Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

What I did during quite time ?

I don't know if I did mention in the past I love dynamic linked programming languages as Groovy or Ruby (I had aslo cool discussion with Thomas Enebo about) are. Also I cann't forget for Scala which is general purpose programming language which smoothly integrates features of OOP and functional languages.I read only one books and couple of texts about but I still have only light experiences with. So this blog post will be focused on my activities more related to programming. During quiet time I read several books about Grails and Rails. If you want to learn quite easily Groovy and Grails I could only recommend the last this one: " Grails 1.1 Web Application Development" which looks to me very good and is focused on new Grails build 1.1 If you are more familiar it good to have a look at documentation which is here [Documentation]. There is written quite everything you need. 

 I don't want to write a long story why I love Groovy but one of important thing is its ability to work and parse text content especialy GString. At one of my previous position I needed use lot of regular expressions. At that time I used perl or AWK for. Part of my project I wrote using groovy as script language I wanted to parse websites and get only specific information. Then store them in database. With Groovy was this task very easy. I have used this CyberNeko HTML Parser library, SAX parser  and couple of regular expressions of course. I guess this could be very nice presentation for Sun Campus Ambassadors.

This is also the way I tried to lead my team. Just show technologies integration with SUN ones based on universities and students expectations find equilibrium between bored marketing stuff and knowledge . I guess this could be very hard for someone who doesn't have strong technical knowledge background and experiences. I'm very proud lot of members of my team increased theirs technical knowledge. This moment was reflected by presentation successes. Professors appreciated this kind of activities now I'm writing about Central Europe. I have to mention every country needs something different. But stop now :) just let something for next. Next post I'm intending to write about diploma and bachelor thesis I drove in SUN cooperation... just see you later on, cheers

PS: At the first time I used ItelliJ IDEA editor for Grails but now I have returned back and I'm using Netbeans 6.7 again. 

Tuesday May 12, 2009

GeeCON run

GeeCON is over so now it's time to inform the world about our run. We are still working on after promotion. We got lof of gigabytes of pictures and videos. Not easy to sort all of them  out:) but more information are coming soon.

My current message to the world is that we reach our goals, like international team! We had almost 400 developers, 23 sessions (2 days x 2 tracks) and great organizers. Let's look throught our GeeCON Organizers Team . All of them form JUGs (not only from Poland!): Polish JUG, Poznan JUG and guys from Chech JUG.

Now you know our GeeCON team and what about participans ? It's very good to mention that we reached also this goal! We were international. GeeCON covered following european countries:  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK, Switzerland and France.

Survey we did was very positive -> We did something unique it's a GeeCON and now we are moving to the next year. GeeCON was a incredible experience and chance to meet with  great world speakers. Everyone was satisfied because lot of new friendships came into being :) I want to also mention GeeCON University day supported by Sun Learning Services. It was really great !

Special thanks belongs  to our sponsors and Media partners
Let's feel its atmosphere from pictures :) and wait for more ... Facebook or LinkedIn groups

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

The biggest European OpenSource Conference - GeeCON

   I am proud to announce on my blog  months of our effort. At the start was only small idea to create  international opensource event. Whole Europe is missing events like JavaONE is. And after months of our work we have GeeCON! This is the first article about this conference.  Maybe now you asking yoursefl what is  GeeCON ? I would like to answer your question ...

GeeCON is a conference that will focus on Java and Java Virtual Machine based technologies, with special attention to dynamic languages like Groovy, Ruby and Scala. We want GeeCON to become a forum for sharing experiences about modern software development methodologies, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing and more! The conference is organised by Czech Java User Group and Polish Java User Group (supported by groups from Poznań and Szczecin).

GeeCON is for everyone! Interested in new things from the world of Java and related universes – even better! The conference is aimed at software developers and architects, IT experts, students and personalities from the world of science.

Stay tuned !           

For more information have a look at:


Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

Guillaume Laforge, founder and Project Manager of Groovy ...

Last week was added Groovy and Grails support to the NetBeans standart distibution. Now you can download it from here.  Who is Guillaume Laforge ?

Guillaume Laforge, founder and Project Manager of Groovy, spec lead of JSR-241, founder of the Grails framework, co-author of Groovy in Action, frequent conference speaker and VP Technology of G2One, Inc.  I think this is very good characterization. 
Today he pressented Groovy success stories and future directions on. This pressentation was litlle bit diffrent than one I have seen before ( previous pressentation was more technical and there was lot of examples of groovy usage). This pressentation was more like the tale and it was about vision of the future. Guillaume also metioned advantages of groovy in general. How is easy to write some hard mathematical equations. I think in that case is Groovy really strong! Also he mation that Groovy is quite faster than other. I do belive to that because it's quite logical.

Here are some pictures.


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