as a Sun Microsystems Inc employee. So all the views and opinion and facts mentioned in this book are essentially mine and Sun should not be held responsible for mistakes and errors, if any! Now go ahead and geek out with OpenSolaris!

Friday Dec 11, 2009

Create a ZFS Storage pool on a Pen drive / USB Stick in OpenSolaris

You can do some crazy stuff with OpenSolaris and ZFS! Here is my crazy deal. Lets create a ZFS storage pool such that we have 2 Pen drives of 2 GB each and lets use it to save on big file of 3.5 GB (read store a nice DVD quality movie on two 2GB pendrives :P )

You will need two things for this:

1. Install OpenSolaris

2. Get two or more 2 GB (or of whatever size) pen drives / USB sticks (I do not have  2 pen drives with me so I will use one pen drive and one file to act like a pen drive. Process remains the same)

Step 1: Find out the device ID of your pen drive:

root@opensolaris:~# format -e
Searching for disks...done

       0. c7d0 <DEFAULT cyl 3271 alt 2 hd 255 sec 63>
       1. c9t0d0 <Generic-Flash Disk-8.07-1.87GB>
Specify disk (enter its number):

In this case, the disk 0 is my hard disk, and 1 with device ID c9t0d0 is the USB stick. If I had two pen drives I would have had one more entry. However, I am going to create a new file of 2 GB under the name disk1 and use it.

Step 2: Create a new zpool on these devices. If you are using many multiple pen drives then instead of /root/disk2 use the device ID of the devices.

root@opensolaris:~# zpool create randomZpool c9t0d0 /root/disk2
root@opensolaris:~# zpool status -v
  pool: randomZpool
 state: ONLINE
 scrub: none requested

    randomZpool    ONLINE       0     0     0
      c9t0d0       ONLINE       0     0     0
      /root/disk2  ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

  pool: rpool
 state: ONLINE
 scrub: none requested

    rpool       ONLINE       0     0     0
      c7d0s0    ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

 Step 3: Create a ZFS filesystem on the storage pool

root@opensolaris:~# zfs list | grep randomZpool
randomZpool               101K  3.77G    19K  /randomZpool
randomZpool/dummy          19K  3.77G    19K  /randomZpool/dummy

Now you can see, that I have a ZFS filesystem of 3.77GB under the name randomZpool/dummy. Now let us define a mount point for the same.

Step 4: Define a mountpoint for the ZFS Filesystem.

root@opensolaris:~# zfs set mountpoint=/export/movies randomZpool/dummy
root@opensolaris:~# df -h /export/movies
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
randomZpool/dummy     3.8G   19K  3.8G   1% /export/movies

 Now you have the backup of your 3.5 GB movie file on two pen drives :)

How you can use this small arrangement to do much bigger (and crazier) stuff is limited only by your creativity ;)

Happy hacking to all!

Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009.06 exclusive booklet in Indian Press

OpenSolaris has been a hot topic in India for quite some time now and in the month of July its going to be everywhere!! In the ongoing effort to take OpenSolaris to every hand in India, we have worked with Indian media and bundled OpenSolaris 2009.06 Live CD with 2 major IT magazines! Going even ahead of it we have created a 16 page exclusive booklet for OpenSolaris 2009.06 which has been bundled with Chip Magazine. So more than 120,000 readers in India would have a copy of something to give them a head start on OpenSolaris and a Live CD to play around with. :) A total of more than 250,000 Live Disks of OpenSolaris has hit Indian newsstands this month and I hope it would give a good push to our community in India.

Feel free to download the OpenSolaris booklet here and distribute if you want. It features new features of OpenSolaris 2009.06, Installation guide, guide to setup Web development and Java Development environment and develop an example project in each, and an interview of Glynn Foster . It also includes details on OpenSolaris communities and OSUM! Good work by the magazine team and our OpenSolaris people! I hope you enjoy reading it ;)

Friday Jul 11, 2008

GLOSS gets the First Feel of Second Life!

On 9th of July, 450 members of GLOSS got to experience one (or I should say two) of the most amazing things of our ages! It was the OpenSolaris in Second Life!

Thanks to Terri, GLOSS got a chance to be a part of the OpenSolaris Chat in second life and we got a VIP pass! You can see the chat presentation here.. Now that we have many technical restrictions in Second Life and also that we have some network issues at SASTRA, I decided to pull all the crowd into TIFAC CORE auditorium and do a live screencast of the event, so that everyone would get to experience the chat as well as ask question. My initial expection was a crowd of just (now it sounds "just" :P) 200 students but thanks to Anand, who offered help to get it arrange for the girls in Nirman Vihar audi also. In a very short notice, we got everything arranged, and before I could realize, I was coordinating a crowd of 450 students spread across two different auditoriums (something I was doing for the first time!)

