Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

mirage's world of wisdom - little summary. My end is comming :)

Hola, all my blog readers. I could imagine lot of you have a question why I have stopped blogging. The answer is really simple instead of fact I had lot of stuff to share. I guess this will be one of my the last blog posts here.

Now I'm inteding to share success of my team we had in Europe. Maybe this is also reason why I'm going to leave company in next months. Several people couldn't enjoy our success. Anyway this is a speculation maybe the reason is different :)

I know that I did mention most of time about GeeCON conference. This conferece is only part of activities I did in Europe but this conferece has defititely very positive business impact to SUN technologies. I saw data I couldn't share here (reason is logical). By other activities I mean coopartion with my team members, universities and local sun offices. I'll blog about in next posts. Now I have to attend important meeting about SUN business. See you than ...

PS: this is going to be my new blog: mirage's world of wisdom

Monday Apr 20, 2009

Opensolaris Challenge - chance for everyone

This blog post is for those who don't know yet about this nice chance to win Toshiba Laptop. Couple weeks ago SUN announced Toshiba Laptops support. It was great news for everyone using Toshiba laptops like me :). I hope this support is going to be increased to other models very soon. Currently are supported models Tecra M10 and Portege R600. True is that having installed opensolaris better than have installed Windows Vista as default but it could be long discussion around. Anyway few time ago SUN announced cool chance to win one of this supported Toshiba models. There is now limitiation. You can be developer, students, profesorr or even director of galaxy everybody has a chance to win one of models. To get more information about Just have a look at  official web site. The main idea of this challenge is to create best package into the opensolaris. I think there is no limitation too because opensolaris missing a lot of pieces of software ;) just find one and do a package for. How simple.

Rebus: If you know Toshiba models which one is R600 ?

I think there could be very nice cooperation with univeristies and as price can be one of Toshiba laptop. We will see what future brings to us. Stay tuned. 

Monday Feb 02, 2009

Part 4: SCA - Meeting in Prague: News

We are still closer to the final date of our meeting in Prague. I do believe all SCAs are looking forward for our presentation sessions. Whole schedule is going to be announce very soon. Now I'm want to uncover small part. During our Prague meeting we are going to have Cold Lab Tour. I do believe most of SCA will have questions about virtualization methods and hardware. They will see it in real !  Here I'm providing some images as motivation. Isn't cold lab nice ?.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I want to additionally send all the best to everybody I was in contact with during last year !  I did send greetings to all my accounts on Facebook or LinkedIn.  Today when I opened my emails. I  found out that I can not manage all people I know. 

Last year was really great I have done lot of things by myslef and much more things in cooperation with other people from universities, from SUN and also from various other groups. I have meet  lot of interensting people. I am glad I got opportunity to work with and support all Sun Campus Ambasadors I'm responsible for. True is, they did very amazing job. I believe they ware so motivated this year too.

In the End I want to wish lot of luck to everybody and stay tuned with me! Lot of amazing things are waiting for us. GeeCON is comming :)
Happy New Year 2009!

Cracow before Christmas and OpenSolaris

Cracow 2008, tightly before Chirstmas
In Small Pub somewhere in Cracow there was organized very cool event focused on SUN technologies. Mainly it was focused on OpenSolaris cool futures and SunSPOT technology. Studenst were very involved in SunSPOT. Pawel Bachara (Sun Campus Ambassador) worked also as SUNta Claus and gave to visitors some DVDs and lot of sweets. One of the issues Pawel did mention is the size of the PUB. PUB was too small. Have a look at images and Happy New Year.
Lot of thanks to Pawel Bachara and local Linux club,


Saturday Oct 18, 2008

Sun Freedom Day 2008 - country: POLAND - town: Cracow

Today Sun Freedom Day is taken place in Cracow. I don't have opportunity to be there personally but I worked hard on one part of preparation. We had some issues to solve. I hope and believe the event is great and all participants are happy. I want to thanks to all other companies and groups who are involved in SFD. And I want to send special acknowledgement to all people from organization team: Paweł Bachara, Andrzej Grzesik, Mirosłav Kopecky, Przemysław Kulczyck, Łukasz Głowacki, Łukasz Miłkowski, Jakub Dziwisz, SUN Managers and others.I'll blog around later on. I'm sending nice weekend to everybody

