Thursday Mar 26, 2009

GeeCON: short message about

During GeeCON introduction at CZJUG meeting I did mention lot of advantages for student but of course GeeCON is focus on Java developers, enthusiasts and companies in similar way Just have a look at and find out all possibilities. Also I have badly news for today. GeeCON web is not working because an unexpected issues with our provider.

Another nice news is that guys from Austria are inteding to manage GeeCON bus from Vienna to Cracow :) Just join our facebook or linkedin group to find out more about. 

Friday Mar 20, 2009

SCA meeting - Iberia, Italy, Czech, Poland and Hungary

Yesterday I had a meeting with SCAs from countries mentioned above. It was very nice in all directions. Meeting was done over  Elluminate as normal. This application allows me to share also desktop applications and doing more reall presenation. I used this feature and instead of common organizational information I did technical demo for SCAs. Tech demo shoudl be more for motivation and increase curiosity. In that way I'm pretty sure it was succesful.

Based on the fact I did presenation more focused on NetBeans I also tried to mention all useful resources around. On my blog I'm giving you chance to download it and keep your eye closer .

Day before I read JavaFX specification again and I did couple of examples but then I decided to promote NetBeans and PHP development.  Why I did it ? What I have seen across the world PHP is one of the most popular technology. NetBeans is also very good IDE and it's still better and better. Whatever,  PHP support  is implemented. No doubts about benefit from . 

I decided to connect it with DRUPAL Content Management System. I brought out to student how connect to specific database and how to work with inside the IDE. For better imagine have a look at PDF file I'm providing to you as inspiration.Only one comment I did evererything in real with appropriate explanation about. PDF is more like list of sources.

I didn't forget to mention GeeCON. There are going to be lot of opportunities for all students, for others enthusiastic too. I'm looking forward to see most of them there too again.

JUST Enjoy !

PS: PDF was send to ambassadors alias 

Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

GeeCON Banners

Hello Everybody,
I have great news for all involved by GeeCON conference. After yestardays meetings showed up very serious change to have Sun Certification Exams here with special discounts for attendants. Here is also other change to have Sun Training seminars before this conference.As I wrote in my several previous post this conference has very big potential to be great and at the start was only dream to have any Eastern Europenan Conference.
But this is only particulary information ... we still have to finish lot of work around. 

Have a look at

Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

GeeCON continues

I have prepared lot of topic to blog about. As normally time is not my friend. I want to metion also GeeCON vs. SUN progress. Lot of interesting people inside started theirs interest about. Which is cool for GeeCON. Poland, Czech Republice, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Russia, Germany ... This event is going to be full of surprise :)

At the end of my brief post I want to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone. Stay tuned in the next year 2009

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

The biggest European OpenSource Conference - GeeCON

   I am proud to announce on my blog  months of our effort. At the start was only small idea to create  international opensource event. Whole Europe is missing events like JavaONE is. And after months of our work we have GeeCON! This is the first article about this conference.  Maybe now you asking yoursefl what is  GeeCON ? I would like to answer your question ...

GeeCON is a conference that will focus on Java and Java Virtual Machine based technologies, with special attention to dynamic languages like Groovy, Ruby and Scala. We want GeeCON to become a forum for sharing experiences about modern software development methodologies, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing and more! The conference is organised by Czech Java User Group and Polish Java User Group (supported by groups from Poznań and Szczecin).

GeeCON is for everyone! Interested in new things from the world of Java and related universes – even better! The conference is aimed at software developers and architects, IT experts, students and personalities from the world of science.

Stay tuned !           

For more information have a look at:


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