Monday Feb 02, 2009

Part 4: SCA - Meeting in Prague: News

We are still closer to the final date of our meeting in Prague. I do believe all SCAs are looking forward for our presentation sessions. Whole schedule is going to be announce very soon. Now I'm want to uncover small part. During our Prague meeting we are going to have Cold Lab Tour. I do believe most of SCA will have questions about virtualization methods and hardware. They will see it in real !  Here I'm providing some images as motivation. Isn't cold lab nice ?.

Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Part 2: SCA - Meeting in Prague: From Ruzyne Airport

In this post I want to cover possibilities of transportation to the Eurohotel Praha. We can also discuss here and make it more visible for other who are involved in. Couple day before I sent an email with overview about possibilities. Let's do it mention again.  The first travel for most of you is going to be from Airport to the Hotel.

From Ruzyne Airport to the Eurohotel Praha

There are two possible ways how to get there. One is by Public Transport. On the airport you need to find station of bus number 119. Second way is to take TAXI. I won't describe process how to explain taxi-driver where he should go. I guess it's very easy because you have an address.

Bus 119 to its end station at Metro Dejvická. The fare in bus 119 is 26 Kč (ticket should be purchased from ticket machine at the stop or at a counter of PIT - Prague integrated transport in the airport hall, one-day or 5-days tickets for Prague public transport are valid here. Ticket you can buy also in tobacconist's shop on the airport. ) and you can continue with the same ticket by Metro. Here is only the time limit of 75 min. Now you are on Dejvicka Metro Station (the end of the bus 119). You have to go down stairs and continue you travel by Metro.

The next task is to get from Dejvicka metro station (Line A) to Chodov station (Line C).  After look on prague metro schema  you see you have to change your lines on Muzeum metro station!!!

The last step is to get from metro station Chodov to the Eurohotel Praha. You have address. I'm posting here google maps. So you need to keep your eye on. Do not foget remember names of streets :) When you lost you can call taxi anytime.  Here is one name CitiTaxi. I have good experience with them.

View Larger Map

Now you should be in your hotel. I'm sending you my congratulation !  Next Post going to be about how to get from hotel to Sun Office.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Part 1 : Sun Campus Ambassador Program Orienation Meeting in Prague

Hi all SCAs who are involved in. As you all of you know we are going to have Orientation Meetings in Frankfurt and Prague. So I'm covering meeting in Prague. My next blog posts are going to be about in most of time. 

This planed meeting is also one of things why I didn't blog after new year. There ware lot of meetings connected with and take a care about. I'm very glad all SCAs will get opportunity to visit our development center in Prague. Prague is quite unique site from general SUN organization.

Instead of the fact I have posted lot of things via email. I want to mention something on my blog. I think one will be about how to get to the Eurohotel Praha or SUN office from the Ruzyne air port :) Because I guess it's very important.

my next post is coming soon :) like interesting movie

Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

SCA Program in Hungary: Eötvös Loránd University

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. This is the fact. Other fact is that The Eötvös Loránd University or ELTE, founded in 1635, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Hungary, located in Budapest. By knowing this facts I want to announce that OSUM has been started on ELTE. OSUM leader is Zoltan NAGY. It is a compliment for me to have opportunity to co-operate with this man. 

I'm sending big congratulation to Zoltan about his first Technical talk! There ware around 90 students. The theme was Java EE.

I am very happy when I see enthusiasm guy for opensource technologies and who is able to talk about. I'm educating my self whole my live around technologies. This is needs for creating  big picture over all. One issue happened in the past and  I do not understand why. Slot for ELTE was closed. So this means that there is no financial support over Sun Campus Ambassador program. I do not understand why but we have to respect it. I tryied to find other ways to support all effort like this. But sometime I give the similar question to myself.
Who is going to support me ?

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