Tuesday May 12, 2009

GeeCON run

GeeCON is over so now it's time to inform the world about our run. We are still working on after promotion. We got lof of gigabytes of pictures and videos. Not easy to sort all of them  out:) but more information are coming soon.

My current message to the world is that we reach our goals, like international team! We had almost 400 developers, 23 sessions (2 days x 2 tracks) and great organizers. Let's look throught our GeeCON Organizers Team . All of them form JUGs (not only from Poland!): Polish JUG, Poznan JUG and guys from Chech JUG.

Now you know our GeeCON team and what about participans ? It's very good to mention that we reached also this goal! We were international. GeeCON covered following european countries:  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK, Switzerland and France.

Survey we did was very positive -> We did something unique it's a GeeCON and now we are moving to the next year. GeeCON was a incredible experience and chance to meet with  great world speakers. Everyone was satisfied because lot of new friendships came into being :) I want to also mention GeeCON University day supported by Sun Learning Services. It was really great !

Special thanks belongs  to our sponsors and Media partners
Let's feel its atmosphere from pictures :) and wait for more ... Facebook or LinkedIn groups

Thursday May 07, 2009

NEWS: GeeCON and its first blog post

Hi Everybody, 

GeeCON will start soon. We had GeeCON University Training yesterday as you know. I'll blog about later. What I could say at this moment. I got only very positive feedback from all participants. Every training was sold out. Cool! We got the first point.   Now we are before GeeCON Conference start.

We are very busy and under time stress. I'm sending you several images from the place ( Cinema ). See you at GeeCON!

Sorry for bad quality no time to use camera and my mobile is not so good for :)

Friday Mar 20, 2009

SCA meeting - Iberia, Italy, Czech, Poland and Hungary

Yesterday I had a meeting with SCAs from countries mentioned above. It was very nice in all directions. Meeting was done over  Elluminate as normal. This application allows me to share also desktop applications and doing more reall presenation. I used this feature and instead of common organizational information I did technical demo for SCAs. Tech demo shoudl be more for motivation and increase curiosity. In that way I'm pretty sure it was succesful.

Based on the fact I did presenation more focused on NetBeans I also tried to mention all useful resources around. On my blog I'm giving you chance to download it and keep your eye closer .

Day before I read JavaFX specification again and I did couple of examples but then I decided to promote NetBeans and PHP development.  Why I did it ? What I have seen across the world PHP is one of the most popular technology. NetBeans is also very good IDE and it's still better and better. Whatever,  PHP support  is implemented. No doubts about benefit from . 

I decided to connect it with DRUPAL Content Management System. I brought out to student how connect to specific database and how to work with inside the IDE. For better imagine have a look at PDF file I'm providing to you as inspiration.Only one comment I did evererything in real with appropriate explanation about. PDF is more like list of sources.

I didn't forget to mention GeeCON. There are going to be lot of opportunities for all students, for others enthusiastic too. I'm looking forward to see most of them there too again.

JUST Enjoy !

PS: PDF was send to ambassadors alias 

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Cracow before Christmas and OpenSolaris

Cracow 2008, tightly before Chirstmas
In Small Pub somewhere in Cracow there was organized very cool event focused on SUN technologies. Mainly it was focused on OpenSolaris cool futures and SunSPOT technology. Studenst were very involved in SunSPOT. Pawel Bachara (Sun Campus Ambassador) worked also as SUNta Claus and gave to visitors some DVDs and lot of sweets. One of the issues Pawel did mention is the size of the PUB. PUB was too small. Have a look at images and Happy New Year.
Lot of thanks to Pawel Bachara and local Linux club,


Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

Silesia JUG in Poland

This is only breif article about new Poland JUG Group in region Silesia. 14. October was the date of the first meeting of this JUG group. There ware over 60 people. I have to thanks to Lukasz Lipka for his effort. I believe in better future co-operation. If you know in Polish here is the best Link

Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Poland - NetBeans Day Success

I glad to announce success of our team cooperation and effort to have a great NetBeans Day in Poland. This event took place in Poznan and Gdansk. Final numbers of attendants was over 170. I would like to thanks to guys from NetBeans ( Geertjan Wielenga and Karol Herzlak ) and other Speakers who I do not know personaly. Thank you also to everybody involeved in (specialy to Adam Dudczak) and also to attendants.

This is right step forward in University Relation in Poland where is big concurrency and lot of needs.

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

Sun Freedom Day 2008 - country: POLAND - town: Cracow

Today Sun Freedom Day is taken place in Cracow. I don't have opportunity to be there personally but I worked hard on one part of preparation. We had some issues to solve. I hope and believe the event is great and all participants are happy. I want to thanks to all other companies and groups who are involved in SFD. And I want to send special acknowledgement to all people from organization team: Paweł Bachara, Andrzej Grzesik, Mirosłav Kopecky, Przemysław Kulczyck, Łukasz Głowacki, Łukasz Miłkowski, Jakub Dziwisz, SUN Managers and others.I'll blog around later on. I'm sending nice weekend to everybody

9:15-9:45 Przemysław Kulczycki Software Freedom Day - introduction
9:55-10:40 Łukasz Głowacki OpenMoko
10:50-11:35 Łukasz Miłkowski Ivo Modrinić Open Sourcein an office
11:45-12:30 Andrzej Grzesik OpenSolaris
13:50-14:35 Paweł Bachara Sun SPOT
14:45-15:30 Dyskusja Free software: myths & facts - a discussion
15:40-16:25 Krzysztof Dorosz PKI Goes Mobile
16:35-17:20 Jakub Dziwisz Light methodologies of software development and the open source movement
17:30-18:30 Movie "Good Copy Bad Copy"


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