Monday Jan 20, 2014

Giving my blogs a new home - TechMasonry

I acknowledge that I have been very very slow at blogging recently ( if you are kind enough to consider 4 years to be recent in your timescale. :-) ). But with 2014 setting in, I have decided to reboot my blogging habit and give my blog a new start.

The first step that I am taking in this direction is to give my blog a new home. Now, I would be blogging at TECHMASONRY.COM

For last four-five years, I have been working exclusively with high-end technologies, using them as building blocks for designing and delivering mission critical solutions for large enterprises. The experience of doing so was very close to that of a mason, who uses bricks and stones and mortar and many other things to build those massive buildings, only that in this case, I was using technology. Hence the name - TECHMASONRY :-)

Hope the readers would continue to follow my blog on its new home. 

Thursday May 29, 2008

Firefox Download Day!

Firefox has redefined the way we browse the web isn't it! Now if anything deserves a  world record then firefox is ofcourse one of the top ones in the list. With Firefox 3 being released in the near future, Firefox this time is getting ready to set a world record for maximum number of software downloads in 24 hours!

To keep us reminded, Firefox community has setup a pledge and reminder service. You can go and take a pleadge to download Firefox 3 and help Firefox community to set this world record by visiting the Download Day Homepage!

So lets go and download Firefox 3 and set up a world record!! :-)

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Terri's Tete a Tete with Dr. Hahn and Tim Cramer

OpenSolaris is creating lots of buzz everywhere! With so many people egarly waiting to know whats new with OpenSolaris, a small talk from the "inside men" was very much needed! Thanks to Terri Wischmann, who spoke to Dr. Stephen Hahn and Tim Cramer about whats happening at the OpenSolaris camp and got us an exciting inside scoop on it.

Both Dr. Hahn and Tim Cramer are no less than a celebrity in OpenSolaris community and now that Terri gets to interview them one on one and enjoy the OpenSolaris Bash at the CommunityOne, don't you agree that I have enough reason to feel jealous of her!!

Anyways... if you find yourself exactly in my position where you are missing CommunityOne because you can not be there in San Francisco on May 5th, then do what I am doing to be a part of celebration... Read Terri's Blog, hook on to the CommunityOne site, grab a copy of OpenSolaris latest release candidate and pray to god that you get to be there for the next CommunityOne!! :-)

Friday Feb 22, 2008

What it Feels Like Being a Sun Campus Ambassador!

Today I complete full FIVE MONTHS as a Campus Ambassador for Sun Microsystems! Ask me how it feels to be a CA??? I can say only one thing... "Man.. You got the be a CA to know how it feels to be one!". I always believe that examples are the best, in fact the only way, to get your point across in a conversation. But unfortunately nothing I have ever come across matches the excitement which have been experiencing while working as a CA at Sun. Thats why.. no examples or comparisons. I might say that being the President of United States of America could be as exciting as being a CA, but then I'm waiting till I become the President so that I can give a fair judgement... :-D

 Joke's apart, Campus Ambassador is a really unique internship program, where you get to place yourself on the bleeding edge of technology while you still take in the formal (read boring :-P) education in classrooms! And it doesn't end there... you enjoy the luxury of taking all your friends and classmates along with you! You act as the bridge between the formality of regular education and the world technology which is changing at supersonic speeds! If you are passionate about technology, and have such a strong conviction about open source and importance of participation that you can radiate it to your fellow students then you have it what it takes to be a Campus Ambassador.

There are thousand things I like about the Campus Ambassador program... but what makes to the top of the list is the  \*\*Truly INTERNATIONAL Exposure\*\* which you get while you work as a CA. Wondering why INTERNATIONAL is so emphasized?? Imagine yourself working hand in hand and seamlessly collaborating with more than 500 students just like you, but coming from 500 different colleges and culture, all around the World!! Isn't that INTERNATIONAL enough?? :) Trust me, when I realize that I have so many friends around the world.. I get on top of it.. ( read it On top of the World :) !!)

 My feelings about being a CA has suffered serious "Transmission Loss" by the time it came to this blog :-P. So just take the picture you would have formed in your mind about being a Campus Ambassador with Sun and scale it up by some 10,000 times.. then might be you will kinda come close to what it feels like being a  \*\*Proud\*\* "Sun Campus Ambassador" :)


Saturday Jan 12, 2008

Being Monkey! - A Sad Reality of Teams and Workplaces

Please take two minutes to read this story... and at the end of it ask yourself if it sounds familiar!

