Friday Mar 20, 2009

SCA meeting - Iberia, Italy, Czech, Poland and Hungary

Yesterday I had a meeting with SCAs from countries mentioned above. It was very nice in all directions. Meeting was done over  Elluminate as normal. This application allows me to share also desktop applications and doing more reall presenation. I used this feature and instead of common organizational information I did technical demo for SCAs. Tech demo shoudl be more for motivation and increase curiosity. In that way I'm pretty sure it was succesful.

Based on the fact I did presenation more focused on NetBeans I also tried to mention all useful resources around. On my blog I'm giving you chance to download it and keep your eye closer .

Day before I read JavaFX specification again and I did couple of examples but then I decided to promote NetBeans and PHP development.  Why I did it ? What I have seen across the world PHP is one of the most popular technology. NetBeans is also very good IDE and it's still better and better. Whatever,  PHP support  is implemented. No doubts about benefit from . 

I decided to connect it with DRUPAL Content Management System. I brought out to student how connect to specific database and how to work with inside the IDE. For better imagine have a look at PDF file I'm providing to you as inspiration.Only one comment I did evererything in real with appropriate explanation about. PDF is more like list of sources.

I didn't forget to mention GeeCON. There are going to be lot of opportunities for all students, for others enthusiastic too. I'm looking forward to see most of them there too again.

JUST Enjoy !

PS: PDF was send to ambassadors alias 

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

GeeCON and Sun Learning Services cooperation => Amazing training workshop

Following short message should be taken as a pre-announcement. Official announcement is going to be published very soon (expected Today) on official GeeCON web, GeeCON Facebook group and LinkedIn one.

The case of this announcement is following. One day before the GeeCON conference itself there will be Sun Learning Services Workshop. We can call it GeeCON Trainings day it depends on you. More important are topics of 4 organized courses. There I’m only announce names of courses. You can find more at links mentioned above.

Workshop A: Developing Innovative Multimedia JavaFX Applications

Workshop B: Business Component Development with Enterprise JavaBeans Technology

Workshop C: Using Java EE Patterns in Architecting and Designing Robust Java EE Applications

Workshop D: Developing Java Web Services

PS: All students should start increasing theirs curiosity about GeeCON. We are going to announce something very very smart. Stay tuned!

Registration form! 

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Drupal, NetBeans and plugin

I didn't have so much time after start of the new year. I wanted to post new article but without any success. I was busy a lot.  I have to manage Sun Campus Ambassadors for my regions and also GeeCON and my personal life of course. Now I'm sitting in the class with my students and they are doing theirs final test from Information technologies basics.  So it means I have a time to send my prepared article :)

I'm fun, programmer and user of DRUPAL CMS systems.  My first  tech. post is going to be about. I have read several books in the past about DRUPAL development also I went through many of web pages about, not everything was useful to see and read. I do recommend this book before you start doing anything with.This book is named Pro Drupal Development 2nd Edition.

As NetBeans user I could only recommend  pluging for NetBeans 6.5 .

Late I'll blog more about now I have to correct student's tests :) They wanted to know if they passed. 

Friday May 23, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 and PHP

Yesterday, one professor asked me to do small pressentaion on his lecture about NetBeans usage for PHP programming. I didn't have much time  so everything I presented in real time. Happiness was fast internet and before pressentaion I had everything downloaded. I did promise to students to put some steps on my blog.

1. Download NetBeans IDE - Early Access for PHP

2. Prepare additional software ( Apache Server, MySQL ... ) for PHP development
note: for Windows user I offer use apache friends XAMPP

3. Start NetBeans IDE and create new project
File -> New Project -> PHP Application -> Click

Note: Project Sources should corespond to apache server web directory

5. Start your All-in-One Software or  apach server with installed PHP

6. In your IDE you have opened PHP application.

7. For developing you PHP applicaiton you have chance to use palette inside IDE ( Right panel ). It's easy to place piece of code to yours one. It's very hepful and you could develop yours application much faster.

8. Have a fun when you are developing PHP application :)


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