My team was present in both the auditoriums and I was coordinating everything via my cell phone! And soon the chat started! The moment everyone in the audience heard Heidi welcome, they just couldn't stop being amazed! But unfortunetly it did not last long as the experimental sound systems which was employed, crashed :-(  So the chat was moved to Text mode... And you know how we students are.. :) The moment something went wrong, no one could let the opportunity to exchange some fun go :P But once the chat caught up flow, everyone was completely into the chat! I was explaing the text line by line to all the students in the audi.. And then came the part of the question and answer. Now who could let the chance of asking question to people like Tim Cramer, Stephen Hahn, David Comay and Glynn Foster! 

All this while I was in the Nirman Vihar auditorium, and then towards the end I switched to TIFAC audi! The moment I walked in, I was welcomed with so many question!! :) It was from every area of virtual worlds and OpenSolaris. IPS was the hot topic again in the discussion! By the time, the last set of students bid me goodnight (who eventually walked with me till my room) the time was 11:30 PM! I distributed OpenSolaris wrist bands to all the participants who stayed after 10 (and unfortunely this number was also so large that I almost exausted almost all the wrist bands I had)

Because the chat was scheduled at 8:00 PM local time, most of the students who attended the chat missed out on their dinner. I must appreciate their curiosity and desire to learn new stuff! Also any thanks to Anand and team would be less for helping me out with so many stuff! We at GLOSS never miss out of taking picutres of the events, but unfortunately this time I could not manage :( 

Everyone in the Sun SL team did a great job... Check out Terri's blog for the complete transcript of the OpenSolaris chat and also Angad's blog for the pictures.

Thursday May 29, 2008

Now let me tell you what we did last summer :-)

I got a secret to share :-P When everyone around the globe was impatiently waiting for OpenSolaris 2008.05 to release, on April 13, 2008, we at GLOSS got lucky!! Thanks to Micheline and Charlie, I could obtain a copy of OpenSolaris Release Candidate 0!!! Yes! we were one of the first one's to see OpenSolaris 2008.05 (exactly the way you see a baby through the ultrasound :-D) and we got our hands on RC0 before any other group outside Sun :-) And then how could we wait to find out how the new desto has come out!! We did and we did it with lots of passion and zeal. 200 students tried their hands on OpenSolaris RC0, and even though RC0 only had the skeleton, (like there were no images during installation, but only the ImagePlaceHolder label was there!) everyone was deeply impressed with the ease with which they could install the distro. We collected the feedbacks towards the end of the test drive and by running through the feedback forms I we knew what the everyday user of OpenSolaris 2008.05 would like and what more they would expect! Angad did a similar thing at his campus in a very innovative way! His blog about this virtual install fest of RC0 is a must-see.

As I told you, it was a matter of pride for us to see and test OpenSolaris RC0 and everyone was overjoyed after we were done. Here is one clip which one of us shot..

I guess it will give you an idea of how passionate we, at GLOSS, feel about OpenSolaris! :-)

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Tuesday May 13, 2008

And that's how GLOSS celebrates technology!

Everyone was celebrating the release of OpenSolaris on May 5th, and at GLOSS, we have been busy planning the same for quite some time.. It was no doubt one of the most awaited event since Project Indiana was declared. So.. as I told everyone before.. we celebrated May 5th as Opensolaris Birthday... :-) There was cake.. there was decorations.. there were people with celebration mood and there was the latest Technology!!!


Thanks to my folks at GLOSS who made this celebration possible, even though from next day on we were having our final exams! (Now I think you know why this post came so late :-P ) Watch the video and enjoy the power of communities!

Powerful OS running on Powerful Processor consuming less POWER!

Opensolaris is a powerful Operating System and Intel Xeon is no doubt one of the most powerful x86 server platform! Now, in the poweful community of Opensolaris there are some serious work going on towards optimizing this powerful Operating System on powerful Xeon so that we can cut down on Power Consumption.. If too much of "Power" has left you confused then go ahead and watch this video in which (Intel) Dave talks about the on-going efforts of optimizing Opensolaris on Xeon. :-D

He also explains some of the cool internals of relationship between power consumption and operating system. Thanks to Terri for bringing this video to me. Check this video out and find out more on whats happening at Opensolaris.org!


I am Abhishek and I work for Sun/Oracle! In this blog, I share my interest in systems, solaris, linux and other technologies :-)


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