This story is about an experiment which a group of scientist conducted in order to study the behavior of monkeys in terms of team play. The setup of the experiment was quite simple. There where five monkeys kept in a cage, with a ladder kept in the middle of the cage. A bunch of bananas was kept on top of the ladder!

 Now, the moment monkeys saw the banana on top, they tried to climb up the ladder and grab the banana. But what the scientists did was, the moment any monkey tried going up the ladder, they would shower freezing cold water on rest of the four monkeys.

 After a few cold shower, the monkeys understood that they are subjected to the cold showers only when any of them try to go up the ladder. So next time any monkey tried going up the ladder, the rest of them would beat him black and blue!

 After several beatings, every monkey gave up tried going up the ladder, even after having the temptation of the bunch of bananas right in front of their eyes!

 Now the scientists brought a change in the setup. A monkey from the set of five, was replaced with a new monkey. This new monkey, the moment saw the bunch of bananas, tried to go up the ladder and grab it!

 Upon this, as per the usual practice, rest of the four monkeys gave him a severe beating! After couple of such beatings, the new monkey also gave up trying going up the ladder and grab the bananas, without ever knowing why he was being beaten for going up the ladder and grabbing the bananas..

Now the scientists made more changes and replaced one of the old four monkeys with a new one. This time, same as the last time,first thing the new monkey did was to try going up the ladder and grab the banana! But upon this, he was severely bashed. This time, even our last replaced monkey, joined in beating the new monkey. Neither the new monkey knew why he was being beaten on trying to go up the ladder, nor our last replaced monkey knew why he is beating the new monkey on trying to climb up the ladder!

 Going ahead with the experiment, the scientists kept replacing old monkeys with new ones and every time the beating  was repeated.

After some time what was left was a group of five monkeys who never received a cold shower but which never tried climbing up the ladder to grab the bananas and kept beating any monkey who tried climbing up the ladder and grab the bananas!


If it was ever possible to ask these five monkeys why they beat any other monkey who try to go up the ladder and grab the bananas, I'm sure the answer would be.. “I don't know... but that's how things are done over here!

In life, most of the time we would encounter people, at work, among friends, peers, even family members, who would throw their solid fist on you every time you try to go up the ladder, without any justifiable reason or point! But unfortunately... “That's how things are done around here!

We have a choice... either we can continue being a monkey and go on with bashing and beating.. or stop being one and start climbing the up the ladder!!

Only two things are infinite.. the Universe and Human Stupidity, and I'm not so sure of the former!” -Albert Einstein.


Copyrights, if any, are acknowledged and respected.

Your comments are invited! :)

Wednesday Jan 09, 2008


At GLOSS, we spent most of our time in Jan, in getting acquainted with netbeans! And now in just 8 days it looks to be that already most of us GLOSSers are having an affair with netbeans! :)

Anyways as university will be closed for most of the time for the pongal holidays next week and then will come the most dreaded mid-sem examinations, so I though it was high time thinking what to do in FEB... well in FEB GLOSS with try to have a good stab at Open Solaris!

What do we need to call a open source technology stack complete? we need a OS,  programming and scripting languages, a DBMS, a Webserver, and to make life simple and keep our sanity intact an IDE.. Now when already Netbeans (IDE) and JAVA (the programing language) has mesmerized us, I think its good time to let the OS do its magic.. So, Feb will be dedicated for Open Solaris!!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Pongal ( and all the best for the midsem exams! :)

Our present day challenges!

Open source is a beautiful concept! And surprizingly, unlike many idealistic concepts, it is feasible too. Its sustained presence and unprecidented acceptance are testimony to this fact. Here at SASTRA, we have been trying for quite a long time now to grab a large share of the unexplored Open Source arena of India. But then, we have our own problems.. inadequate knowledge of technology is ofcourse the biggest issue! The traditional model of learning which we follow, hardly leaves any room for developing skill sets to become a hardcore contributor. But this can be solved.. GLOSS is taking initiative to make students aware of finer details of computing and place diversion arrows in the learning path of the students so that they can enrich their depth and width of knowledge base through the series of seminars and personal one-to-one interactions.

Second is the issue of lack of time. A hectic 8 hours schedule of college leaves students quite weary to do anything as serious as coding a OS or desiging a Database Engine. :p But then.. as I always tell my friends and folks at GLOSS, Contributing to Open Source is lesser a test of knowledge and techincal expertise and bigger a test of individual Character and emotional determination! I'm sure my zealous friends would overcome this problem.

In short, even after all the huddles placed in the course, our marathon towards being the largest contributor in the country will continue... and will continue with all its pace :) 


I am Abhishek and I work for Sun/Oracle! In this blog, I share my interest in systems, solaris, linux and other technologies :-)


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