Tuesday May 31, 2011

Hello, World Again!

It is nice to be back on blogs.. it's been ages since I wrote my last entry and when I did, it was a blogs.sun.com blog.. now its on blogs.oracle.com! So a welcome change. I intend to keep the blogs updated so stay tuned.. And just for a kicker, check out this lovely wiki which eloquently demonstrate the capabilities of Crossbow, the newest kid in the Solaris town. And while going through this, you may as well want to download the "Network in the Box" Virtual Machine from OTN by going here.

Have any questions about Network Virtualization with Solaris 11? Just drop a comment below and let us get the discussion started! :-)

Saturday Nov 20, 2010

Deep Dive into what is new in Solaris 11 Express - Sysadmin wise!

Solaris 11 Express is now here for you to download! Keeping up the tradition of constant and relentless innovation, Solaris engineering team at Oracle has brought some great features into the hands of sysadmins, developers, IT managers and users. For this blog, I am pointing you to a particular Oracle Techcast video in which Rick Ramsey talks to Markus Flierl, Dan Price, and Liane Praza, from Solaris Core Engineering about what is new in Solaris 11 Express and discuss those features in depth which make the life of a Sysadmin and IT managers much easier!

This video is full of use cases and I strongly recommend you to watch the video if you want to learn more about how you and your organization can take advantage of the new features of Solaris 11 Express.

Just to give you a peek: Some of the features discussed in this video include

  • Solaris 11 Express can send you an email notification if a software of a hardware fails

  • How you can export a physical Solaris 10 instance into a Solaris 11 Express zone and run it without any modification

  • How you can do upgrades on Solaris 11 Express with a single command! 

And of course, much more! Enjoy! And for more such informative videos, check out the Oracle Solaris Video blog!

Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

My new start at Sun/Oracle

It was little more than 3 years ago that I joined Sun as a campus ambassador. Lot has changed since then, but one thing that still continues to be as it was is the fact that Sun is the best place to work for! Sun has the best "minded" and best "spirited" bunch of people and every day that I go to work, I come back with some new learning. 

Anyhow, now I am going to start a new innings at Sun/Oracle! I will be working as a Systems Engineer and will be based out of Mumbai! What does this mean? Well lots of things, but the most important one is, that I will get to work with Servers and Storage systems! And of course, I continue to get to work on Solaris!! What more could I ask for!! ;)

I am super excited about this new role and I am looking forward to go out in the field and do the thing that I like the most - advocating Sun (and now Oracle) technologies!!! :-)

Keep tuned to this blog as through this blog, I would now be sharing what I learn about systems!


Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

This advice you gotta take!! - Joe Hartley to new age students and teachers!

One thing which came out very clearly during the panel discussion held during the Worldwide Education and Research Conference 2008 is that the learning methodologies and principals are changing everywhere in the world. Education is getting more and more into collaborative learning and sharing of knowledge and resources. So to sum it up, I did a quick interview of Joe Hartley (for those who don't know,  he is the Vice President -Government, Education and Healthcare for Sun Microsystems). Even though being hard pressed with his busy schedule took out time for two quick questions at the end of the day. Thanks to my fellow ambassador Sergay, we recorded the interview. And here is what he would advice to the students and teachers of today who would have to take up the burden of transition from the classic style "leacture based, half duplex learning" to "full duplex, community based collaborative learning." Watch the video:

Sunday Feb 24, 2008

Worldwide Education And Research Conference 2008 Teaser :)

With just 1 day 12 hours and 13 minutes left to the grand event I have been waiting for, I am rubbing my palms in excitement!!! Yes folks.. the wait would end soon and the Worldwide Education and Research Conference (WWERC '08) is finally just a day away!! I'm very excited to be a part of a conference which has the potential to redefine the way we look at education and role of technology in education today! With personalities like Scott McNealy, the chairman of Sun Microsystems and Larry Penley who is the President of Colorado State University System coming and giving their insight and gyan on technology and education, education and technology, amazing new perspectives on the topics of discussion can be guaranteed!! If you want to know what all are on the discussion-cards... just visit the  WWERC agenda page.. There you can also get the the list of people who will be present. And trust me thats one of the most impressive list of the  intellectual minds of our times! :)

 Now after going through the agenda if you realized that logistics and any other engagement in making you miss out on such a great learning experience.. then don't worry.. like always let Internet save the day :-P Sun will be webcasting the proceedings of WWERC and you can hook to that by visiting http://www.ustream.tv/sun. If you can't catch up live, you still needn't worry because all the keynote and special sessions will be later vodcasted and podcasted!

 So, the stage is all set for the most happening gathering of education and technology, The WWERC 2008 and it is best matched with its happening host city..  San Francisco!! See you in San Francisco!!



I am Abhishek and I work for Sun/Oracle! In this blog, I share my interest in systems, solaris, linux and other technologies :-)


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