Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

GeeCON Media Parners

Time is running and GeeCON is knocking at the doors. GeeCON University is going to start at May 6. This week we have increased family of out media partners. New member became to be the main JAVA portal in Czech Republic. It's Java.cz ! You can say hello to Java. cz and have a look there

Java portál\* is an open internet portal that serves the Czech community of users of Java and related technologies . Anyone can register there and share his opinion with other people interested in Java by posting articles, news or links to interesting resources. This portal also closely cooperates with the Czech Java User Group and contains podcasts
from CZJUG-organized seminars.

 GeeCON Media partners family

Monday Jun 30, 2008

OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 - the first report

Last week I promised to do report about developer conference so here it is ! At the start I want to thanks to Jim Grisanzio for nice snapshot of me :) I have changed it and here is the result .

I think this conference was a great opportunity to meet everyone who likes opensolaris. People there could open your eyes to understand what opensolaris really is and what does it mean to be part of. At the first stage solaris  was focused on limited groups of users. These users prefered stability and security. This fact may give to opensolaris the biggest advatages against others.  Back to the conference program.

After nice Jim Grisanzio's presentation: Governing OpenSolaris: Get Involved! We spent few time in discussion how difficult  is building good community. How diffucult is develope good strategy to cover all potential  contributors to the opensource project. It's not easy to do this and it needs also psychological and philosophical ideas. I hope everybody will agree with . I had to leave the first day at two o'clok because had other duties but I looked forward for the next day. On the second day the first presentation was handled by man from Intel Corp. Dave Stewart . The presentation was incredible full of enthusiasm from becoming future and showed why others should use solaris/opensolaris. Also he did very nice snaphosts of Prague. Here is Dave's blog.
I had aslo chance speak to Lukas Rovensky about building community and to others from financial business.  My final status is : It was lovely time to be at conference. Many thanks to all contributors and German Unix User Group too (GUUG)! (DTrace, ZFS, Translation process of opensolaris ...)

For those who haven't been there, here is short animation of Dave Stewart's presentation. I call it look to the future :)

and colleagues from globalization team (Petr Hruska, Jan Trejbal)

and presentation about translation of opensolaris

Petr Tomasek, Robert Malovec on the picture

Monday Jun 16, 2008

Detailed Program for OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008

Hi All, 
For them who have planned to visit this conference or thinking about I have very important news. Here is detailed plan of the  conference. As you can see here will be lot of interesting information.

The question is : "What are you waiting for ?" :)

Friday Jun 13, 2008

OpenSolaris Developer Conference

Yesterday I started with putting up posters. This is not easy task because there is so many places where poster could be. :) Although I have asked students for G11n team for help  I had to visit so many places by my self. And here are some pictures for my crusade :) only nice ones 

Aslo I gave some posters to my friend to propagate this action inside the bank. He said they are interested in. So we will see how much ?

Aslo I wrote some articles to discussions about operating system especially about Windows Vista. Vista users seems to be quite angry so I ofred them visit opensolaris conference.

I forgot metion I gave some posters to very important member of International Students Club CTU PRAGUE. I asked him to inform international students about this action. During the semester when I teached I had the group of this students and most of time they asked me about the action in English language.

Few word to the end refer to propagation. It has started very late. During the year there ware so many chances how to let pople know about. They ask me to do this only 14 days before.  I hope it will be good :) and attendance will be great.

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 - poster change

Yesterday when I was on my way to home I realized very important thing. I forgot mention the place of the conference. Todays morning I fixed this issue :) and I hope that every visitor will be better informed from this poster. See the new one. 


Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

opensolaris developer conference 2008 - poster for students

For presetation this world coference to students I decided for little change of official posters. I think this event should connect knowledge and information and good relexed atmosphere together. It should be fun and interesting for all visitors who will be here. I hope that some of visitors will be profesors of various universities and also there will be lot of young people. Everybody with interest is welcome ! 

opensolaris developer conference 2008

This is the biggest news for all who are interested in development of opensolaris operating system. OpenSolaris Developer Conference moves to Prague in Czech Republic this year. Conference starts on Wednesday June 25 with tutorial day, continues on Thursday June 26 and Friday 27 with the main conference program

I think this will be also great opportunity for students to find out more up to date information about OpenSolaris.  This action will be overfull by information about opensolaris :) and entrance fee for this conference is very low for students, of course!!

For much more check out conference home page !


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