Friday Apr 24, 2009

What Professors said about GeeCON ?

I think it's good to mention now before. During my work I'm in touch with lot of professors from various universities over Europe. I'm glad that quite all of them are excited by GeeCON. Only little doubt they are having about planed time (Economical crisis). I think it could be true but Economical crisis doesn't mean that Communities are going to stop. Now it's seems GeeCON is going to be very successful. Good sign for all. I know that lot of work is behind and our GeeCON team is working pretty much last days to cover every bugs but in general we are doing very well. Our team is great. Now we have GeeCON Bus, GeeCON university, Facebook or LinkedIn groups. We are replying lot of emails :) and we have attendants ...

What to say in the end ?

PS: this is not only professor's opinion :) this is only name of my post.

Friday Mar 27, 2009

OSUM explanation done by Gary Serda

Hello Everybody, I'm back again. This post is for those who don't know about OSUM yet. This short movie was taped by Alper and Gokhan. Great job guys! You are going to have this introduction from the real source. This message is coming from Gary Serda.

Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Partnership meeting in Brno - Dec08

This post I have prepared more than month. Today I find short time for post it. On 11.12.08 together with my colleagues (I, Roman, Ales) we went to Brno. There we should visit partnership meeting at Masary University - Faculty of Informatics. I don't want to bother you by details around our travel from Prague to Brno. We used highway and car ;) I have to note that they have very nice lecture room for this kind of events. Here is small overview around presenations we had.

Red Hat Czech, s.r.o. , IBA CZ, s.r.o., IBM Česká republika, spol. s r.o., Javlin a.s.,, a.s. , Hewlett-Packard s.r.o.  , MSR Engines , Sun Microsystems Czech, s.r.o. , USU Software, s.r.o. , ZONER software s.r.o.

We have started contact with IBM and others. We had discussion with our current partners.  Whole atmosphere was very nice. We also spoke to students about our technologies . We have prepared Awards fot students so we did small test of theirs knowledges about SUN. Main thing is that they interested about cooperation with SUN as part-time employee and also on any thesis. In this case of thesis I hope we will be able to develop this connection with Brno much more.

Small note to the end. Roman did very nice presentation about opensolaris ;) he did also nice note about concurency. It was funny because he had presentation befor RedHat.

Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

SCA Program in Hungary: Eötvös Loránd University

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. This is the fact. Other fact is that The Eötvös Loránd University or ELTE, founded in 1635, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Hungary, located in Budapest. By knowing this facts I want to announce that OSUM has been started on ELTE. OSUM leader is Zoltan NAGY. It is a compliment for me to have opportunity to co-operate with this man. 

I'm sending big congratulation to Zoltan about his first Technical talk! There ware around 90 students. The theme was Java EE.

I am very happy when I see enthusiasm guy for opensource technologies and who is able to talk about. I'm educating my self whole my live around technologies. This is needs for creating  big picture over all. One issue happened in the past and  I do not understand why. Slot for ELTE was closed. So this means that there is no financial support over Sun Campus Ambassador program. I do not understand why but we have to respect it. I tryied to find other ways to support all effort like this. But sometime I give the similar question to myself.
Who is going to support me ?

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

Sun Freedom Day 2008 - country: POLAND - town: Cracow

Today Sun Freedom Day is taken place in Cracow. I don't have opportunity to be there personally but I worked hard on one part of preparation. We had some issues to solve. I hope and believe the event is great and all participants are happy. I want to thanks to all other companies and groups who are involved in SFD. And I want to send special acknowledgement to all people from organization team: Paweł Bachara, Andrzej Grzesik, Mirosłav Kopecky, Przemysław Kulczyck, Łukasz Głowacki, Łukasz Miłkowski, Jakub Dziwisz, SUN Managers and others.I'll blog around later on. I'm sending nice weekend to everybody

9:15-9:45 Przemysław Kulczycki Software Freedom Day - introduction
9:55-10:40 Łukasz Głowacki OpenMoko
10:50-11:35 Łukasz Miłkowski Ivo Modrinić Open Sourcein an office
11:45-12:30 Andrzej Grzesik OpenSolaris
13:50-14:35 Paweł Bachara Sun SPOT
14:45-15:30 Dyskusja Free software: myths & facts - a discussion
15:40-16:25 Krzysztof Dorosz PKI Goes Mobile
16:35-17:20 Jakub Dziwisz Light methodologies of software development and the open source movement
17:30-18:30 Movie "Good Copy Bad Copy"

Sunday Jan 06, 2008

The First Presentation

Today is 29.11.2007 and around 5 p.m. In few minutes should start my first presentation about SUN technologies. I’m in the auditorium 20 minutes before and I’m trying to prepare all devices which I’ll need later like my laptop and projector, of course. When I have everything ready I talk to myself have I everything done? I hoped so.
One minute to go and here it is.

The first presentation was about Sun technologies in general and OpenOffice. Why I decided to do this? Because most of students in my school have no idea about what is Sun working on. For most of students is little bit difficult to create nice and good report so I introduced them to OpenOffice.

Part one covered introduction of me, web pages (, incoming presentations and possibilities of SUN technologies.

Part two was focused on last OpenOffice version 2.3. I demonstrated how to use Write, Calc, Impress, Draw and also Base. I showed them how to write scripts and how to connect whole office package to the database. I tried to show all possibilities of this office package which could be interesting for students like easy creating of Web Pages.

Part Three was discussion. Students had lot of questions about scripting languages of OpenOffice , where could download source code and also information.

Attendance of this first seminar was more than 23 people included professors and docents. I was very happy because this seminar was quite late in the afternoon and attendance was great. We spent 2,5 hours by talking about SUN technologies together :)

My experience as a software engineer, ambassador, coordinator and university relation


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