Thursday Feb 26, 2009

Sun Campus Ambassador Meeting - day 1

I wanted to post this part yesterday but I was too busy by other tasks. I caught only images preparation. It took little time to convert them all to JPG format. So back to the day 1 of SCA Prague meeting. 

Only comments to images: Img1. Our meeting room Img2. I was awarded by Poland Ambassadors by Vodka be cause this support and issues we solved in Poland. Thank you again ! My pleasure to support you guys. Img3. David Botterill our every great tech lead

During this day most of all ambassadors were in Prague since day before but during early morning we were completed. Last group from Poland came too. We named unofficial photographer of this meeting. Named was Andrzej Grzesik. In this way I want to thanks him for all images he did :)

Comments: Img1 Leen before hers presentation about SAI. Cecilia sat close to Leen. Img2 My desk changed after Guy awarded me. Cheer and vodka for being stronger :) in managing meeting background.   Img3 Sharing experiences between Hungary, Poland and Czech :) Zoltan and Andrzej are in direction finder

Day 1 was focused on marketing questions. Ambassadors recognized them self too. Everybody was little different then in image placed in the OSUM portal :) Sometimes it was funny. 

Comments: Img1:our room Img2: Claudio Serena and Daniel Img3: we had discussion on every coffee breaks :)

The first presentation had our site director Pavel Suk. He started our meeting in really great way ! Pavel introduced our Czech Site and also cooperating with Czech universities. This news were really inspiration for most of ambassadors. I came 10 minutes late because metro was broken. What say more I really wanted to be there in time but we have Murphy laws.

After Pavel's introduction Alexander and Cecilia (SCA Program managers). Had presentation about communities and program goals. They did also  long recap. They describe also importance of OSUM. After theirs presentation we did also brainstorming about OSUM improvements. This was really interesting but I could mention it later ;) I should have presentation together with Cecilia but in the end I just only introduced the result of our brainstorming session. I hope it satisfied all of SCAs  because they asked me many times when I'm going to have presentation. In the future I'm looking forward to have longer presentation for them. But during our meeting I had a full plate with duties connected with managing other things connected with right flow.

Comments: Img1: Davind is looking for inspiration Img2: Our special guest Roman Strobl but without any presentation because he was too busy Img3: Our Brainstorming session about OSUM led by Cecilia

Sun Learning Services Department was introduced by Pavel Veljacik. He explained to ambassadors what SCA Program really offers to them. Ambassadors  have unique chance to increase their knowledge by certification using and what does it really means to be certificated. Other point was differences between certification levels. Leen Marcelis did very nice overview about our SAI ( Sun Academic Initiative ). SAI is offered to every ambassador for free. Every ambassador could also provide access to his campus. SAI can be used by every university or student for free. SAI should be offered hand by hand with OSUM.

We had also session of sharing best practices between all SCA some of them had presentation. It uncovered that across European countries are big differences. What is in one country applicable in other country is not working. But definitely this experience was very useful for all who were not familiar with. About that I had very long discussions with most of ambassadors. I tried to ask them for all theirs needs and difficulties. We had also in most of cases discussion how to improve it and what kind of help they need. Everybody was more open to me when they speak to me personally. I was glad to have such discussion. I really appreciate all open conversation I had about. It could help me to better understand.

On the end of this more marketing day ( Some of SCAs named it as brainwashing day) we had very nice dinner in Novomestsky Pivovar. But about this part of day in next post :)

Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Part 3: SCA - Meeting in Prague: From Hotel to Sun Office

This post is very simple and short. I'm sending you google map. From Eurohotel Praha you can walk to our Sun Office. I think it's the fastest way. I take around 20 minutes. As againg for the first time, please remember name of all streets :). It's very useful.

View Larger Map

Please use also satellite map!

Part 2: SCA - Meeting in Prague: From Ruzyne Airport

In this post I want to cover possibilities of transportation to the Eurohotel Praha. We can also discuss here and make it more visible for other who are involved in. Couple day before I sent an email with overview about possibilities. Let's do it mention again.  The first travel for most of you is going to be from Airport to the Hotel.

From Ruzyne Airport to the Eurohotel Praha

There are two possible ways how to get there. One is by Public Transport. On the airport you need to find station of bus number 119. Second way is to take TAXI. I won't describe process how to explain taxi-driver where he should go. I guess it's very easy because you have an address.

Bus 119 to its end station at Metro Dejvická. The fare in bus 119 is 26 Kč (ticket should be purchased from ticket machine at the stop or at a counter of PIT - Prague integrated transport in the airport hall, one-day or 5-days tickets for Prague public transport are valid here. Ticket you can buy also in tobacconist's shop on the airport. ) and you can continue with the same ticket by Metro. Here is only the time limit of 75 min. Now you are on Dejvicka Metro Station (the end of the bus 119). You have to go down stairs and continue you travel by Metro.

The next task is to get from Dejvicka metro station (Line A) to Chodov station (Line C).  After look on prague metro schema  you see you have to change your lines on Muzeum metro station!!!

The last step is to get from metro station Chodov to the Eurohotel Praha. You have address. I'm posting here google maps. So you need to keep your eye on. Do not foget remember names of streets :) When you lost you can call taxi anytime.  Here is one name CitiTaxi. I have good experience with them.

View Larger Map

Now you should be in your hotel. I'm sending you my congratulation !  Next Post going to be about how to get from hotel to Sun Office.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Part 1 : Sun Campus Ambassador Program Orienation Meeting in Prague

Hi all SCAs who are involved in. As you all of you know we are going to have Orientation Meetings in Frankfurt and Prague. So I'm covering meeting in Prague. My next blog posts are going to be about in most of time. 

This planed meeting is also one of things why I didn't blog after new year. There ware lot of meetings connected with and take a care about. I'm very glad all SCAs will get opportunity to visit our development center in Prague. Prague is quite unique site from general SUN organization.

Instead of the fact I have posted lot of things via email. I want to mention something on my blog. I think one will be about how to get to the Eurohotel Praha or SUN office from the Ruzyne air port :) Because I guess it's very important.

my next post is coming soon :) like interesting movie

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

CTU OpenContest 2008 - ACM International collegiate programming contest

31.Oct. 2008 It was the first day of CTU open contest. Students should get familiar with thiers environments and rules of this contest. There was also time for companies presentation.  So I was allone and I started my 30 minutes video-presentation for everyone in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislav, Zilina and others cities.

My SunSPOT wanted also to welcome public as you can see from image. SunSPOT did during presentation :) People appeared they like it. I also mention possibilities how to co-operate with Sun (SAI, SCAProgram, OSUM and more)
Atmosphere was very cool. There were student teams from lot of universities and everybody wanted to win (over 200 people). Their brains mediated over all algorithms they know. I strongly recommend to anyone to try contest like this. I think this very good practice for live. I met also prefessor from my studies at Charles University in Prague. About next day 1.Nov. I will blog latter :) Enjoy pictures...

Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Prague World Usability Day 2008 - November 13th

Hello everybody,
This is only brief news because I have lot of things to do. Prague ACM SIGCHI (Sun Microsystems, Czech Technical University in Prague and Dobry Web) are organizing the fourth Czech World Usability Day (WUD).

The theme of this year's WUD is "Transportation".

This WUD will be in Czech language only.
More information and registration is on:

Everything looks solded out but still is here the main part :)

Thursday Oct 16, 2008

ACM international collegiate programming conest - update

I'm really looking forward for this contest. I got more support from SUN. I hope winner team will be happy and glad to get SUN gifts. I have a surprise for them :) 

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