Friday Sep 05, 2008

Second Life - first look

Lot of us may still have a question: What is it ? Second Life is a 3-D virtual world created by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe

Maybe now it makes more sance. Second Life could be your second world, your world of imagination, because as it is written, second life is created by its residents. For me it sounds little bit scary. If you would be obsessed by this may be you could lose your virtual identity. It could be really big shock for your. Because second life is not only the game. You could be educated here, you can have a fun here and you could have everything you ever want. It is base on your imagination.

I have joined this ilusion and I have created my virtual body. It is really excited walking through virtual parks and libraries. When you are logged in you could search for the way of yours interest (inside the application : Edit->Search(Ctrl+F)) . I wanted to join any of Sun Groups so I joined Sun Campuss Ambassador Group :). Funny it's for free. Also I have visited Second Life Sun Office. 

I'm looking forward for next experiences! Just try yours own.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 - the first report

Last week I promised to do report about developer conference so here it is ! At the start I want to thanks to Jim Grisanzio for nice snapshot of me :) I have changed it and here is the result .

I think this conference was a great opportunity to meet everyone who likes opensolaris. People there could open your eyes to understand what opensolaris really is and what does it mean to be part of. At the first stage solaris  was focused on limited groups of users. These users prefered stability and security. This fact may give to opensolaris the biggest advatages against others.  Back to the conference program.

After nice Jim Grisanzio's presentation: Governing OpenSolaris: Get Involved! We spent few time in discussion how difficult  is building good community. How diffucult is develope good strategy to cover all potential  contributors to the opensource project. It's not easy to do this and it needs also psychological and philosophical ideas. I hope everybody will agree with . I had to leave the first day at two o'clok because had other duties but I looked forward for the next day. On the second day the first presentation was handled by man from Intel Corp. Dave Stewart . The presentation was incredible full of enthusiasm from becoming future and showed why others should use solaris/opensolaris. Also he did very nice snaphosts of Prague. Here is Dave's blog.
I had aslo chance speak to Lukas Rovensky about building community and to others from financial business.  My final status is : It was lovely time to be at conference. Many thanks to all contributors and German Unix User Group too (GUUG)! (DTrace, ZFS, Translation process of opensolaris ...)

For those who haven't been there, here is short animation of Dave Stewart's presentation. I call it look to the future :)

and colleagues from globalization team (Petr Hruska, Jan Trejbal)

and presentation about translation of opensolaris

Petr Tomasek, Robert Malovec on the picture

Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

BrandZ on SXDE - my first intallation

This is very quick report about installation of BrandZ on SXDE 1/08.
After I decided to install BrandZ on to my SXDE 1/08 I needed to get over few issues. I tried to following the installations steps on the official site ( installation steps ).

After I had configured Branded Zone  I downloaded  CentOS tarball  . Then I tried to install lx Zone but I wasn't successful. Every time I did it  I got FAILED result after few minutes.

In the fullness of time I got solution
My Zone was installed but it wasn't configured. Like SUPERUSER I had  to do run this script.
/usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_init_zone /space/myzone_root/root /tmp/x
/usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_init_zone  <my zone place/root>  <Log>

Then I had to setup that my zone was installed inside information file for all zones. 
file: /etc/zones/index
I changed status of my zone to installed
After this everything  started working properly


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