Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

Sun Laboratories

   I think lot of us heard about Sun Laboratories. I think  projects realized inside Labs are amazing. SunSPOT is also coming from SunLabs. For those how doesn't know about what I'm  writing . Just have a look at Sun Research . Also I think it could be very good topic for Sun Campus Ambassadors pressentation. What do you think ?

I had aslo very motivational meeting with Katherine Hartsell (External Research Office). I'm glad for that!

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

SunSPOT has the new chassis

I bought chassis for my SunSPOT couple days before I forgot to blog around. In Prague it is not so easy to find a shop focused on robotics. I know only one but this is focused on plane models. So Jirka forward me to Hobby Robotics and theirs internet shop.  Then I bought chassis and gearbox. Everything is from TAMIA company. I know this company from my childhood very weel because I put together lot of plane models.

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

SunSPOT simulator

This will be only brief topic around SPOT simulator called Solarium.  Solarium you can run for device simulation. You can create more than one SPOTs and play with them. Solarium is the part of SPOTManager. You have to download jnlp and run it.

In SPOTmanager here is tab Solarium. When you run it you get silulator workplace. Here you can place any of SPOTs (Emulator-> New virtual SPOT). Write a code for SPOT is on you.


Thursday Sep 25, 2008

SunSPOT and HD44780 Character LCD

Several month ago I bought LCD display based on HD44780 standart. and addtional stuff  The issues was I had no simple access to  right electrical tools to collect everything together in the right way. I tried to do it but everytime without success :( It's logical. The tin is really helpful and with iron it is similar :). Other fact is that I was quite busy during this time to solving this.

I asked my colleague and friend Jirka Tusla (JiT) from our team for help. He was happy when he heard about SunSPOT and he decided to help me. Jirka is experienced in this case much more than me. I have learnt a lot around hardware background from him. I have also realized where I did sereral mistakes.

 Here are some pictures and video from our successful work :)

Monday Jun 23, 2008

SunSPOT Facebook group

I want to invate all buffs to join SunSPOT group on Facebook. Link is here:
I think this project is really great and we have to talk about it, discuss and discover possibilites of usage. It cann't be forgotten. SunSPOT have to live :)

SunSPOT for SUN employees - next stage

Hi All who likes SunSPOT Project. I want to notice little success. I have found the way how can Sun employees buy SunSPOT development kit, with the discount of course.

Also I want to ask all who wanted to buy one SunSPOT development kit to send me an email. I'll try to arange it.

PS: If you aren't Sun Employees you can contact me too.

Thursday Jun 19, 2008

SunSPOT and Servo Binding

Month ago I started to write article about binding Servo to the SunSPOT eDemo board. But I forgot to post it. I want to remedy this. Connecting any servo is really easy. You only need to address right pins on the demo board and after do that you can use writtend class Servo. Class Servo is placed in the package you have to also address right PIN by who you will control your servo. For do this you will need to import other package

example: serv = new Servo(EDemoBoard.getInstance().getOutputPins()[EDemoBoard.H2]);
Now you can use Servo methods getValue, setValue, setPosition ... to controll your servo.

this is the program but what about real binding ?  You should prepare peaces of wire. Connect your sunspot with servo by ground connector, Than connect wire with SunSPOT's pin H2 (on eDemo board) and your Servos controller cable (yellow). Also you should connect two pins together on the eDemo board PINs  +5V and VH. The last thing is connect your servo with power supplier 5V.

Isn't it easy ? :) after all this you can see something like on the movie below.

SunSPOT project and opensource

Based on yesterday duscussion with my colleague. I want to mention how much is SunSPOT project open source. There are really good ways how to contribute to this amazing project. 

Because I haven't easily found one site where are all opensource projects placed together. I decided to do that (instead Mike's article of course - SunSPOT hardware open source) to increase success :). Here it is. Enjoy !

SPOTs project - here you can find all projects
eSPOT Main Board
eDemo - demonstration board for SunSPOTs

eFlash - MiniSD card reader/writer add on board for Sun SPOT eS
eSerial - RS232 interface board for the Sun SPOT
eProto - simple prototyping board for the SunSPOTs
eProtomega - Atmega88 prototype board for SunSPOT

solarium - SunSPOT simulator

And for the first time users is very good to have basic experience what the SunSPOT is. In this case there are some demos.

Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

SunSPOT for SUN employees

Today I have discussed about SunSPOT advantages and tehnology with one of my colleague. Instead of the fact I have lot work with opensolaris conference and my work I still thinking about SunSPOT :) During the weekend I soldered wires with my LCD display and also base for I/O pins. Now I'm looking forward to finish my program for initialize LCD display.

Back to todays discussion with my colleague about SunSPOT. He is really excited by this technology too. He has also strong java technical skills. He asked me how is possible to get SunSPOT like SUN employee. I gave promise to him I'll try to find it out ! If anybody has any comments to this you are welcome !

Friday May 23, 2008

SunSPOT free course and certification

David Simmons announced on his blog Sun SPOT certification exam. I was really interested in it because SPOT is really cool thing. Otherwise I'm working on my robot by using this spot :). So I wanted to get more new information about this device. I found out that lot of things I know but there were more addtional ones.  I think this course is really great for begginers and aslo for advanced guys. It's nicely summarize all you need for.  Enjoy yours one ...




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