9:15-9:45 Przemysław Kulczycki Software Freedom Day - introduction
9:55-10:40 Łukasz Głowacki OpenMoko
10:50-11:35 Łukasz Miłkowski Ivo Modrinić Open Sourcein an office
11:45-12:30 Andrzej Grzesik OpenSolaris
13:50-14:35 Paweł Bachara Sun SPOT
14:45-15:30 Dyskusja Free software: myths & facts - a discussion
15:40-16:25 Krzysztof Dorosz PKI Goes Mobile
16:35-17:20 Jakub Dziwisz Light methodologies of software development and the open source movement
17:30-18:30 Movie "Good Copy Bad Copy"

Friday Sep 12, 2008

opensolaris 2008.05 ang games

As other funs of opensolaris I missed something inside. It was opportunity to play real game :) Of course for everybody means real game something else. For me it means strategy game like Comand&Conquer or Heroes III. I started loking around. My friend (Vit Hrachovy from SST) told me that he has installed last version of WINE 1.1.4 . When I found this out. I felt strong feeling to have it too installed on my. I think WINE is the most important program to have inside opensolaris.

When I have it installed and my friend helped me with Open Sound Drivers installation I ran installation of games :) and here are images...

Also I want to note. Every game running in wine coudl also run in the full screen mode. You have run #winecfg and unselect "Emulate virtual desktop"

Wine configuration -> Graphics -> unselect "Emulate virtual desktop".

Enjoy! WINE rulezz!

OpenSolaris 2008.05 - laptop wifi configuration

I want to blog around because I want to remember also by my self. :) It could help to somebody else who decide using opensolaris natively. 

Lot of thinkgs you need is writen here and I did simply this steps.

# svcadm restart nwam

One time I wrote incorrect security keys 

#dladm show-secobj
#dladm show-wifi -p
#dladm delete-secobj nwam-<essid>-<bssid>
#svcadm restart nwam

more is written here

Monday Aug 18, 2008

My colleague became involved by opensolaris

I forgot metion one interesting thing. My collegue who was NetBeans Evangelist before is opensolaris Evangelist for couple of months. He decide to change his way :). Everybody who is involeved in opensolaris could visit his

opensolaris RuleZ :) 

Monday Jun 30, 2008

OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 - the first report

Last week I promised to do report about developer conference so here it is ! At the start I want to thanks to Jim Grisanzio for nice snapshot of me :) I have changed it and here is the result .

I think this conference was a great opportunity to meet everyone who likes opensolaris. People there could open your eyes to understand what opensolaris really is and what does it mean to be part of. At the first stage solaris  was focused on limited groups of users. These users prefered stability and security. This fact may give to opensolaris the biggest advatages against others.  Back to the conference program.

After nice Jim Grisanzio's presentation: Governing OpenSolaris: Get Involved! We spent few time in discussion how difficult  is building good community. How diffucult is develope good strategy to cover all potential  contributors to the opensource project. It's not easy to do this and it needs also psychological and philosophical ideas. I hope everybody will agree with . I had to leave the first day at two o'clok because had other duties but I looked forward for the next day. On the second day the first presentation was handled by man from Intel Corp. Dave Stewart . The presentation was incredible full of enthusiasm from becoming future and showed why others should use solaris/opensolaris. Also he did very nice snaphosts of Prague. Here is Dave's blog.
I had aslo chance speak to Lukas Rovensky about building community and to others from financial business.  My final status is : It was lovely time to be at conference. Many thanks to all contributors and German Unix User Group too (GUUG)! (DTrace, ZFS, Translation process of opensolaris ...)

For those who haven't been there, here is short animation of Dave Stewart's presentation. I call it look to the future :)

and colleagues from globalization team (Petr Hruska, Jan Trejbal)

and presentation about translation of opensolaris

Petr Tomasek, Robert Malovec on the picture


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