Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

What I did during quite time ?

I don't know if I did mention in the past I love dynamic linked programming languages as Groovy or Ruby (I had aslo cool discussion with Thomas Enebo about) are. Also I cann't forget for Scala which is general purpose programming language which smoothly integrates features of OOP and functional languages.I read only one books and couple of texts about but I still have only light experiences with. So this blog post will be focused on my activities more related to programming. During quiet time I read several books about Grails and Rails. If you want to learn quite easily Groovy and Grails I could only recommend the last this one: " Grails 1.1 Web Application Development" which looks to me very good and is focused on new Grails build 1.1 If you are more familiar it good to have a look at documentation which is here [Documentation]. There is written quite everything you need. 

 I don't want to write a long story why I love Groovy but one of important thing is its ability to work and parse text content especialy GString. At one of my previous position I needed use lot of regular expressions. At that time I used perl or AWK for. Part of my project I wrote using groovy as script language I wanted to parse websites and get only specific information. Then store them in database. With Groovy was this task very easy. I have used this CyberNeko HTML Parser library, SAX parser  and couple of regular expressions of course. I guess this could be very nice presentation for Sun Campus Ambassadors.

This is also the way I tried to lead my team. Just show technologies integration with SUN ones based on universities and students expectations find equilibrium between bored marketing stuff and knowledge . I guess this could be very hard for someone who doesn't have strong technical knowledge background and experiences. I'm very proud lot of members of my team increased theirs technical knowledge. This moment was reflected by presentation successes. Professors appreciated this kind of activities now I'm writing about Central Europe. I have to mention every country needs something different. But stop now :) just let something for next. Next post I'm intending to write about diploma and bachelor thesis I drove in SUN cooperation... just see you later on, cheers

PS: At the first time I used ItelliJ IDEA editor for Grails but now I have returned back and I'm using Netbeans 6.7 again. 

Friday May 09, 2008

MySQL and CVUT on May

Hi All, 

I want to annncounce meeting on 19.May of MySQL group in the room 309 of CVUT at 18:00 in DEJVICE. Entry is free and presentations will be in English language.

There is the abstact of  presentations:

\*1. MySQL - the Community, the Product, the Company
An overview of all things MySQL, from a combined technical and business perspective. A short history of MySQL, the company, the product. What the MySQL Community is, and how MySQL works with it. How MySQL is being integrated into Sun.
Speaker bio: Kaj Arnö, VP MySQL, Sun Microsystems\*

Kaj joined MySQL in 2001, after 14 years as an entrepreneur. He split his company into two, selling the half focusing on MySQL Training to MySQL AB and launching MySQL's training department as VP Training. Since then, Kaj has been VP Professional Services, VP Services, and VP Engineering at MySQL, before assuming his last pure-MySQL role of VP Community Relations in 2005. With MySQL AB being acquired by Sun, Kaj continues to lead the MySQL community efforts, but devotes most of his time to his role as MySQL's Ambassador to Sun. This involves meeting with Sun teams, customers and communities across organisational and geographical boundaries.

\*2. MySQL Workbench - Native Cross Platform Development \*

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, visual database design tool developed by Sun. It is now released on Windows and will be available as a native GUI tool on Linux, Solaris and OS X. After a short overview the tool will be demonstrated in action - followed by a discussion of its architecture and scripting engine.

\*Speaker bio: Michael G. Zinner, Team Lead, Developer Tools, Database Group, Sun Microsystems \*

Michael G. Zinner joined MySQL AB in October 2003 as the lead of the MySQL GUI team. Mike is responsible for the design and the development of the graphical MySQL tools including the MySQL Administrator and MySQL Workbench. Prior to joining MySQL AB, Mike was developing database related GUI tools, including a highly acknowledged visual database designer for MySQL, DBDesigner 4.



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