Monday Oct 13, 2008

Project SETI

From my childhood I'm interesting in extraterrestrial inteligence. I read lot of books around. I like X-Files movies and serials. One time I found Project SETI and it's idea.

The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevelence of live in the universe. Sun Microsystems become to be sponsor of this great project. Everyone could help to analyze data. You need only to donwload this BONIC software.

Friday Aug 08, 2008

Project fortress

On one of Junes Wednesday I have met really great guy from Sun Laboratories in Burlingot. His name was Jan-Willem Maessen. This guy is really involved in development of this project and his pressentation was really exciting and cool. He make me involeved in interest about this project. I have it downloade and tried. I'll blog about my experiene later on. Here are some brief information. 

What is the Fortress?
Fortress is a new programming language designed for high-performance computing (HPC) with high programmability. Fortress features include:

  • Implicit parallelism 
  • Transactinos
  • Flexibile, space-aware, mathematical syntax
  • Static checking (byt with type interface)
  • Definition of large parts of the language in its own libraries

The Fortress reference interpreter is released under a BSD License. Other software included in the distribution bears various open source licenses. All of these are included in the License File.


Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Semantic web and KiWI project

"The Semantic web is an extension of the current web in which information is given 
welldefined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in co-operation”
                        \*\*\*Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director of W3C\*\*\*

Second interesting event what has happened to me is project KiWi. I got opportunity to meet people who are working with Semantic web technology and discussed with them. I have to metion my good friend Jakub was part of this team at the past. Now he is a  member of project KiWi.

During the time we worked together we thought a lot about advantages and usage of Semantic web. We also did presentation to people from our globalization team and we did demo based on Maven Project. Maybe I'll bloged about it more in the future.

But now here is project KiWi and its blog. The project KiWi is concerned with knowledge management in Semantic Wikis and funded by the European Commission.
If you want to know more information now have a look on websites. Everything else is comming in the nearest future :) Enjoy!

and guys from SUN :)

Thursday Jun 19, 2008

SunSPOT project and opensource

Based on yesterday duscussion with my colleague. I want to mention how much is SunSPOT project open source. There are really good ways how to contribute to this amazing project. 

Because I haven't easily found one site where are all opensource projects placed together. I decided to do that (instead Mike's article of course - SunSPOT hardware open source) to increase success :). Here it is. Enjoy !

SPOTs project - here you can find all projects
eSPOT Main Board
eDemo - demonstration board for SunSPOTs

eFlash - MiniSD card reader/writer add on board for Sun SPOT eS
eSerial - RS232 interface board for the Sun SPOT
eProto - simple prototyping board for the SunSPOTs
eProtomega - Atmega88 prototype board for SunSPOT

solarium - SunSPOT simulator

And for the first time users is very good to have basic experience what the SunSPOT is. In this case there are some demos.

Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

Guillaume Laforge, founder and Project Manager of Groovy ...

Last week was added Groovy and Grails support to the NetBeans standart distibution. Now you can download it from here.  Who is Guillaume Laforge ?

Guillaume Laforge, founder and Project Manager of Groovy, spec lead of JSR-241, founder of the Grails framework, co-author of Groovy in Action, frequent conference speaker and VP Technology of G2One, Inc.  I think this is very good characterization. 
Today he pressented Groovy success stories and future directions on. This pressentation was litlle bit diffrent than one I have seen before ( previous pressentation was more technical and there was lot of examples of groovy usage). This pressentation was more like the tale and it was about vision of the future. Guillaume also metioned advantages of groovy in general. How is easy to write some hard mathematical equations. I think in that case is Groovy really strong! Also he mation that Groovy is quite faster than other. I do belive to that because it's quite logical.

Here are some pictures.


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