Sunday Feb 24, 2008

Worldwide Education And Research Conference 2008 Teaser :)

With just 1 day 12 hours and 13 minutes left to the grand event I have been waiting for, I am rubbing my palms in excitement!!! Yes folks.. the wait would end soon and the Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC '08) is finally just a day away!! I'm very excited to be a part of a conference which has the potential to redefine the way we look at education and role of technology in education today! With personalities like Scott McNealy, the chairman of Sun Microsystems and Larry Penley who is the President of Colorado State University System coming and giving their insight and gyan on technology and education, education and technology, amazing new perspectives on the topics of discussion can be guaranteed!! If you want to know what all are on the discussion-cards... just visit the  WWERC agenda page.. There you can also get the the list of people who will be present. And trust me thats one of the most impressive list of the  intellectual minds of our times! :)

 Now after going through the agenda if you realized that logistics and any other engagement in making you miss out on such a great learning experience.. then don't worry.. like always let Internet save the day :-P Sun will be webcasting the proceedings of WWERC and you can hook to that by visiting If you can't catch up live, you still needn't worry because all the keynote and special sessions will be later vodcasted and podcasted!

 So, the stage is all set for the most happening gathering of education and technology, The WWERC 2008 and it is best matched with its happening host city..  San Francisco!! See you in San Francisco!!


Monday Feb 18, 2008

GLOSS LAB SESSIONS - Getting the feel!

Feb is a hectic month with so many works to do!! But then, GLOSS is always good at finding quality time with latest technologies! :) So on Saturday 16th of FEB, I organized a Lab Session for GLOSS where the agenda was really tight! OpenSolaris-Netbeans-Web technologies with PHP and MySQL!! We had more 5 hours at hand so I thought we can complete everything but then.. People loved Solaris so much that I had to show it to all for more than 2 hours!! Then we came to using netbeans!! Almost everyone here at SASTRA, who had attended my demo on Netbeans last month was asking for a Lab session on netbeans to get an hands on experience! So when netbeans arrived,everyone was very happy!!

With 50 odd students, that too, curious students, conducting a lab session is never easy! But then we all enjoyed the session. Starting from 9:00 AM (On a Saturday its really early!) we all continued to fiddle with the Sun technologies till almost 2:30 PM!! At the end of all, came the time for the GLOSS monthly awards. This time we had two winners. Harish of first year ICT for making the GLOSS logo and Kishore Krishnan for his participating on the GLOSS discussion forum. Kishore was not there to receive his t-shirt, but Harish got his OpenSolaris Coffee mug!


But in these five hours, we could do only OpenSolaris and netbeans, that too, partly. Web-technologies, which I had to include on public demand, I had to push to next day! And Yes.. folks were all ready to come on a Sunday!! :)

So next day, on Sunday 17 Feb, we all assembled in Chit Vihar classroom 302, for a session to discuss further on Open Solaris and Web-technologies . From 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, I spoke about how Internet works and the underlying technologies. Then we discussed how OpenSolaris came into being and how and where it is used. Everyone seemed to be impressed with OpenSolaris!! :) At the end of it, I counducted a small quiz. And we had three winners winning the exclusive Sun Pens!




Though it was just a pen which they won (Of course it has a Sun logo on it, and everyone wanted a picture with Sun logo seen clearly in the picture :) ), but the winners were happy! The reason is simple. They were happy because they won! Winners are always happy and Winning is always a pleasure!

 I wish that members of GLOSS continue to win and keep getting themselves deep into the habit of WINNING! :)

Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC '08) is here once again!

Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC) is here once again! And this time, it couldn't have been bigger. Education needs innovation in order to maintain its relevance with changes in times. These changes in times are brought by rapid innovations in the field of technology. Who will deny that Knowledge is Power and technology today, is working constantly towards making knowledge more pervasive, easily available and accessible to all. Keeping all these factors in mind, it is very important for us to maintain a very tight integration between technology and education.

ERC has been the place to discuss just the same thing since a very long time! This time from 25 Feb to 27 Feb at San Francisco, the best set of thoughts will be brought to light by most renowned names in the field of both education and technology. If you are interested in knowing the names please visit the WWERC Agenda!

See you in San Francisco! :)


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