Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

Sun Campus Ambassador Meeting - day 2 -Technical Day

I did promise in the last post about SCA meeting in Prague to blog more about. Here it is. I know that there was little delay but I guess all participant of GeeCON conference will be very happy for this delay. I did lot of work with our GeeCON team in this case.

Second day was more technical. I’m very glad for because several of SCA had very strange questions. Theirs questions only uncover theirs unfamiliarity with several quite basic SUN product.s Technical day was arranged to do very big change and step forward. By a change I mean get motivation to learn much more and increase curiosity. I’m sure we ware very successful!

SCA little warmed up by very good and nice presentation about OpenSolaris driven by David Botterill and much more by Guys from SST Team (Solaris System Testing Team ). This amazing start was followed by NetBeans Roadmap done by John Jullion-Ceccarelli. I’m sure after this started every of SCAs felt satisfied. As little regeneration we got lunch. Everybody had new power then we started with Presentation around NetBeans. It was more introduction and it should show to SCAs how to present. I think only little doubt about needs could be when most of SCA are experienced in NetBeans and Java too.  But it definitely increased they awareness about presenting skills. Nevermind then we had very cool Cold Lab Tour followed by visit of Usability Lab (See any of my previous posts)

Glassfish – very nice and good presentation. Everybody was excited from. And as it seems Glassfish team is going to have an presentation at Fontys University of Applied Science. I’ll blog about later on.

Technical day was amazing and SCAs got lot of motivation…

I did post presentation to our SCA internal portal have a look for inspiration here ...

Monday Mar 02, 2009

Sun Campus Ambassador Meeting - day 1 - dinner

Comments: Img1 - Pablo during beer testing Img2 - satified guys with our photograper Andrzej in the midle  Img3 - Daniel, Me and Zoltan we thinking about dinner :)

After sometime little mindless and sometimes useful marketing day we prepared for all SCAs very cool dinner in nice restaurant in the centre of Prague. We have reserved one whole room for us. It was very good sign for good dinner with lot of fun and great mood. Everybody want to test our national treasure, Beer.

Comments: Img1 - Sasha is very hungry after marketing day Img2 - Start of Becherovka session Img3 - Our great and awarded Serena

I think they got a big chance to do it real.  Another surprise for all was that we have also another national drink called Becherovka :) Everybody became to be a fan in few minutes. I guess after second one. Becherovka is our national elixir of well-being

Comments: Img1 - No more comments Img2 - OSUM discussion Img3 - Pablo Raul and Jorge 

What to say to the end of this day. Everybody survived :) I think it is very good point.

Comments: Img1 - Sasha and his food  Img2 - One of our collective foto

Thursday Feb 26, 2009

Sun Campus Ambassador Meeting - day 1

I wanted to post this part yesterday but I was too busy by other tasks. I caught only images preparation. It took little time to convert them all to JPG format. So back to the day 1 of SCA Prague meeting. 

Only comments to images: Img1. Our meeting room Img2. I was awarded by Poland Ambassadors by Vodka be cause this support and issues we solved in Poland. Thank you again ! My pleasure to support you guys. Img3. David Botterill our every great tech lead

During this day most of all ambassadors were in Prague since day before but during early morning we were completed. Last group from Poland came too. We named unofficial photographer of this meeting. Named was Andrzej Grzesik. In this way I want to thanks him for all images he did :)

Comments: Img1 Leen before hers presentation about SAI. Cecilia sat close to Leen. Img2 My desk changed after Guy awarded me. Cheer and vodka for being stronger :) in managing meeting background.   Img3 Sharing experiences between Hungary, Poland and Czech :) Zoltan and Andrzej are in direction finder

Day 1 was focused on marketing questions. Ambassadors recognized them self too. Everybody was little different then in image placed in the OSUM portal :) Sometimes it was funny. 

Comments: Img1:our room Img2: Claudio Serena and Daniel Img3: we had discussion on every coffee breaks :)

The first presentation had our site director Pavel Suk. He started our meeting in really great way ! Pavel introduced our Czech Site and also cooperating with Czech universities. This news were really inspiration for most of ambassadors. I came 10 minutes late because metro was broken. What say more I really wanted to be there in time but we have Murphy laws.

After Pavel's introduction Alexander and Cecilia (SCA Program managers). Had presentation about communities and program goals. They did also  long recap. They describe also importance of OSUM. After theirs presentation we did also brainstorming about OSUM improvements. This was really interesting but I could mention it later ;) I should have presentation together with Cecilia but in the end I just only introduced the result of our brainstorming session. I hope it satisfied all of SCAs  because they asked me many times when I'm going to have presentation. In the future I'm looking forward to have longer presentation for them. But during our meeting I had a full plate with duties connected with managing other things connected with right flow.

Comments: Img1: Davind is looking for inspiration Img2: Our special guest Roman Strobl but without any presentation because he was too busy Img3: Our Brainstorming session about OSUM led by Cecilia

Sun Learning Services Department was introduced by Pavel Veljacik. He explained to ambassadors what SCA Program really offers to them. Ambassadors  have unique chance to increase their knowledge by certification using and what does it really means to be certificated. Other point was differences between certification levels. Leen Marcelis did very nice overview about our SAI ( Sun Academic Initiative ). SAI is offered to every ambassador for free. Every ambassador could also provide access to his campus. SAI can be used by every university or student for free. SAI should be offered hand by hand with OSUM.

We had also session of sharing best practices between all SCA some of them had presentation. It uncovered that across European countries are big differences. What is in one country applicable in other country is not working. But definitely this experience was very useful for all who were not familiar with. About that I had very long discussions with most of ambassadors. I tried to ask them for all theirs needs and difficulties. We had also in most of cases discussion how to improve it and what kind of help they need. Everybody was more open to me when they speak to me personally. I was glad to have such discussion. I really appreciate all open conversation I had about. It could help me to better understand.

On the end of this more marketing day ( Some of SCAs named it as brainwashing day) we had very nice dinner in Novomestsky Pivovar. But about this part of day in next post :)


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