Monday Apr 20, 2009

Opensolaris Challenge - chance for everyone

This blog post is for those who don't know yet about this nice chance to win Toshiba Laptop. Couple weeks ago SUN announced Toshiba Laptops support. It was great news for everyone using Toshiba laptops like me :). I hope this support is going to be increased to other models very soon. Currently are supported models Tecra M10 and Portege R600. True is that having installed opensolaris better than have installed Windows Vista as default but it could be long discussion around. Anyway few time ago SUN announced cool chance to win one of this supported Toshiba models. There is now limitiation. You can be developer, students, profesorr or even director of galaxy everybody has a chance to win one of models. To get more information about Just have a look at  official web site. The main idea of this challenge is to create best package into the opensolaris. I think there is no limitation too because opensolaris missing a lot of pieces of software ;) just find one and do a package for. How simple.

Rebus: If you know Toshiba models which one is R600 ?

I think there could be very nice cooperation with univeristies and as price can be one of Toshiba laptop. We will see what future brings to us. Stay tuned. 

Friday Sep 12, 2008

opensolaris 2008.05 ang games

As other funs of opensolaris I missed something inside. It was opportunity to play real game :) Of course for everybody means real game something else. For me it means strategy game like Comand&Conquer or Heroes III. I started loking around. My friend (Vit Hrachovy from SST) told me that he has installed last version of WINE 1.1.4 . When I found this out. I felt strong feeling to have it too installed on my. I think WINE is the most important program to have inside opensolaris.

When I have it installed and my friend helped me with Open Sound Drivers installation I ran installation of games :) and here are images...

Also I want to note. Every game running in wine coudl also run in the full screen mode. You have run #winecfg and unselect "Emulate virtual desktop"

Wine configuration -> Graphics -> unselect "Emulate virtual desktop".

Enjoy! WINE rulezz!

OpenSolaris 2008.05 - laptop wifi configuration

I want to blog around because I want to remember also by my self. :) It could help to somebody else who decide using opensolaris natively. 

Lot of thinkgs you need is writen here and I did simply this steps.

# svcadm restart nwam

One time I wrote incorrect security keys 

#dladm show-secobj
#dladm show-wifi -p
#dladm delete-secobj nwam-<essid>-<bssid>
#svcadm restart nwam

more is written here

Monday Jun 23, 2008

OSDevCon 2008 - next stage

On afternoon I saw numbers and names of registred visitors. I was really glad the numbers increased up :) But I have to noticed number of students or proffesors was smaller. I think on the conference we will have  an unique opportunity to discuss how to use opensolaris for education purposes. I'm looking forward

With opensolaris forever  

Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

What you can read before OSDevCon

One of the Sun Campus Ambassadors have sent on the alias very interesting file about developing Indiana. It is something like startup guide. Just have a look on that. 

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

OpenSolaris usage :)

When I went on my last presentation with my colleague we talked about OpenSolaris usage. He asked me why he should use OpenSolaris ? I was little thinking about his question because It's really good to know before you get pressention.
As you know we have so many choices in operating systems for your PC. 

    After while  I answered. OpenSolaris could be very good to use for companies usage, because there are so many technologies to monitor and tune up your environment and administration. Also lot of people say that on opensolaris you cann't start up lot of programs. Yes, it is true and  it could be little disadvantage. But in the otherhand  why you could need to install so many program if you are at work ? In OpenSolaris you could have installed MP3 support, Video, OpenOffice and lot of others. And I think that lot of administrators this choice makes happy.

And in the end  other way to think about :) Akvarium supported by opensolaris.


Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

Installing VirtualBox 1.5.6 on Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty

I think that many students are using for testing opensolaris distributions Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows VISTA. This information should help them to do it more easier.

When I was installed my virtualbox 1.5.6 I had to solve some issues. There are very good steps to do it quite faster. You can follow them. Good luck and lot of new experiences with opensolaris :)

1) #vi  /etc/apt/sources.list
2) put there : "deb gutsy non-free"
3) save file ":wq" inside vi
4) # sudo apt-get update
5) At Synaptic package manager -> Search for "virtualbox" -> mark only "virtualbox" 1.5.6
6) Press APPLY -> Virtualbox will be installed in few moments

7) after you need to add your self to  
    #sudo adduser <your username> vboxusers


Saturday Mar 22, 2008

VirtualBox: new disk for ZFS

As I  had written. VirtualBox is very good tool for virtualization. Today I wanted to install new ZFS zone into my Solaris but I had not space for it.
I found out very easy way how to connect new disk into existing one covered by operating system.

In VirtualBox I created new virtual disk in VirtualDiskManager. Then I connected it as primary slave hard disk.
When I started up my solaris a did ZFS partion on this new disk.  

Really great :) 

Thursday Mar 20, 2008

Solaris and Total Commander

I'm very faithful user of TotalCommander (Windows) and Krusader (Linux). I'm used to suing them everytime I need manage my files. When I started using solaris I really miss them. So I wanted to write my own Commander in JAVA but this day I found this cool program. It's name is muCommander and look at the picture it's really good and It's works on solaris. Enjoy it!



Monday Mar 17, 2008

SXDE 1/08 - virtualization software - VirtualBox 1.5.6

I think this tool is little bit better than others. I really appreciate features like sharing assigned disk-space like folder or other disk. It's not hard to install virtualbox into solaris. 


I have installed SXDE 1/08 79b. It was same like in the VMware I had to use Command line installation (not Grahpical ) Graphical installer has still some issues and can not be used. Really good way to try SXDE or maybe the best :) .



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