Monday Mar 10, 2008

Education 3.0 at SRM University, Channai

On 6th of March 2008, I addressed the largest crowd I had ever done before!! It was more than 2000 students who turned up for the Sun University Day at SRM University Chennai. K. Nageshwara Rao, who is Site Lead of India Engineering Center (IEC) Bangalore was the chief guest for the event. He was accompanied by Ganesh and senior professors from SRM. Those who don't know, Ganesh Hiregoudar manages the Sun CA program for the APAC region.

 A very informative keynote was given by KNR and I followed with my presentation on Education 3.0 and Immersive Education. Then Anil came up with his brilliant Robot, which he made on top of Sun SPOTs. "Babu Rao" as we call the robot is indeed an example of sheer power which Sun SPOTs can bring to the hands of developers! It was amazing!!

It was a lovely experience sharing my learnings at WWERC 08 with 2000 students! Knowledge has been growing exponentially and we are about to hit the threshold limit of learning posed due to physical restrictions... But then.. earlier in the history when we faced the limitation of "no printed books", Gutenburg did the trick.. in this age.. Immersive techniques like Project Wonderland is going to come for our rescue!!

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

Students should expect to soon become the "Alice" as the "Wonderland" comes out!

I'm just out of a panel discussion over the  "Immersive Education" and from what I saw, two things where every evident. 1st, its not late that classrooms will no longer be required to teach and learn and 2nd- learning is going to be whole lot fun!

Things like project wonderland, which had enabled virtual collaboration seamless and boundless, the way we look at student-teacher relationship, it is sure to change. Project Wonderland enables application sharing, voice chat, and many other "out-of-this-world" features in a virtual world setup. Combine them together you will see that we have everything that you would need in order to establish a very effective learning tool in order to execute a practical and effective course on almost anything which can be taught to any other soul!! Just to get a feel of it, you can see the following videos which are the examples of where the project wonderland is heading to.

Explore more is all what I can say.. because the \*\*possibilities\*\* in this \*\*wonderland\*\* is making "unlimited" look a "dwarf" word!!

This advice you gotta take!! - Joe Hartley to new age students and teachers!

One thing which came out very clearly during the panel discussion held during the Worldwide Education and Research Conference 2008 is that the learning methodologies and principals are changing everywhere in the world. Education is getting more and more into collaborative learning and sharing of knowledge and resources. So to sum it up, I did a quick interview of Joe Hartley (for those who don't know,  he is the Vice President -Government, Education and Healthcare for Sun Microsystems). Even though being hard pressed with his busy schedule took out time for two quick questions at the end of the day. Thanks to my fellow ambassador Sergay, we recorded the interview. And here is what he would advice to the students and teachers of today who would have to take up the burden of transition from the classic style "leacture based, half duplex learning" to "full duplex, community based collaborative learning." Watch the video:

Open up.. or Close down!!

Things are getting good to great at Worldwide Education and Research Conference 2008! I got a chance to interview Mr. Zack Urlocker, (for those who don't know, Zack is the Executive Vice President - Products, for MySQL) the dynamic leader of MySQL! Earlier in the evening, Zack was on the panel of "Enabling Communities" along with Barry Libert, the famous author of We are Smarter Than Me, and Michael Keller who is the University Librarian and Director of Academic Information Resources at Stanford University. For everyone in the hall, the session was so informative that I could as well call it an "Eye Opener".

In the interview, Zack told me many things about the business model around open source. Everyone knows that the best business model is that model in which each of its component are in a win-win situation. Zack very well justified how open source is exactly the same kind of model where every one is in a win-win!


Personally, I always felt that the way businesses around the globe are migrating towards the collaborative model for production and distribution, and with collaboration tools becoming more and more common amongst the internet users, the day is not far when everything will have to move towards the collaborative model. And after talking to Zack I'm even more convinced that if someone would like to remain close and try to make money the traditional way, then for them might be its a good time to take the message - either "Open Up" or, sorry to say but, "Close Down"!

 Watch the video for more!

Sunday Feb 24, 2008

Worldwide Education And Research Conference 2008 Teaser :)

With just 1 day 12 hours and 13 minutes left to the grand event I have been waiting for, I am rubbing my palms in excitement!!! Yes folks.. the wait would end soon and the Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC '08) is finally just a day away!! I'm very excited to be a part of a conference which has the potential to redefine the way we look at education and role of technology in education today! With personalities like Scott McNealy, the chairman of Sun Microsystems and Larry Penley who is the President of Colorado State University System coming and giving their insight and gyan on technology and education, education and technology, amazing new perspectives on the topics of discussion can be guaranteed!! If you want to know what all are on the discussion-cards... just visit the  WWERC agenda page.. There you can also get the the list of people who will be present. And trust me thats one of the most impressive list of the  intellectual minds of our times! :)

 Now after going through the agenda if you realized that logistics and any other engagement in making you miss out on such a great learning experience.. then don't worry.. like always let Internet save the day :-P Sun will be webcasting the proceedings of WWERC and you can hook to that by visiting If you can't catch up live, you still needn't worry because all the keynote and special sessions will be later vodcasted and podcasted!

 So, the stage is all set for the most happening gathering of education and technology, The WWERC 2008 and it is best matched with its happening host city..  San Francisco!! See you in San Francisco!!


Monday Feb 18, 2008

Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC '08) is here once again!

Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC) is here once again! And this time, it couldn't have been bigger. Education needs innovation in order to maintain its relevance with changes in times. These changes in times are brought by rapid innovations in the field of technology. Who will deny that Knowledge is Power and technology today, is working constantly towards making knowledge more pervasive, easily available and accessible to all. Keeping all these factors in mind, it is very important for us to maintain a very tight integration between technology and education.

ERC has been the place to discuss just the same thing since a very long time! This time from 25 Feb to 27 Feb at San Francisco, the best set of thoughts will be brought to light by most renowned names in the field of both education and technology. If you are interested in knowing the names please visit the WWERC Agenda!

See you in San Francisco! :)


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